23 Best Blogger Templates For Free

It can be a challenging wild hunt looking for a template available completely for free, let alone one that has all the features to let you build a functioning blog. But here you will find 23 blogger templates that are not only available to you for free, but also pack quite a lot of value compared to the free price they cost:

Name1st UpgradeFull Upgrade
blogger template

Best Free Blogger Templates Review


One of the latest blogger templates to be released, Kaplan is a modern template for any topics ranging from fashion, travel, and automotive to regular news, gossip, and much more. With quite a few intriguing features to offer, it’s a surprise that this template is available to you completely free. 

Firstly, the template is designed with advertising space in mind, which allows you to monetize without them feeling too forcefully invasive. Secondly, even though the interface might seem to have a lot of elements, it still loads surprisingly fast and is very mobile-friendly. Finally, all of these elements can of course be customized flexibly to your own preference, although a bit more limited for the free version. 


Landscape is a blog theme that offers a premium outlook to your space while being available completely free. It has everything that you look for in a professional theme: highlights, galleries, sliders, and intuitive space for advertising. The only downside to it is that you cannot customize the premade design with a free version. 

However, you can choose to upgrade the theme for just $12.95. This not only allows you to customize the elements as you wish, but it also allows you access to powerful features such as unlimited domain, auto template update, and namely responsive customer support


With versatility in mind, NestSpot is a multipurpose theme that lets you build a functioning informative blog in just a few simple clicks. Whether it be fashion, travel, or lifestyle, NetSpot will help you set your blog up and running in just seconds completely free and hassle-free.

With the free version, you already have access to cutting-edge technology for quick loading, SEO optimization, and Google AdSense compatibility. You also have a choice between a normal look like below or a dark mode version with the flip button. And by upgrading, you have further access to 3 more templates, more space for ads, and more customizable options.    


If there’s a competition for the free template that packs the most features, then Poppy will easily take the crown as the winner. It’s quite shocking to see a free theme boasting such a long list of features that has so few differences between its basic and premium versions. 

Between the versions, the only notable differences are that there will be fewer widgets and ad space, no slider and template updates, and you cannot remove the author’s footer credit. 

Other than those, this theme is guaranteed to be your best fit if you are looking for a free theme with the best values packed into the offer. The theme is best for a standard story blog as this is what it was tailored specifically for. 


Another option from the same creator behind Poppy, Sunshine is a theme that breathes sunshine into your blog through its large blog windows and an open space atmosphere. And so even though the theme may seem to contain a lot of elements in its interface at first, the design allows it to still be pleasant-looking and not be too overwhelming.

With this gallery-like design, Sunshine is better suited for photo-heavy blogs like food, travel, lifestyle, etc. So if you are writing about those topics and are looking for a blog theme that packs a lot of value in the offer like Poppy, this is the best choice for you.   


As its name suggests, La-Beauty is a theme designed for all that is beauty: fashion, cosmetics, food, etc. With the free version, you already have all the necessary features to make a great beauty blog: a slider for article highlights, a menu for product highlights, and a built-in element for a mail subscription.

However, the colors of the free version might leave you finding it rather dull and lackluster. If you do, you can upgrade the theme for $19 to have access to 5 more pre-designed templates including a dark mode version, a more colorful version, a listing style version, a more-space-for-ads version, and a unique RTL version for customers who are more used to reading from right to left. 


If you love Buzzfeed and would like to create a similar magazine-style blog, then BuzzSpot is a free theme that can help you achieve this goal. Besides the logo, it’s difficult to tell the difference as the theme helps you to create a perfect clone down to every inch. 

This is a professional theme that packs great convenience with it, so you can be ready to share your viral news in just a few simple clicks for setup. Not only that, but coming along with the theme are other great features such as space for ads, simple thumbnails, related posts, breadcrumb-style content navigation, and easy social media sharing.  


Mogu is a free blog theme specifically designed for all things business-related in general and reporting business news in particular. At first glance, its white color theme might not seem like your typical deluxe business theme. But as explained by the theme, this is fully intentional as it keeps your readers from being distracted by the layout and helps them focus on the content.

