10 Best WordPress Themes for Comics: Get Your Art Out There!

As an independent creative, I’m forever extolling the virtues of a platform YOU control. A website is the best way to do this! In this blog post, I’ll explore the top WordPress themes for comics to bring your art to life and engage your audience.

Also, the simplest ones to set up, because let’s face it, creativity’s probably your strong suit. Why bother learning to be a developer when you can get a quick, easy solution? Let’s go.

In a hurry? No worries! My top recommendation is the Eldon theme, or for comparison, here’s a quick breakdown. Want more information? Scroll down.

Theme NamePriceStar Rating
Eldon Theme$112.38 USD for 12 Months4.5/5
Illustrator Theme$112.38 USD for 12 Months4.33/5
BoomBox Theme$76.63 USD for 12 Months4.86/5
Dieter Theme$112.38 USD for 12 Months4.83/5
Chemistry Theme$53.25 USD for 12 Months4/5
Ealain Theme$49.13 USD for 12 Months4/5
Weltgeist Theme$117.88 USD for 12 Months4.56/5
Cufo Theme$46.38 USD for 12 Months4.81/5
Marée Theme$104.13 USD for 12 Months4.2/5
Fuego Theme$112.38 USD for 12 Months4/5

What Is The Best WordPress Theme For Comics?

Here is my detailed review of the best WordPress themes for comics. I’ll break down their key features, and other need-to-know details like price, and how they compare against each other.

I’ve also chosen the ones that are the easiest to set up, and that looks the most professional. Because you want to make a good first impression!


Eldon is a modern, clean theme with minimal distractions, perfect for drawing everyone’s eyes to where they need to be: your stunning comics. This is a two-in-one theme because it’ll work perfectly as a portfolio for your standalone art pieces and other work (great for landing potential clients and commissions.) Hooray for additional streams of income! Prefer dark mode? No worries! They have that option in one click. It’s perfect for all arty folks, whether you work in animation, cartoons, manga, or graphic design.

Creator:Edge Themes
Key Features: Variety of templates
Full Elementor support
Comprehensive help database
No. of times sold:711
Star Rating:4.5/5


Another portfolio theme that also works well for comics, Illustrator is simple and intuitive to use. 

Not sure how to design your homepage? Illustrator has 15 preset designs you can customize to your liking, giving you something to work with and getting your work out to the world faster. It’s responsive too, so your images will look great on any device.

Note: This is made by the same company as Eldon (Edge-Themes.)

Creator:Edge Themes
Key Features: Portfolio templates
Great support
Easy-to-upload images
A clean minimalist look
Professional design
No. of times sold:1,206
Star Rating:4.33/5


This is an excellent theme for short-form comics and other visual media, though it can work for longer creations too! With its sleek design and customizable layout, Boombox has the features you need to create a buzz on social media. Plus, its up/down voting and reaction buttons help you keep your followers engaged.

Creator:PX Lab
Key Features: A customizable layout for all your content
Pre-built templates
A powerful content builder to speed up the process
Dark mode option for users, and free lifetime updates
No. of times sold:6,480
Star Rating:4.86/5


Dieter is designed to be a high-quality, professional-looking artistic theme that’s great for any modern-day creative. You can create an engaging website with portfolio layouts like masonry, Pinterest, carousel, and metro portfolio. Plus, it’s been tested on various screen sizes to ensure it’s responsive.!

Creator:Edge Themes
Key Features: Four homepage layouts to choose from or make your own
Optimized for ranking well in Google
Easy to customize, clean design
Easily integrates with Mailchimp (an email marketing service) and Elementor (a great tool for customizing your website’s design.)
No. of times sold:330
Star Rating:4.83/5


The Chemistry theme is perfect for businesses, artists, and e-commerce websites. It’s a fresh and clean WordPress theme that’s easy to use and looks great on any screen size. You need that in today’s phone-first world. The theme is built on the powerful Bootstrap framework and has multiple design options. Plus, it’s fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you can easily start a media empire. 🙂

Creator:Beantown Themes
Key Features: Easy to make your menus
Good for one-page websites or multiple pages
Create a professional-looking portfolio with their gallery function
Fully responsive
No. of times sold:416
Star Rating:4/5


Want to sell merchandise of your characters and do it in style? This easy-to-use theme is a great pick because it easily integrates with WooCommerce (a digital shop plugin for WordPress.) Ealain’s design allows for an easy presentation of your skills. Ealain is responsive and offers a feature called “Visual Composer” for making customizable templates.

