10+ Best Tech Blog WordPress Themes 2024

Welcome to the world of technology news! – At least that’s what you want to do… don’t you?

To help you showcase your tech knowledge, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress themes for tech blogs to help you create a professional and engaging website. 

With themes designed by WordPress and trusted developers, you can find themes with responsive design, customizable options, great user experience, search engine optimization, and fast loading speeds. 

Whether you’re an established tech blog or starting out, these themes will save you a lot of time to start a tech blog.

What features should I look for in a WordPress theme for my tech blog?

The three most important things for a successful WordPress theme are mobile responsiveness, customization, and SEO.

In this review, we also considered a futuristic and modern design, but to go into more detail, here are the critical features of a tech blog:

Mobile Responsiveness: 

A lot of people browse on their smartphones and tablets, so it’s essential that your WordPress theme is optimized for mobile devices. Look for a theme that has a responsive design and can adapt to different screen sizes.

Customization Options: 

To make your tech blog stand out, you’ll want to be able to customize the theme’s colors, fonts, and layout. Look for a theme that gives you plenty of customization options without being too complicated.

SEO Optimization: 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for driving traffic to your tech blog. Look for an SEO-friendly theme that includes features such as optimized code, fast loading times, and support for SEO plugins like Yoast.

The Best WordPress themes For Tech Blogs


Price: $69

Foton is a multi-concept software and app landing theme designed to help you showcase your tech products or services most professionally and effectively as possible. 

it’s packed with a wide range of features and customization options that allow you to create a website that truly represents your brand. – No matter whether you’re a startup, a software company, or an app developer!

With Foton, you can easily create landing pages, product showcases, app demos, and more. The theme is user-friendly and easy to use, making it perfect for those with little to no coding experience.

Overall, the reviews are mainly positive, with other users praising the theme for its versatility, user-friendliness, and customizable features. 

Some users did note that some bugs and glitches needed to be fixed, but these issues were generally minor and did not detract from the overall quality of the theme.


Price: $79

Sceon theme is designed for apps and startups that are available for purchase on ThemeForest. 

The reviews are generally positive, with users praising the theme’s clean and modern design, customizable features, and user-friendliness. 

Some users noted that there were some bugs and glitches that needed to be fixed, but these issues were generally minor and did not detract from the overall quality of the theme. 

Overall, the reviews suggest that Sceon is a solid choice for anyone looking to create a professional and modern website for their app or startup.


Price: $69

Here is a  fresh and modern WordPress theme to take your blog or magazine website to the next level – Blueprint WordPress theme. 

This theme is perfect for anyone who wants a sleek and stylish website that will make their content pop, especially for tech and magazine websites. 

With tons of customization options, multiple homepage designs, and different post formats, you can create a website that’s uniquely you. 

And, it’s not just pretty – this theme is optimized for fast loading speeds and search engine rankings, so your website will be stunning and functional. Plus, with support for popular plugins like WooCommerce and Contact Form 7, you can easily monetize your website and connect with your audience.


Price: $85

Deon is an exceptional technology and software company theme that is designed to help businesses create a strong online presence. This theme has been carefully crafted with a modern and professional design that is perfect for showcasing your products or services. 

With Deon, you can easily create landing pages, product showcases, app demos, and more. This theme is packed with customization options that allow you to make your website look unique and stand out from the competition. 

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, Deon has everything you need to create a stunning website that will help you attract new customers and grow your business. With its user-friendly interface and extensive documentation, Deon is perfect for those with little to no coding experience.

Many users also appreciated the excellent customer support that comes with the theme. Some users did note that some bugs or glitches needed to be addressed, but these issues were generally minor and did not detract from the overall quality of the theme.


Price: $79

TechLink is a modern and professional WordPress theme for technology and IT solutions businesses. It’s user-friendly, and responsive, and has customizable features, extensive documentation, and excellent customer support. Overall, TechLink is a great choice for anyone looking to create a professional website without requiring extensive coding experience.


Price: $59

Beautifully designed WordPress theme for tech blogs! Stratus has won the user’s heart with its excellent design quality and customer support. 

Therefore, starting a tech blog or SaaS website Stratus is another fantastic option to bring your brand to life!


Price: $85 

The website is promoting the Webon Landing Page WordPress theme, which is designed for creating professional and modern landing pages for websites. The theme is highly customizable, with a range of pre-designed templates, layouts, and features to choose from.

It also comes with a range of built-in SEO optimization tools and integration with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. The website highlights the theme’s responsive design, easy customization options, and excellent customer support. Overall, the website is aimed at businesses and individuals looking to create effective landing pages for their websites.

ExS Tech

Price: FREE

ExS Tech is free and perfect for anyone wanting to show off their technology skills. The theme is easy to use and looks amazing on your website. You can change the colors and add your own pictures to make it look the way you want. Plus, it’s totally free, so you don’t have to spend any money on it. If you’re looking to make a website that shows off your tech skills, you should definitely check out ExS Tech!

However, we have not seen a review yet on WordPress, therefore if you are looking for a free theme, you should look at our free blogger WordPress themes and see if there are more reliable ones.


Price $59

Kicker WordPress theme features a range of pre-designed templates, layouts, and customization options, allowing users to create a professional and modern website with ease. 

The theme also comes with various built-in tools for SEO optimization, social media integration, and more. The webpage highlights the theme’s user-friendliness, responsive design, and excellent customer support. 

