10 Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs

Are you a travel enthusiast who would like to share your stories? Or are you an owner looking to set up your travel business? No matter who you are, your epic adventures deserve a beautiful layout all the same to be displayed in all their glory. 

But if you are afraid that you might not have the tech or artistic talent for it, then don’t worry! The following 10 best WordPress themes for travel blogs have you covered. With eye-catching designs and no technical background required, these themes let you create your very own stunning masterpiece with just a few simple steps! 

If the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, let’s start this hassle-free journey today by taking your first step with us. Here are 10 of the best WordPress themes tailored specifically for everything travel-related.

Love Travel$544.3/5
Hit The Road$355/5

Best WordPress Theme For Travel Blogs Review


If you love photos then this WordPress travel blog theme will be your best of friends. Made especially for photogenic adventurers with lots of travel moments to share, Evoke offers modern display features to let you create a delightful exhibition of beautiful captures to share your stories in an immersive and elegant way. 

Price:A regular license costs $39 which already includes 6 months of support. An extension to 12 months costs $23.63, which is currently discounted to $10.13.
Key features:– 10 Homepage Layouts
– 4 Header styles
– 3 Top Post variations
– Unlimited color options
– Easy 1-click demo install option
Sales:Sold 417 times
Review:4.8 out of 5

The Evoke WordPress theme comes with 10 layouts for Homepages, Archives, and Search pages along with unlimited color customization options. Moreover, it also has 4 different Header styles and 3 Top Post variations to spice up creativity. But the best part is that all of these are available for you to view through just an easy 1-click demo install option

Comprehensive yet not too overwhelming, this clean and stylishly designed theme lets any avid travelers build a professional gallery with just a few simple clicks. And so it’s not so surprising that the theme is love at first sight for so many travel bloggers.


Trawell is your perfect match if you are more of a storytelling traveler and you would like to communicate with your audience more proactively. Trawell offers a complete package of dynamic features to let you and your audience connect like no other themes could.

Price:A regular license costs $69 which already includes 6 months of support. An extension to 12 months costs $49.88, which is currently discounted to $21.38
Key Features:– Google Maps integration 
– Attractive predesigned templates
– Wide range of customizable image/ font/ color options 
– Supports WooCommerce integration
– Predefined space for ads on the layout
Sales:This theme has been sold 2031 times
Review:4.9 out of 5

Some of these features include an interactive map that shows where you have been or where you are planning to go next, easy-to-update figures of your travel statistics, categorization of your destinations, and multiple styling and widget options for customization. 

Let your audience resonate with your stories on an intimate level with these personalized features!

If you would like to monetize your website, then the theme also offers plenty of space for banner ads that are placed intuitively and would not make your viewers feel too intrusive. If you would like to start a travel guide or magazine with your very own unique touch, then Trawell is the WordPress theme for you. 

Are looking for more themes? WordPress themes specifically designed for roofing businesses are built to help companies create professional and user-friendly websites to showcase their services, products, and portfolio. Roofing WordPress themes often come with a clean, modern design and are responsive, too and you could install them at an awesome and affordable price!


If you like the interactive map idea above, let’s take it even one step further with this WordPress theme. Imagine using a map as the main interface to showcase articles of a blog, because WPVoyager will show you that not only it’s possible, but it’s also absolutely amazing. 

Price:A regular license costs $59 which does not include support.
– Google Maps API integration
– Advanced Theme Options Panel to suggest homepage designs
– Photo Grid for easy image customizing
– Free plugin – TravellerPress
– Easy social media integration
Sales:This theme has been sold 1605 times
Review:4.7 out of 5

Instead of the traditional sectioned blog post view, this theme displays your articles by linking them to a specific location on the map. Imagine Google locations but now with your blog articles attached to them! How cool is that? This not only lets you accurately categorize your articles by your destinations but also lets you update your readers on a real-time basis.

Because of the map interface, the theme is also one of the few out there supporting KML files. And besides the unique visual, the theme also comes with flexible Photo Grid customizations to let you freely design your own style for each of your blog posts.


Outdoor is the perfect WordPress theme for nature lovers. Designed to bring sunshine and campfire to your travel blog, there’s no better way for you to showcase venturing natural wonders than with this adventurous theme.