This color theme is further complimented by the clean and neat organization of the interface elements, which helps your audience easily find the content they need or are interested in. And if you choose to upgrade the theme for $19, you will have access to a Hot Post and Featured Posts function to help you display your content more effectively, as well as the ability to remove the credit footer


As its name suggests, ColorUI is a colorful blog template for artistic souls. As such, it’s perfect for topics relating to food, fashion, music, entertainment, etc. But despite being a theme for creative topics, the theme is still neatly organized to create a clean and professional look with its own space smartly reserved for ads.

Not only strong on the presentation front but on the tech side, the theme is designed with a powerful engine to ensure fast content loading even in the slowest network conditions. This template is also packed with very simple shortcodes that make it extremely friendly with affiliations and SEO optimization.      


TechSpot is a completely free theme designed for tech-savvy experts and crypto investors to share their insights. With bright red as the color scheme to reflect the fast-moving technology, this is a must-have if you want to build an intriguing tech magazine. 

Cramped but logically placed to not become crowded, this theme offers a tightly informative space for specialists to share their expertise on the subject matter while still allowing plenty of space for ads. But if you want to get more creative, the boxed layout helps you to quickly re-organize the elements to your preference. 


You might be surprised that a premium theme is on a list of free options like this, but that’s exactly why it’s here: This stunning theme is available to you for free! Basel is a professional fashion and lifestyle theme that will make your blog look fabulously gorgeous like no others. 

What’s the catch, you might ask? The only catch here is that you need to credit the theme’s creator properly and have no support for troubleshooting. And that’s it. It’s really a good deal considering that you get a stylishly designed theme that could cost a lot more elsewhere. But if you want to access the rest of the offer, you can upgrade for $11.95 to get a lifetime template update and footer removal, or $30 to get both the complete package and installation help.  


Sora24 is another premium-quality blog theme option that’s available to you for free. While this theme lacks the elegance that Basel provides, it makes up for it by being highly customizable with the grid layouts and very technologically optimized starting right from the free version.

You can upgrade for $12 to have access to unlimited domain service, footer removal, and 3 months of customer support. For the full package, you can upgrade for $29.95 to gain lifetime template updates and 12 months of premium customer support.  


With a focus on convenience yet stunning presentation, Blush is a simple yet effective free beauty blog theme allowing you to easily build an impressive modern blog from scratch within just a few clicks. Your very own space for everything fashion and cosmetics is only a fingertip away when you have Blush around.

As cluttered as the interface might give off from the first impression, it surprisingly maintains and adjusts its display ratio very well across devices. And between the free version and the upgraded version, you only miss out on some widgets, lifetime template updates, and the footer removal.


Deva is a free blog theme that attempts to combine 2 mutually exclusive opposites: corporate and creativity. This is a professional business theme that employs the creative one-pager design for presentation. This means more opportunities to display facts, allowing your readers to access a very informative space with everything that they would need.

For $12.95, you can upgrade the theme to gain template updates, unlimited domains, footer removal as well as 3-month customer support. And for $29.95 for the full version, you will have complete access to 12-month premium customer support and installation services.


With an eye-catching design, Okiro is a free multi-purpose blog theme made for anything that needs a stylish touch. Whether it’s Food, Travel, Fashion, or just News and Business, Okiro helps to levitate your readers’ experience with its elegance and modern look.

With the free version, you already have access to powerful features such as SEO and Google Rich optimization, social media integration, and 100% responsive design. The upgraded version will cost you $12.95 but you will have more widgets, Google Ads compatibility, footer removal, and lifetime template updates. 


With an enriched layout, Kate is a free blog theme centered around highlighting and breathing life and authenticity into stories. It also makes sharing these stories on social media channels very easy. As such, this is the perfect theme to have for any kind of story-sharing blog from personal blogs to multi-author blogs.  

