13 Best Magazine WordPress Themes

News and articles are best served hot and fresh. Even better today because you can easily access the latest stories anytime anywhere on the world wide web. 

But with so many WordPress themes out there, finding the right one for your magazine website can be pretty overwhelming. Yup, we know exactly how you feel! Thus, we took the challenge to search, test, and review 13 of the best WP themes

All themes included in the list are jam-packed with essential functionalities for a publication-style site. In addition, they are highly customizable so that they can best accommodate your creative vision. They are also designed to be fully responsive to any screen size. So, no matter what device your reader uses, your website can accommodate.  

Summary Table

Name of the ThemePrice
Magazine ProPricing starts at $20
HitMagPricing starts at $39
UltraPricing starts at $59
Flex Mag$39
OriginMagPricing starts at $69

Our Top Picks For Best Magazine WordPress Themes


Newspaper is one of the best-selling themes at ThemeForest.net. Aside from being a magazine and newspaper site, the theme can also be used as a platform for blogging and reviews. More than 150 pre-built demos are available to suit every niche and design preference. 

Key FeaturesSupported by Tag
Div live visual composer
Cloud library of over 2,000 ready-made templates
Powered by Opt-in builder membership management pluginSmart pop-up elements
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin

The Opt-in builder membership management tool is essential for online publication websites. This feature provides a sense of exclusivity to your readers by offering them the first dibs on premium content and services. It is a great way to upscale your revenue as the site admin.   

Newspaper is also integrated with smart pop-up elements. This function can be applied to create fly-out menus, advertisements, and custom pages. The dynamic action of these elements makes it more engaging and attention-grabbing.

Fun fact: Newspaper already has over 130 thousand sales with a near-perfect 4.82-star rating at ThemeForest.net.

Magazine Pro

This theme is designed to give readers a stylish and high-gloss feel like in traditional printed magazines. You can set up various layouts and elements to best showcase the articles. The blocks are easily customizable using the Gutenberg editor. 

PriceStarts at $20
Key FeaturesPowered by Genesis Framework
Supported by Gutenberg editor
Integrated with WooCommerce plugin
SEO-optimizedFlexible pricing schemes

Magazine Pro is built with a solid foundation using the Genesis framework. This feature embeds impeccable coding, thus making your website SEO-optimized. In addition, it also enables it to perform better and operate more securely. 

This theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. This tool allows you to turn your website into a functional online shop. Hence, further maximizing your opportunity to increase your revenue. 

Fun fact: You can create your custom brand logo using the Magazine Pro editing tools. 


Gillion is a multi-concept theme that marries premium design and functionality into one. You can utilize its pre-built demos and more than 50 modular elements to create your ideal website. The WP Bakery plugin gives you the freedom to tailor-make every style detail.

Key FeaturesSupported by WP Bakery page builder
Read later feature
Integrated with the Mailchimp plugin
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin
Integrated social widgets

Like in paper-based mags, Gillion can also be bookmarked. The “Read Later” feature allows the users to save content for later reading. In addition to the bookmarking system, the theme also comes with a review, post time read, and post counter modules. These are simple functionalities that can significantly improve user experience. 

Mailchimp is another plugin that is fully integrated within the theme. This tool enables you to carry out email marketing faster and easier. Take advantage of this plugin to reach your audience and send targeted emails, campaigns, and more.

Fun fact: Gillion is integrated with social widgets to extend your content and audience reach.


SmartMag is a flexible WP theme made for modern newspapers and magazine websites. It offers more than 32 pre-made customizable demos. You can combine it with different layouts and elements to create unique design variations. Its integration with the Elementor plugin also allows you to edit the front end without affecting the website’s overall performance.

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor page builder
Autoload next post function
Social share and follow icons
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin

You can make your readers stay longer on your website using the autoload next post feature. This functionality automatically loads the next relevant content for continuous engagement and decreases bounce rates.