Creator:Iqonic Design
Key Features: Lifetime updates
Dedicated support
No. of times sold:43
Star Rating:4/5


Weltgeist, a contemporary theme is excellent for enhancing the visual appeal of any modern website. It offers a great selection of easy-to-customize post blocks and layouts, plus the flexibility to place banners anywhere you like. And, you can customize it to meet your exact requirements with the simple customization tool – so you can get the results you’re looking for.

Creator:Edge Themes
Key Features: It works well with Elementor
Easy to make a mobile-friendly design
Good menu layouts
Many options for visual design
Has good customer service
No. of times sold:285
Star Rating:4.56/5


Cufo is a multiple times award-winning theme for “Best WordPress Portfolio Theme Of The Year” and is a top pick for many for a good reason! It’s a lightweight, fast theme designed for ease of use. The images in your portfolio automatically scale to fit any screen size, so your hard work will look good on any device. The customization features are many without being overwhelming, and it supports anything from a single-page portfolio to a blog to showcase your news and progress.

Creator:Royal Flush
Key Features: Easy to set up and use
Clean and minimalist
Excellent customer service
Extensive support and detailed tutorials
No. of times sold:1225
Star Rating:4.81/5


Do your comics or illustrations have a more playful, hand-drawn feel? The aesthetics of this templated theme will work well! Marée is also a portfolio theme, but its key difference is it has thoughtfully designed templates for the other, less exciting but essential parts of your website. (Think: your about, contact, resume, commissions, or anything else you need.) That way, your comics won’t be the only thing that looks visually stunning!

Creator:Edge Themes
Key Features: It’s super flexible as you can create a blog and store
Effortless customization
Great customer support
Easy-to-follow video tutorials
Mobile responsive
No. of times sold:417
Star Rating:4.2/5

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Fuego is designed with creative professionals in mind, this theme is the perfect fit for design agencies and businesses that value innovation. Fuego has hundreds of customizable templates for any industry, so you can quickly and easily launch your stunning website. Plus, with its responsive and scalable design, Fuego works on any size device without compromising performance.

Creator:Mikado Themes
Key Features: Stunning, artistic templates that put the focus on your work
Excellent customer service
Extensive helpful tutorials
Quick to set up
Easy to customize
No. of times sold:457
Star Rating:4/5

What makes a WordPress Theme Successful For Comics?

  1. A clean and modern design: A well-designed comics theme can make a strong impression on visitors and help to showcase your work in a professional manner.
  2. Responsive design: It’s important that your comics WordPress theme is responsive so that it looks and works great on all devices, including phones and tablets.
  3. Easy navigation: Visitors should be able to easily find and view the different items in your comics, so make sure the theme has a clear and intuitive navigation system.
  4. Customization options: It’s helpful if the theme allows you to customize various aspects of its appearance, such as the color scheme and font choices, to match your personal brand.
  5. Good performance: A slow-loading theme can be frustrating for visitors, so make sure the theme is optimized for good performance.
  6. Compatibility with popular plugins: If you plan on using any popular WordPress plugins with your comics, it’s important to make sure that the theme is compatible with them.

Overall, the most successful comic themes are those that are visually appealing, easy to use, and well-suited to the needs of their users.


The bottom line? I vote for the Eldon Theme being the best WordPress theme for comics. It has all the features and design elements you need to create a professional website for your creation.

Go forth and create your new website. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store. Happy making!

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