13 Best WordPress Themes For Writers and Authors

If you use a WordPress website, you know very well that every niche has an extensive collection of themes. But as a writer or an author, you need one that can offer the best reading experience to your visitors.

This article will review 13 of the best WordPress themes in ThemeForest.net. These products are crafted to provide a suitable platform for showcasing your content. At the same time, it gives you the versatility to creatively enhance the design and functionality of the theme according to your requirements. 

You can better maximize your pages’ monetization and engagement potential with an appropriate WordPress theme to post your articles. But, most importantly, a great WP theme will positively impact your website’s readership. And for every writer, this is an absolute MUST!

Summary Table

Name of the ThemePriceReview
Typology$594.95 / 5.00
Writing$494.80 / 5.00
Wild Book$354.81 / 5.00
Odrin$644.65 / 5.00
Writers and Journalists Blog$694.73 / 5.00
Auteur$604.26 / 5.00
Hooray $454.66 / 5.00
Johannes$594.65 / 5.00
Suarez$594.41 / 5.00
Novela$594.73 / 5.00
Carrino$594.96 / 5.00
Typer$594.72 / 5.00
Foreal$695.00 / 5.00

Our Top 13 WordPress Theme Picks


Typology is a modern text-based WordPress theme. The straightforward minimalist design is made especially for writers and authors who want to write and let their thoughts run free. Typology is more focused on accentuating typography to create visually appealing content.

This theme is also integrated with the Jetpack plugin. This WordPress tool is an all-in-solution to boost the website’s performance, growth, marketing, and even security. This plugin enables your site to work faster and more securely to deliver a better user experience.

Typology also features a collaboration with other writers. The co-author plugin allows multiple authors to contribute to a single post. Co-writing injects new ideas and points of view, which can help increase your content’s value. In addition, sharing the workload with reliable authors is a great way to improve productivity and efficiency.

Key FeaturesAdvanced theme options panel
Custom widgets available
Supports multi-author posts
Jetpack plugin integration
No. of Times Sold4,808 sales
Review Stars4.95 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: Typology was tested to have an average loading time of 515 milliseconds. Thus, making it 97% faster than other themes.


Writing is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme. Its incomplex yet functional design makes it ideal for bloggers and writers looking for classic but creative website features. The simplicity directs the focus to the readability of content rather than distracting readers with bold and unnecessary elements. 

The theme is full-pack with social engagement features. You can utilize more than 24 social icons, share buttons, and widgets to connect and share relevant posts to various social networking platforms. Writing also supports Open Graph tags which enable you to control the display of your content, particularly on Facebook.

Key FeaturesCompatible with WordPress Live customizer
Integrated with Open Graph tags
Supports RTL language
Responsive and retina-ready interface
No. of Times Sold4,487 sales
Review Stars4.80 out of 5 stars

Fun facts: The new Writing version 3.00 fully supports RTL languages with barely any difference from left-to-right text orientation.  

Wild Book

Wild Book is a creative WordPress theme with an elegant and vintage touch. It is designed with a split-page layout, giving your website interface a vertical menu. Moreover, it also adds a personalized background and various sectionings. 

Customizable elements and blocks can be added to your posts using the WordPress live customizer. You can create paragraphs with solid style, lists, and numbered lists. But I liked most the option to include quotes in different designs. Quotations from famous authors and personalities can serve as a supporting argument for your content. Moreover, it can also enhance your writing style and even help persuade your readers.

Key Features20+ pre-built home layouts
Split-page layout
Compatible with WordPress live customizer
Multiple paragraph and  gallery style options
No. of Times Sold2,518 sales
Review Stars4.81 out of 5 stars

Fun facts: Version 1.9.7 is updated to add more social media buttons. To date, Wild Book features 27 social profile icons. 


Odrin is a WordPress theme crafted to showcase the contents of book authors and writers. The page flip effect gives the modern website a nostalgic feel. This kind of animation is something most bookworms would appreciate.  

The theme has a book panel feature that allows you to hover around the available books. In addition, you can include a  short description for every book to give a quick synopsis. Moreover, a Read the Book button will send your readers directly to the book’s specific page.

Key Features10 pre-built templates
Compatible with Unyson page builder
Upcoming books page
No. of Times Sold1,680 sales
Review Stars4.65 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: Odrin can be integrated with a shortcode for the Upcoming Book page. This page helps build up your readers’ and followers’ anticipation of your future projects.