Kicker has been installed over 2000+ times on Themeforest, and we found that some users have noted minor issues with the theme’s documentation or customization options.

Still, the reviews suggest that the theme is well-designed and highly functional. Users have also noted the theme’s excellent customer support and responsiveness.

High Tech

Price: $39

High tech is a simple and modern WordPress theme for tech blogs or tech companies. You can easily turn this theme into a high-converting money machine. 

High Tech is specialized for computer repair businesses. You can customize High Tech easily and choose from a bunch of different designs to make your website look super cool. It has many features to help you book appointments, show off your pricing, and talk to your customers. Plus, it’s made so that it looks great on any device!

And if you have any questions, the customer support is totally awesome.

If you want a website that looks amazing and perfect for your computer repair business, you should check out this theme!

IT Consultant Pro

Price: $39

The Consultant WordPress theme is designed for businesses and individuals who provide consulting services. The theme has a professional and modern design, with a range of pre-designed templates and layouts to choose from. It also includes features such as appointment booking, pricing tables, and contact forms to help consultants manage their services and communicate with their clients. 

The theme is highly customizable and includes tools for SEO optimization, social media integration, and more.


Price: $24

The “Nemesis” WordPress theme is designed for tech bloggers who want a minimal and responsive theme. The theme is clean and modern, with various features such as customizable layouts, multiple post formats, and different color schemes.

Nemesis is optimized for fast loading speeds and search engine rankings and includes support for various plugins such as Contact Form 7 and WPML. The webpage includes screenshots, examples of the theme in use, and pricing and purchasing options for interested users.


Price: $75

Not so much on the techy side, but Bucket WordPress theme is a beautiful digital magazine website theme. We recommend this because the design gives a modern look and instantly grabs the reader’s attention.

BUCKET is a digital magazine-style WordPress theme that comes packed with a range of features. The theme has a sleek and modern design that’s perfect for content-heavy websites and offers multiple homepage designs and customization options to help you tailor your website to your needs. 

BUCKET is optimized for different screen sizes, is translation-ready, and includes custom widgets for social media and featured posts. Additionally, the theme is optimized for search engine rankings and fast loading speeds, ensuring your website looks great and performs well.


We talk about Astra a lot on WPHbub, but from our experience, Astra is one of the most versatile WordPress themes. You can create any WordPress site with it, even a technology or tech magazine-style site. 

Astra is overall a responsive and light WordPress theme with beginner-friendly installation.

How do I choose the right WordPress theme for my tech blog?

  1. Choose a theme that suits your niche: Since you’re running a tech blog, you’ll want a theme that has a modern and professional look with features that suit your niche. Look for a clean, uncluttered theme with easy navigation and perhaps features like an integrated search bar or social media links.
  1. Ensure the theme is responsive: With most internet users accessing content on mobile devices, choose a fast theme that looks great on all devices, from desktop to mobile. 
  1. Check the customization options: While a theme may look great out of the box, you’ll want to be able to customize it to your brand and specific needs. We’ve covered important customizations between free vs. paid WordPress themes. Look for a theme that offers customization options such as color schemes, typography, layout options, and the ability to add your branding elements easily.
  1. Consider loading speed: The loading speed of your blog can greatly affect user experience, and subsequently, SEO. Ensure the theme you choose is optimized for fast loading speeds, which can be achieved through optimized code, image compression, and a clean layout.
  1. Look for a reputable developer: When choosing a theme, it’s important to consider its reputation. Look for a theme from a reputable developer with a history of providing quality and reliable themes and timely support and updates. This will help ensure that your blog remains functional and secure.

Are there any free WordPress themes for tech blogs?

Yes! Astra is one of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes with a free plan. There are also others like OneEngine, MH Tech Magazine, and StartUp themes that are also worth trying.


How do I make my tech blog successful?

  1. High-quality content: Consistently publishing well-written and informative articles that offer unique insights or perspectives can help you build a loyal readership.
  2. SEO optimization: Optimizing your blog posts for search engines can improve your visibility and attract more organic traffic.
  3. User engagement: Encouraging readers to leave comments, share your posts on social media, or subscribe to your newsletter can help you build a strong community around your blog.
  4. Visual appeal: Incorporating visually appealing graphics, images, and videos into your blog posts can help make your content more engaging and shareable.
  5. Networking: Building relationships with other bloggers, influencers, and industry experts can help you expand your reach and attract more readers to your blog.

How do you structure a tech blog?

  1. Short and straightforward title.

The title should be direct and self-explanatory. The kind that instantly tells the readers what the entire article is all about.

  1. Brief introduction.

Keep your intro brief but catchy. It should entice readers to read more, not skip. Layout what benefits your visitors will get from reading your article. 

  1. Write high-value content.

This is the most important part! Do not just blurt out unnecessary fillers to make the content appear rich. Consider the amount of time and effort your visitors spend to ready your article. So, make it worth it by giving them substantial information they can actually use and keep them entertained.

  1. Supporting visual content.

It is a fact that visuals are processed by human brains quicker and more efficiently than plain text. That said, augmenting your blogs with images and videos helps to explain topics better. 

  1. Quick summary.

Wrap things up with a quick conclusion. No need to elaborate as the details are already in the body of the article itself.


Technology is fast-paced, and so should a tech blog site. The right WordPress themes, like the 13 we have shortlisted herein, are designed to keep your website in tip-top performance. Fast-loading, responsive, and feature-rich. That’s exactly how your tech blog site should be!

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