Price:A regular license costs $49 which already includes 6 months of support. An extension to 12 months costs $32.38, which is currently discounted to $13.88.
Key Features:– Elementor compatible for easy drag-and-drop
– Advanced Admin Panel
– Post Blocks & Sliders
– Supports 7 post formats: standard, video, audio, gallery, image, quote
– Tabless design
Sales:This theme has been sold 702 times
Review:4.5 out of 5

Whether it is a fire on the beach or a cozy camping trip in a van by the lake, you can elevate the experience further by utilizing the compelling features the theme offers. With each blog post page, there’s a large gallery and video section to let you breathe more authentic air to the stories you share with your readers. 

Other than that, the theme also offers unlimited homepage layouts, a special layout with infinite scrolling, a fullscreen slider, featured top popular posts as well as supporting 7 different post formats along with most of the popular Google fonts. There’s also a small section to show your hiking plans of the week.


Perhaps you are a travel agency and you would like to showcase more of your business instead of individual travel stories. If you are, then this WordPress theme is the one for you! Packed with all the tools to make your travel business stand out, Roam makes sure your visitors will fall in love with your tours from the very first sight. 

Price:  A regular license costs $89 which already includes 6 months of support. An extension to 12 months costs $67.38, which is currently discounted to $28.88.
Key Features:– Extensive admin interface
– Tour listing, filtering and categorizing
– Product info and hovering animations 
– Direct booking functions
– Safe transaction with PayPal integration
Sales:This theme has been sold 1861 times
Review:4.2 out of 5

On a basic level, Roam offers necessary features of a travel agency such as tour listing, descriptions, filters, booking forms and convenient plugged-in e-payment options. But more than that, Roam also lets you categorize your tours by the actual activities such as mountaineering, surfing, rafting, windsurfing and many more.

And last but not least, the theme offers you an extensive administration interface to let you easily oversee and manage your business. With Roam WordPress Theme at your hand, your business is in safe hands and you only need to focus on inspiring your potential customers with exotic travel plans to faraway destinations.

Love Travel

While having all the powerful features is great, sometimes you as a travel business might want something more budget-friendly yet still as effective. So an alternative option would be Love Travel, a theme made specifically for tour operators and travel agencies. That’s why it still has all the important features while being a lot more affordable.

Price:A regular license costs $54 which already includes 6 months of support. An extension to 12 months costs $36.75, which is currently discounted to $15.75.
Key Features:– Easy to use
– Powerful searching tools
– Safe payment methods integrated: PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, etc.
– Wide range of compatibility: WooCommerce, Mail Chimp, etc.
– Monthly update guaranteed
Sales:This theme has been sold 6270 times
Review:4.3 out of 5

Comparably, it still comes with effective tour listing features and safe payment options while packed with a modern search-by-calendar feature for tour booking. But that’s not all yet, as this powerful booking system is also where the theme shines the best. You can also search by filtering the type, duration, and minimum age of participants of a particular tour.

Lastly, perhaps the best part of this theme is that its creator is very responsive with monthly updates. This ensures that you will always be working with the latest technology from this theme to bring your customers the most modern seamless experience.

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Maybe you are a sophisticated traveler and would like to share more of your artistic taste on your blog. This is where CheerUp shines as a WordPress theme for travel bloggers, because its multipurpose design lets you build anything from a fashion travel blog, an eco-retreat travel blog, or a food travel blog so delicious that it makes even Gordon Ramsay cry tears of joy.

Price:A regular license costs $69 which already includes 6 months of support. An extension to 12 months costs $49.88, which is currently discounted to $21.38.
Key Features:– 14 premade designs
– 17 slider styles
– 1000 element variations
– Comprehensive, supports every type of blog
– 3000 typography settings
Sales:This theme has been sold 8908 times
Review:4.8 out of 5

No matter what your stylized choice is, CheerUp has got it all in one bundle to make you exceptional in anything you do with its tailored design for every type of blog. These include 14 premade themed designs, 17 elegant slider styles, flexible widgets, and more than 1000 element layout variations!

