40+ Niche Ideas For Blogging in 2024 (That Will Be Profitable)

What should be the main selling point of your online business that makes people pay you a ton of money in 2023? If want to double and triple your monthly income by the end of 2023 you’ve got to choose the right niche!

In this article, I researched five emerging industries in 2023 that can help you dig deep and find a profitable niche that works for you! Moreover, I collected over 40 niche ideas, including 10 stable ones that never run out of style, so by the end of this article, you’ll have an idea of what niches you should pick for your website in the upcoming new year!

Let’s start!

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Yes, you can make money while blogging in 2023. If you want to make money online on your new website, blogging is by far the easiest way to monetize your website. In Shopify’s recent article, well-established bloggers, like Ryan Robinson, earned $30,000 per month on his website!

You see…

The age of blogging is not over, so if you want to hop on the blogging trend, it is time for you to do that! 

What do you need to start a blog?

If you want to start a blog, all you need is a domain name and hosting plan to set up a WordPress website and a consistent editorial calendar. In our beginner’s guide to setting up a brand new website, we also showed how to find and create content consistently so you satisfy your website visitors and turn them into customers!

Before you start creating content, you have to be extremely clear about your niche and how to pick one that is profitable and sustainable for you.

To cut it short:

What you need to start a blog:

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting Plan
  3. Website
  4. Niche

You can build your website on popular website builders like WordPress or Wix. Although both are fantastic options to start a blog, we dug deep and compared WordPress vs Wix side-by-side too. Our in-depth comparison guide covered the pros and cons of each platform specifically for beginners.

If you have no idea what niche you should pick, we collected 5 emerging industries in 2023 that you can tap into and turn it into your online side business.

We looked at popular reports, 2023’s consumer trends, and marketing predictions to give you our best advice. Although we cannot predict what could go viral next year, these industries are the ones that every newspaper talks about.

5 Niche Ideas for Blogging in 2024

Niche is a term used to describe a small, specific industry or subject. So, in this section, I am giving you emerging industries that you can tap into, and find a niche that you can turn into a sustainable online business.

WFM is the New “Office”

The Future of work is right in our bedroom… Working from home (WFM) which started in a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic now became the new norm in both large corporations and small companies. 2023 will set a standard for hybrid work. If the majority of the population is going to be working from home, you should look into products or digital assets (courses) that help people in this industry to work better.

So, here are our niche ideas you could utilize for your online business:

Product ideas: 

  • Productivity courses
  • Digital marketing courses 
  • Project management courses
  • Home office setup
  • Desks, chairs
  • Tech gadgets
  • Gift boxes for colleagues and team members
  • Becoming freelance writer
  • Become freelance web designer

Do you have any questions? Make sure you join our Community Group and share your ideas about the future of work and your business! 

SaaS Tools 

ChatGPT broke the internet… and you guess this, 2023 is going to be the absolute breakthrough for SaaS companies. Technology, automation, and systems are going to be the de facto for every organization, where YOU could be the one who promotes these tools.

Companies are expected to invest heavily in tech to ensure a smooth and automated workflow. There’s a market to connect SaaS tool companies with other small companies that need to save money on human labor and should automate instead.

Let’s brainstorm in the following areas and see if these tools have a referral or affiliate program:

  • HR Recruitment tools
  • SEO tools
  • Plugins and themes for websites
  • CRM tools (ie. Hubspot) 
  • AI tools (for writing, art, or others)

There are millions of options but keep in mind that as a beginner, you should start with only referring one SaaS tool at a time and build proper content around them to maximize your chances in SEO.

Leverage Expertise

Health and fitness are going to thrive still and what you need right now is the “degree”. Fitness and health continue to boom, you might think it is already oversaturated if you have a background in those fields, you should leverage SEO to make your website worth the investment – or have 10x positive ROI.

 The SERP competition is high but if you have any background in nutrition or food science, you could start a side hustle in your field. Why? Because you already have the knowledge and experience to cover your industry topic. In SEO terms, as an industry expert, you have a high chance to cover a website’s E-A-T which stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness

To be specific, what you need to work on is an authority which simply means your website has more “power” over others.  – For beginners with zero background, I still advise you to pick something else over this one. 

However, if you’ve got an industry background in the niche, all you need to do is to learn the basics of SEO to make 5-6 figures passive income. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend you join the Affiliate Lab.

The Affiliate Lab has a library of courses that teaches and shows you how to write an article that sells, and how to structure your website and optimize it. The best part is that most courses take relatively little time to watch and they are all based on real case studies. 

 If you are interested in learning and turning your website a business, with WPHub’s link you’ll get $200 off the course.


Travelling is back! According to North Star Meetings group, in 2022 more and more countries removed COVID-19 restrictions and many don’t require proof of vaccinations or PCR tests for those who are entering new countries..

 So, international traveling has become so much easier since 2020 which means…

The traveling industry is opening up again! If you got a new website, this is a great opportunity for you to explore sub-niches within the traveling industry and sell products like traveling accessories or referring tours in your local area. 

More examples to promote in the traveling industry:

  • International or local tours
  • Local service providers (massage or wellness therapies)
  • Traveling accessories
  • Accommodation (hotels, resorts)
  • Camping 
  • Camping accessories
  • Local restaurants 
  • Local events

AR / VR 

Forbes and Deloitte foreshadowed that virtual reality and augmented reality are going to be part of companies’ next investments. Customers now want to try to “try” the products virtually which means you could jump in and explore the niche further and recommend the best AR or VR tools. 

“Virtual Reality” is an emerging technology, which refers to the immersive environment it creates. VR content enables users to experience a 3D environment, therefore lets future customers see and touch the product before they’d order them. 

You probably want to look into these before the competition becomes too difficult! 

Niche ideas that you can use every year

Finally here is a list of industries that never run out of style. Literally, every year beginners jump into at least one of them because they are simple, don’t require frequent changes, and there’s always search volume around it.

  1. Gardening
  2. Kitchen/Cooking
  3. Car equipment 
  4. Plumbing
  5. Home decoration / Improvement
  6. Knitting 
  7. Crafting
  8. Hunting
  9. Pets
  10. Zero Waste

Compilation of 40 + Niches Ideas

You can find our inspiration of 40+ niches categorized in our popular industries for the next year! Prepare for a more digitalized world, and there will be a lot of changes in different industries. Niches are not just limited to one industry anymore, but they can be based on emerging industries as well.

This section is about the best niches for 2023 based on emerging industries. You can find 40+ niche ideas within these industries and make your online business stand out! 

The “Stable” NichesWFMExpertiseTraveling
GardeningOnline coursesweight loss for busy professionalsInternational or local tours
Kitchen/CookingParenting at homeweight loss after giving birhtLocal service providers (massage or wellness therapies)
Car equipmentMake Money Onlineback painTraveling accessories
PlumbingFreelance Writingknee painAccommodations (hotels, resorts)
Home decoration / ImprovementFreelance Designdental careCamping
KnittingHome Officefood scienceCamping accessories
CraftingRemote Jobstreating diabetesLocal restaurants
HuntingStanding Deskstreating [name of disease]Local events
PetsSelling Clothes Onlineeye careBoots
Zero WasteDropshippingmobility trainerPortable accessories
Dog Walking[type] of yoga
Best gadgets
Gift shipping for colleagues


That’s all for our profitable niches for 2023! Make sure you do thorough research on your chosen niche and access it if you have the expertise and resources to produce quality content. 

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