Writers and Journalists Blog

A Blog for Writers and Journalists is a bookstore WordPress theme. It is designed to specifically showcase the literary works of professional writers, authors, and copywriters.

Its full integration with WooCommerce allows you to build your website with the functionality of an online shop. In addition, other add-on plugins can further support your WooCommerce page, including TI WooCommerce Wishlist and Elegro plugin to adapt cryptocurrency payment to your shop. 

There are several built-in demos and page layouts to choose from. You can use the Elementor page builder to customize every detail and create a unique concept for your site. The advanced blog settings provide you with endless combinations of styles and layouts. You can also give your content a more creative edge by adding animations.

Key Features5 pre-built demos and 5 blog styles are available
Compatible with Elementor page builder
Compatibility with WooCommerce 
Supports cryptocurrency payment system
Free lifetime updates
No. of Times Sold1,422 sales
Review Stars4.73 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: A Blog for Writers and Journalists was awarded by Envato with WP Requirements Compliant badge. It is an author-level badge given to themes that successfully pass quality standards for performance, security, coding, and more.


Auteur is a WordPress theme crafted for writers, authors, publishers, reviewers, and other book-related services. Both WPBakery and Elementor support the theme’s page building. Thus, fully maximizing your capacity to customize and create a unique and responsive website.

You can modify various pre-built homepages, elements, blog layouts, and shop layouts to fit your requirements. Aside from functionality, more than 800 typography options also aid in creatively enhancing the site’s appearance. The theme also supports the Font Awesome 5 Pro plugin. This feature offers almost 20,000 icons you can add to your pages and posts to enhance visibility and navigability.

Auteur comes with a counter functionality that enables you to display the up-to-date counting of certain elements. You can add a counter for active readers, total pages, and social media followers to your page.

Key FeaturesSupported by WPBakery and Elementor page builders
Advanced typography options
Compatible with WooCommerce
Advanced admin panel
No. of Times Sold1,734 sales
Review Stars4.26  out of 5 stars

Fun fact: Auteur is fully compatible with WooCommerce to allow the incorporation of an online shop within the website.


Hooray is a sleek and stylish WordPress theme for blogging. Nonetheless, it offers plenty of customization options and shortcodes to tailor a website that can best showcase your books and articles. Hence, the theme’s versatility makes it a suitable choice for authors and writers.

The theme features a read progress bar for posts. This functionality is essential for your readers to track how far they have already read. A visual indicator like a progress bar provides instant feedback allowing your readers to freely decide to continue reading or move on to the following article. This tool also gives the impression that you value time and user experience.

Aside from feedback, you can also take advantage of the review system. You can either choose stars or percentages to represent the ratings. This feature strengthens the validity of your posts. At the same time, it provides insight into your reader’s preferences and behavior.

Key FeaturesGutenberg compatible
Built-in page module with Ajax
Read progress bar
Review system
Supports WooCommerce plugin
No. of Times Sold1,286 sales
Review Stars4.66 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: A pop-up Check Also box feature automatically suggests relevant topics to read next. Hence, continuing to keep your readers engaged.


Johannes is a multi-concept WordPress theme. It is designed to cater to modern personal blogs. But it can also work great for writers and authors who want to exhibit their literary works creatively. The theme is Gutenberg-ready with WP 5 block editor to customize each website section to comply with your needs and preferences. 

The pagination functionality enables you to break long posts into multiple pages. This feature makes it easier for the readers to navigate between different page selections. A reading time functionality is also great to have within your posts. This feature gives the visitors a quick idea of how lengthy your content might be. 

The theme can also place ad banners in pre-defined slots on your pages. Ad scripts are effective methods of promoting brand awareness and monetizing your website.

Key FeaturesSupports WP 5 block editor
Pre-defined placement of banner ads
Compatible with WooCommerce
One-click theme updates
No. of Times Sold1,235 sales
Review Stars4.65 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: Updating the latest versions of Johannes theme is super hassle-free with its one-click update feature.


Suarez is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with a modern minimalist appeal. There are more than 50 ready-to-use pages and demo websites you can use to fit distinct industries. Customize both front and back-end developments using the drag-and-drop Visual Composer.

The theme is integrated with Revolution Slider. This plugin allows you to display your content in the most creative way possible. For example, you can modify the sections easily by adding slideshows, carousels, or hero scenes. 