With the free version, you already have access to most features for a smooth and comfortable trial experience. But with $12.95, you can upgrade the theme to gain access to footer removal, template updates, and 3-month customer support. You can also upgrade for $29.95 for the full package that includes installation service and 12-month premium customer support.


Sana is a free blog theme that focuses more on the simplicity and ease of its setup. However, on the presentation side, the theme still possesses a lovely charm to its minimalistic aesthetics. With light color choices and strong fonts, the theme makes sure to keep all the attention on your content instead of itself.

You are only not allowed to remove the footer credit and have limited access to some widget features with a free version. Other than that, it should suffice for whatever needs you to have to make a great blog. But if you would like to have all features, you can consider upgrading for $29.95.


Infinity is a free blog theme that has quite a modern look. Not only that, the interface of the theme possesses a lot of animated elements to further those future-tech aesthetics. This makes Infinity a very ideal theme for tech and crypto blogs to bring a fully immersive futuristic experience to their audience. 

It should be noted that none of these animations will be available in the free version. There will also not be a customer testimonial section or auto template updates, and you cannot remove the credit footer. So if you want these features, you can consider upgrading for just $29.95.


Sylva is a free blog theme tailored for those who want to create a minimalistically elegant blog with no hassles. There are not a lot of elements on the theme’s interface, yet they are skillfully arranged to create a clean design that still feels professional. And all of this is available to you in just seconds through a few simple clicks

For the free version, you will get the theme exactly as in the demo and you cannot remove the credit footer. However, most features should still be working fine, albeit with some limitations. But if you want full access to what this theme offers, you can upgrade it for just $29.95.  


Nubia is a free blog theme that takes a more innovative approach than using traditional blog layouts. This intriguingly interesting theme provides you with a unique template that lets you arrange your posts like on a social media page, and that’s why it’s perfect for any personal blogs to make them cozier and more resonating.  

The free version of the theme already includes most of the crucial features to make a functioning blog. If you choose to upgrade for $29.95, you will have access to more advanced widgets, lifetime template updates, credit footer removal, and premium customer support.    


Freepic is a free theme that’s beautifully designed for freelancers and small businesses to create their very own professional blogs. As such, the theme is rich and tightly packed with space to share many kinds of information. Yet with that cramped design, the theme still manages to reserve plenty of natural space for responsive ads

The theme is ready to use for free exactly as the demo with limited customization options, but you still have full access to both web and video documentation as well as compatibility with powerful SEO and Google Rich features. With $29.95 for upgrading, you will have access to lifetime template updates, credit footer removal, and premium customer support.  


Loco is a free theme that’s aimed at first-time blogging beginners who would like to build their own impressive blogs yet has no experience with the tech side. And so, everything technological with this theme is kept to a minimum, while the interface still delivers a very high-quality look

A free version would not allow you to remove the credit footer and not support template updates or some more advanced widgets, but it still has all the necessary tools for you to build a fantastic first-time blog. But if you want to access more features, you can consider upgrading it for $29.95 for the entire package.


Soraedge is a free multi-purpose theme that can adapt to a wide variety of categories: beauty, business, fashion, food, music, nature, sports, technology, etc. Whatever you need, the theme can adapt its layout flexibly to your need while maintaining the same premium and professional look.

You might be wondering if this layout flexibility is available in the free version. The bad news is that this feature is only available if you choose to upgrade for $29.95, along with premium customer support, lifetime template updates, and the ability to remove the credit footer. But the free version itself is not short of all the necessary tools for you to build a stunning news blog.   


How do I get a free Blogger template?

All of the above-recommended templates are available for free, and they already have their name linked with their product page. You only need to click on the one that you like and navigate to the “Free Download” button. 

What is the fastest Blogger template?

ColorUI is a free blogger theme reviewed above that has fast content loading as one of its key features. But all of the options above are optimized to load content quite fast.


Finding a theme that’s available for free is already not an easy task, let alone finding free themes that still pack a lot of features when compared to their premium version. And so we really hope that our 23 recommendations above have provided you with great value.

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