Whether you want to create your travel blog by customizing the above features or by mixing your travels with beauty, fitness, food, fashion, or anything lifestyle in general, your only limit with this theme is your own imagination. And that’s why you can be sure that anything you come up with will be exceptionally yours.


Perhaps you would like a more simple approach without all the bells and whistles. This is why we bring you to Felly, a light yet elegantly modern WordPress theme for fashionable travel bloggers to be the star of their own space.

Price: A regular license costs $59 which already includes 6 months support. Extension to 12 months costs $41.13, which is currently discounted to $17.63.
Key Features:– 2 premade Homepage variations
– 4 Blog Post styles
– 10 Post formats
– 100% responsive across devices
– Additional premium plugins for purchase
Sales:This theme has been sold 92 times
Review:5 out of 5

The theme clearly lacks the flashiness of others, but that makes it charming in its own way. This minimalistic design is intentional, as it’s meant to compliment YOU as the star of the whole space by letting the viewers focus more on you. And so even though the interface might look unappealing at first, it’s no less attractive than premium designs once you start starring in it.

On the customization side, the theme does come with flexible front designs and 4 blog post styles for you to mix and match. And if you want to upgrade the theme, there are many plugins you could purchase to improve your experience.


Another travel blog WordPress theme for the simple approach would be Travelista. This theme balances itself well enough between not being too simplistic yet not too flashy with the visuals. Likewise, it has a good balance between being your traditional blog site while standing its own unique ground against the crowd. 

Price:A regular license costs $54 which already includes 6 months support. Extension to 12 months costs $36.75, which is currently discounted to $15.75.
Key Features:– Easy interface for administration
– 8 layouts for homepages, archives and single pages
– Supports 9 post formats: standard, gallery, link, quote, video, audio, image, status and aside
– Custom background for posts, pages and categories 
– Attractive slider with multiple display options
Sales:This theme has been sold 758 times
Review:4.7 out of 5

There’s no shortage of creativity with the theme when it offers 8 layouts, 9 post formats, unlimited color choices for elements and the ability to set a unique background for each post or page. This translates to you being able to flexibly set a different tone and tell a different travel story every time you want to publish a post.

But that’s not all, as the theme also offers you a slider to display your travels more effectively. You can customize this further to show posts from a specific category, or posts that you have manually selected. The slider also maintains your visual settings perfectly across devices.

Hit The Road

Hit The Road is a charming hidden gem of a WordPress travel theme. This is a minimalistic theme without the impressive features of modern themes. But perhaps this is also a good thing as it means the theme is less confusing to users and therefore easier to use.

Price:A regular license costs $54 which already includes 6 months support. Extension to 12 months costs $26.25, which is currently discounted to $11.25.
Key Features:– Convenient, easy to use
– Large gallery-styled post directory 
– Tags for easy categorization
– Weather report widget
– Disqus integration for a stylish comment section
Sales:This theme has been sold 166 times
Review:5 out of 5

With a smooth and stylish design, the elegant gallery layout of the theme lets you highlight multiple stories at once while not making your audience feel too cluttered. On each blog post page, there’s a clever section that shows the current weather of the destination being talked about. And lastly, you can use the tags to sort the articles quickly.

Being simply a hassle-free theme yet still allowing for a professional design is why you should give this theme a consideration. It proves that you might not need a gigantic list of shiny cool features to make a nice eye-treat for your readers to spend their time.

What’s the best WordPress Theme For Travel Blogs?

The best WordPress Theme for Travel Blogs where you can write beautiful stories depends on your intention, although Trawell is a good theme, if you are an individual traveler then Roam would be the better choice if you are a travel business. But if you have not decided yet, CheerUp would be a good choice for all general purposes.

Writing a travel blog is just like creating art, they should be painted on the best canvas. Making efficient use of the best tools will not only let you communicate clearly the spirit of your adventures, but it will also let you resonate with your audience on another level.

And if you are not a travel blogger but write a lot about tourist destinations because you are a content writer or a virtual assistant of a blogger, we just published the Best Virtual Assistant WordPress Themes that you can use for your career. It includes themes that are easy-to-customize and has a professional design.

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