Key FeaturesOver 50 pre-made homepages
Compatible with Visual Composer
Integrated with the Revolution Slider plugin
Supports WP Super Cache plugin
No. of Times Sold1,111 sales
Review Stars4.41 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: Suarez supports the WP Super Cache plugin. This add-on enables static HTML file generation, allowing the website to load faster, consume less bandwidth, and improve SEO optimization.


Novela is a stylish WordPress theme specially crafted for writers and authors. It provides the perfect template for creating a book, a novel, and journal preview pages. In addition, the page-flipping animation makes the theme resemble more like actual book material.

The theme is designed to also be an e-commerce platform for professional writers at the same time. Unlike others, Novela is integrated with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin instead of WooCommerce. This plugin is fantastic for selling digital products like ebooks.

In the Novela theme, the reader’s feedback is given emphasis. A threaded comment functionality allows the readers and buyers to share their points of view. This feature helps build a dynamic community within your site. The interactions strengthen audience engagement and trust.

Key FeaturesWith page-flipping animation
Integrated with Easy Digital Downloads plugin
Created with Bootstrap 3
Advanced custom fields
Threaded comments feature
No. of Times Sold898 sales
Review Stars4.73 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: Novela was once an Envato price winner for the Easy Digital Downloads theme contest. 


Carrino is a blogging WordPress theme with a bolder edge. This template makes it perfect for writers and authors who want to emanate a fun and exciting vibe. 

The featured post functionality allows you to highlight your best posts. You can either set it up by category or include the display on your homepage. Featuring posts is a great way to maximize the exposure of your content. 

You can also take advantage of the related post functionality. This feature will automatically suggest posts that are of relevant topics or niches. Guiding the visitor’s attention toward reading another post increases their engagement. And, the longer they stay on your page, the greater your chances for conversion. 

Key FeaturesEnhanced Gutenberg
Featured posts function 
Related posts function
WooCommerce compatible
No. of Times Sold815 sales
Review Stars4.96 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: In 2022, Carrino was featured in Envato Tuts+ for the “Best WordPress theme for Writers and Authors” and “Best WordPress Gutenberg theme”.


Typer is an all-in-one publishing WordPress theme. It is designed to create a fast and modern website for bloggers, writers, authors, magazines, and publishers. The theme is supported by Gutenberg editor and Elementor page builders for more detailed customization.

The front user profile enables every writer to create a designated profile page. This section will highlight all the articles and stories the writer wrote, their feeds, interests, and settings. Organizing the content by personality makes it easier for readers to follow through with their favorites.  

The weekly digest feature of the theme provides automated weekly updates to your readers. This feature will highlight stories that have been patterned on the user’s previous activities. These suggested posts give your readers a more personalized experience and something new to look forward to visiting your website every week.

Key FeaturesSupported by Gutenberg and Elementor Front user profile
Weekly digest feature
Follow button functionality
No. of Times Sold796 sales
Review Stars4.72 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: Typer features a Follow button to get your favorite authors’ latest updates and freshest stories.  


Foreal is a multi-purpose WordPress theme designed for portfolios, writers, authors, directors, and others in creative agencies. This theme is distinct with its clean and elegant black-and-white scheme. The minimalist design pairs well with customizable pre-made demos and elements using Visual Composer and WPBakery page builders.

The theme is equipped with separate breadcrumb images on every page. This feature is a secondary navigation tool to help users pinpoint precisely where they are on your website. In addition, this path makes it easier for them to track and navigate between pages.

Speaking of navigation, Foreal is also integrated with the Google maps plugin. Providing readers with maps of your locations makes your site more accessible. This feature can also build your credibility as a business knowing that you have registered a legit address.

Key FeaturesCompatible with Visual Composer and WPBakery page builders
Supports separate breadcrumb images 
Integrated with Google maps
No. of Times Sold472 sales
Review Stars5 out of 5 stars

Fun fact: As of writing, Foreal has a perfect 5-star rating on Themeforest. Most reviewers praised the theme for its responsive design and proactive customer service.


Of the 13 WordPress themes we reviewed, I am most amazed by Typology. I love that this theme gives more value to the readability of the content. As a writer or author, you want your readers to indulge in the story itself and not just with the site’s aesthetics.

Although, the theme does not limit your creativity to typography only. Typology also offers flexible options to incorporate images and other media files into your pages. 

Regardless of how you set up your website, it is a significant advantage that the theme is fast and secure. Hence, delivering the best user experience and reading pleasure to your readers.

If you enjoyed this review and building multiple niche websites for clients, we recommend you read our best portfolio WordPress themes that are creative and extremely simple to install!

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