The theme also has the perfect formula to go viral with its sticky social share and follow buttons. The strategic placement of social icons within the pages subconsciously encourages your readers to share your content on social media platforms. Thus, establishing cross-channel promotion in effect.

Fun fact: SmartMag can be set in a dark-mode theme. This feature decreases energy consumption and is more considerate to eye health.


The latest versions of the MagPlus theme are now compatible with Elementor and WPBakery page builders. This feature significantly broadens your range of customization options. Hence, giving you more solid choices in creating the perfect website.

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor and WPBakery page builders
MagPlug built-in cache system
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin

MagPlus is also one of the WordPress themes with a built-in cache system. It is compatible with popular plugins, including Total Cache,  WP Super Cache, and WP Rocket. This functionality allows the website to load faster, perform better, and rank higher in SEO.

Fun fact: MagPlus comes with a WP viral quiz builder. This tool creates engaging quizzes to encourage page visits and increase revenue.


The Gridlove theme bundles flexibility and aesthetics into one. There are over hundreds of gorgeous pre-defined layouts you can choose from. The templates and modules are also customizable, so you can further personalize them to a tee.

Key FeaturesIntegrated with Co-Author Plus plugin
Supported by bbPress plugin
Infinite scroll loading function
Compatible with WooCommerce

This theme supports the Co-Authors Plus plugin. The tool allows multiple writers to contribute to one article. Collaboration is a great way to broaden the perspective of the topic. Moreover, co-authoring also increases the productivity and efficiency of the project.

Gridlove also comes with a forum feature using the bbPress plugin. This functionality creates an interactive community within your website. It is also a good avenue for you to study the behavior and interests of your readers. 

Fun fact: Keep your readers reading with Gridlove’s infinite scroll-loading feature. It automatically loads more content as the user scrolls down the pages.


The Gem is a multi-purpose creative theme designed to be light and high-performing. Design-wise, it is supported by both Elementor and WPBakery page builders. Hence, giving you plenty of customization options to fit every niche, including a magazine website.

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor and WPBakery page builder
Gutenberg and WordPress 5.-ready
Interactive scroll and mouse navigation function
Tabs element for organization
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin

Sometimes small things can create a big impact. This is true for The Gem’s interactive scrolling and mouse animation functionality. This feature offers several dynamic options on how you want the pages to scroll. Or how the mouse’s movement reacts to scrolling. These details might sound small, but they significantly affect navigability and user experience. 

The Gem also offers tools to keep your content well organized. For example, the tabs element allows you to group articles of the same niche. Doing so makes it easier to search for relevant topics, thus enhancing user efficiency.  

Fun fact: Over 2500 trendy font icons are available to express your creativity further and enhance the website’s overall look.


Hit Mag is a stylish theme crafted most specifically for magazines, blogs, and newspapers. This theme utilizes an advanced live customizer tool. This feature lets you see the live preview of the editing. Thus, making it faster and easier to judge how things look when the changes are applied. 

PriceStarts at $39
Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor page builder
Integrated with Advance Live Customizer plugin
Post-view counter tool
Supports various video formats
Compatible with WooCommerce

Speaking of visibility, the theme also features a post-view counter.  This allows you to see how many times the article has been viewed. The figures will tell you how popular the content is to your readers.

More than just a magazine website, Hit Mag also supports various video formats to make it vlogging-ready. The theme is compatible with Youtube, Vimeo, VideoPress, Vine, DailyMotion, and more.

Fun facts: A free version of the Hit Mag theme is available for you to try and experience. 


Ultra is a multi-purpose theme that will suit any niche, including magazine websites. This theme offers beautifully designed skins, layouts, and demos with one-click installation. Customization is made fast and easy from header to footer. No coding skills are required!

PriceStarts at $59
Key FeaturesSingle-click pre-made demos and skins
More than 60 pre-designed layouts
Free timeline addon
Free countdown addon
Compatible with WooCommerce

The theme comes with a free timeline addon plugin. This feature is an exciting way to tell a sequence of stories. It is also another means to organize content by date or period.

