How to Install WordPress theme from ThemeForest?

You’ve taken a smart and sensible step. – Finally, bought that WordPress theme from ThemeForest, and … now what?

Lucky you, we prepared a simple step-by-step guide to help you install your WordPress theme from ThemeForest and customize it like an absolute PRO (even though you have never designed anything in your life…!)

Using a content management system like WordPress allows you to customize your website’s appearance and layout through the use of themes. If you didn’t know – but I know you know –

Themes are collections of files that change the look and arrangement of a WordPress website.

Therefore, we will treat this beautifully designed theme as a file, nothing more, nothing less.

Imagine this as a simple file like those YouTube songs you illegally downloaded for a CD back in 2009.  – Remember?!

Installing Themeforest WordPress theme in three steps:

In a nutshell, here are the three steps to install a ThemeForest WordPress theme:

1. Download the ThemeForest WordPress theme

2. Install the ThemeForest WordPress theme on WordPress

3. Activate the chosen theme and confirm that it has been applied

If these steps weren’t enough, keep scrolling for the exact screenshots you should follow to install a theme on WordPress. 

Step 1: Download the WordPress theme from ThemeForest

Head over to, log in, and find your Dashboard. Assuming that you have already chosen your favorite WordPress theme and downloaded it. You are going to find your downloads under your accounts in the upper right-hand corner.

Accounts > Downloads > Find Chosen WordPress theme > Press the Green Download Button.

Which Download Option to Choose on ThemeForest?

There will be four different options to download your files.

–   All files & documentation

–   Installable WordPress file only

–   License certificate & purchase code (PDF)

–   License certificate & purchase code (text)

The simplest way to download a WordPress theme from ThemeForest is to choose “Installable WordPress file only”.

However, to take advantage of all the functions that the theme comes with, we are going to choose “All files & documentation”.

When you downloaded the file, it will save it to your computer as a .zip file. When the download is done, unzip it.

Once the files are open, you can see a lot of documentation folders and another two zip files that will be needed for step 2.

Notice: If your theme does not come with two zip files inside, that means you do not have a child theme. It is not a problem. You can still install your WordPress theme just fine.

What is a WordPress child theme? In our latest article, we unfolded the exact meaning of a child theme and why most users do not know about this. 

Step 2: Install the ThemeForest WordPress theme on WordPress

Login to your new WordPress website’s back end and scroll down on your Dashboard. Find Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme.

Once you are done with the steps, in the middle of your screen, click on “Browse” to upload the downloaded WordPress theme that should be on your computer by now.

 Grab the main theme, which is one of the .zip files, inside your theme folder. When the upload is done, click on “Install Now”.

While WordPress is unpacking your theme, you can click on “Return to Themes Page” and see your downloaded theme on the Dashboard.

Step 3: Confirm Theme

The final step is to ACTIVATE your theme on the Dashboard. When you clicked “activate”, check the front end of your website and see how the theme looks.

Did you like this tutorial? When you are done activating your theme, you should learn how to customize it with any of the popular page builders, like Elementor or the Gutenberg Block Editor. You can watch our full Elementor Tutorial on YouTube or read more about how we’ve built a website from scratch.

Why Install themes from ThemeForest?

WordPress comes with pre-installed themes, but the real fun starts when you check out the many other options on marketplaces like ThemeForest. There are thousands of affordable, creative, and unique theme designs available on this market, and other peeps and companies created them!

Whether you want a paid or free theme, you’re bound to find what you need.

For the best of the best, head to ThemeForest. It’s the most popular WordPress theme marketplace. It has many options for every niche you can think of, such as e-commerce, portfolio, writing, creative, kitchen, home decoration, cooking, construction, traveling, comics, affiliate marketing, NGO, or technology.

Choosing a theme from all the awesome options can be tough, this is why we’ve spent our valuable time reviewing most of the popular WordPress theme categories! Some of the most popular themes on ThemeForest include Avada, The7, BeTheme, Flatsome, Bridge, Uncode, and Enfold. Get ready to revamp your website in style!

Can I Reuse ThemeForest Themes?

You cannot reuse downloaded and paid Themeforest WordPress themes on other websites. The license allows users to install the WordPress theme on one website and use it for one year. 

Sorry, WordPress themes are not Netflix passwords. – You cannot just share them with a single login and call it a day.

As you’ve seen in our tutorial, you must download the files from the Themeforest dashboard to your computer and install them straight to WordPress. 

Side note: There are themes like Hestia or Astra hosted on different platforms. Their paid versions allow you to install their themes on multiple websites. The themes are not on Themeforest, though, you will have to install Hestia, Astra, or Kadence from their own websites. 

Takeaway installing WordPress Theme from ThemeForest

The right WordPress theme can greatly enhance your site’s overall look and functionality. By selecting a theme that fits your niche and goals, you can easily customize the appearance of your website, create a cohesive brand image, and provide a better user experience for your visitors.

With the endless options available, both free and paid, finding the perfect theme for your site is easier than ever. Following the steps outlined in this theme guide, you can quickly and confidently install a theme that will take your website to the next level.

Ani Hoang
Ani Hoang

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