The countdown plugin is a good feature in a website as it helps build the reader’s excitement. For example, you can use it to create anticipation for your upcoming stories. Or it can also instill urgency in readers to avail of promotions. 

Fun fact: Ultra comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This offer gives you enough time to experience the theme with lesser risks.


Soledad is another worthy multi-purpose theme for blogs, newspapers, and magazines. It offers a fantastic range of customization options. You can choose from more than 6,000 homepage demos, 220 pre-built websites, and 1,000+ layout combinations. With Elementor and WPBakery page builder, the possibilities are endless. 

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor and WPBakery page builders
Integrated with Facebook Instant Articles
Integrated with Google Amp plugin
With migration plugin tool

The theme supports cross-platform exposure with its integration of Facebook Instant Articles. This feature lets you post content to Facebook with a loading and display speed that is 4x faster than the usual web articles. In addition, Soledad also supports the Google Amp plugin to make your content mobile-ready. 

Fun fact: The integrated migration plugin lets you shift into the Soledad theme without losing data from your previous posts. 

Flex Mag

Flex Mag is a theme that showcases simplicity yet is boosted with powerful features to create the best magazine site. This theme is a perfect choice if you are in the sports niche. It features an optional scoreboard tool that allows your followers to access the latest score updates of their favorite sports.

Key FeaturesUnlimited Ad units
Optional scoreboard tool
Integrated with Google Amp plugin
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin
Lifetime free updates

There are also plenty of ways to display and monetize from advertisements. You can place ad banners in strategic locations. Better yet, why not maximize the pages and offer wallpaper ads instead? This gives your partner brands more distinct visibility and exposure

Fun fact: Flex Mag offers lifetime free updates. This feature enables your theme to stay relevant and secure throughout years of use.


Jannah is one of the most updated themes for magazines and newspapers. It is now compatible with the WordPress 6.x plugin. In other words, this theme will make your website more advanced, responsive, load faster, and with fewer bugs. Not only that, PHP, bbPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce plugins are also updated to their latest versions. 

Key FeaturesUpdated latest versions of premium plugins
New ad spaces
Integrated with Advanced AdBlock detector
Supported with migration plugin

The theme also ensures to upscale the opportunity to monetize the site. It has now been added with new ad spaces. The floating skyscraper ads can also be placed on either or both the page’s left or right sides.  

Fun fact: Jannah has a Smart Detector tool that replaces featured images with placeholders to encourage disabling of adblockers.


The Origin Mag theme is well-loved because of its simple yet sophisticated design. An advanced option theme panel is available to allow admins to customize the details and set up of the website easily. Plus, you can also choose to add your brand or company logo with just a single click. 

PriceStarts at $69
Key FeaturesWith advance option theme panel
Customizable logo
Compatible with WooCommerce
Flexible pricing plans

The theme goes all out with its exposure to various social media platforms. Origin Mag is integrated with social widgets and follow buttons. Thus, enabling you to widen your audience reach and cross-promote your website.

Fun fact: Origin Mag is offered in different plan tiers. Even luckier if you catch them on sale at a very affordable price.


What is the best layout for a magazine website?

How you want to set up and design your website is totally subjective. Remember though to keep the layout clean and consistent throughout the pages to establish cohesiveness. Prioritize highlighting the most in-demand sections based on your reader’s activities. Also, allocate space for ads and other income-generating blocks

How can I make my magazine website more attractive?

The key is finding the right elements to create a balance between aesthetics and function. Sure, there’ll be infinite options and combinations, so this can be pretty daunting. But, as long as you have a clear vision of what your users want and need on a website then this should guide you through the process. 

What’s the best WordPress Magazine theme?

Out of the 13 WordPress magazine themes we reviewed, the Newspaper by TagDiv stood out the most. The theme got all things covered, from stunning customizable designs to fully functional features. It delivers endless possibilities for creating a powerful and revenue-generating magazine website.

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