13 Best WordPress Review Themes

The right content posted on the right platform are the best weapons of an affiliate program. In any performance marketing, creating a WordPress website is the easiest and most convenient platform to use. You need to find themes with the right structure to best showcase various review contents and blogs.

Look no further, these 13 Best WordPress Review Themes we have on deck have the perfect aesthetic for every kind of niche. It also has flexible functionalities, fast speed, and responsiveness to cater to any device. Not to forget, a well-optimized clean code to help you boost and achieve high SEO rankings. For marketers, you know very well that higher ratings lead to more traffic. And eventually, help you achieve the ultimate goal of SALES CONVERSION!

Name of the ThemePriceReview
The Fox$594.79/5.0
Click Mag$354.59/5.0
In Hype$594.95/5.0

Our Top Pick Review Themes for WordPress


Key Features– Integrated with Elementor and WPBakery page builder plugin
– Fully supports Content Egg plugin
– Compatible with WooCommerce plugin
– SEO-optimized
– Gutenberg-optimized
No. Times Sold32,024 sales
Review Stars4.92 out of 5 stars

REHub is an all-in-one theme strategically designed to generate multiple streams of passive income. Each section is based on modern online business models that puts you at a better edge in monetizing from your contents.

The affiliate blog feature is just the perfect avenue for reviews of any niche. There are more than 30 different layouts and special blocks you can choose from to showcase your posts and products. You can freely customize every section of the demo website using the Elementor and WPBakery page builders.

To further add value to your content, you can also utilize the Content Egg plugin. This enables you to add advanced affiliate functions like price/product comparison and price drop and tracker. Incorporating this feature makes your reviews more credible and engaging to your audience.

Fun fact: REHub is one of the first themes being recommended by Amazon. 

REHub also offers other conversion rate tools to boost your website’s profitability. This includes instruments like top rated and versus pages, attributes, custom table and charts, advanced search filters, and more. These profit-helpers are based on the insights of some of the best money-makers in the industry.


Key Features– Uses TiePage builder
– Compatible with WooCommerce plugin
– Integrated with bbPress and BuddyPress plugins
– Includes 35 custom widgets
– Built-in background image ADS
No. Times Sold28,889 sales
Review Stars4.78 out of 5 stars

Sahifa is one of the best selling magazine and blog WordPress themes. The clean and modern appeal of the templates perfectly suits a product review blog niche. There are plenty of demo websites you can fully customize using the TiePage builder. The powerful admin panel of Sahifa lets you configure every detail including the theme color, font, layout, and so much more.

The built-in background image ADS feature is another great way to monetize aside from the review blogs. This advertisement widget allows you to tie up with different brands and promote their products right into your website. These clickable ad images can incentivize you as well for driving more traffic into their product or homepage. 

Fun Fact: Sahifa is one of the few WordPress themes that incorporates WPCovid-19, a real-time data counter plugin.


Key Features– With mega menu system
– Integrated with BuddyPress and bbPress plugins
– WooCommerce-ready
– With review theme options
– SEO-optimized
No. Times Sold10,455 sales
Review Stars4.82 out of 5 stars

Valenti is a magazine WordPress theme with a modern contemporary concept. The versatile and dynamic design of the theme is a great choice for creating product blogs of any kind of niche. The latest version of Valenti even added more blog styles. This will make every story fresh and unique to your readers.

Despite being tagged as a magazine theme, Valenti is also well equipped with review theme options. It offers three different review styles – stars, percentages, or points. But what I like most is its option to incorporate a pros and cons section. This makes your reviews seem more balanced and genuine

Fun fact: You have the option to turn on/off the user rating feature. Thus, allowing you to better control your contents as you see fit.

In addition, Valenti also comes with a Top Review widget. This enables you to showcase the highest ranking reviews for a certain category. The options are filterable by time period. 


Key Features– With trending menu plugin
– Ajax mega menu and live Ajax search modal
– Compatible with Let’s Review plugin
– In-built background AD system
– WooCommerce-ready
No. Times Sold7,822 sales
Review Stars4.87 out of 5 stars

15zine is another magazine WordPress theme by the Codetipi team, the same developer as Valenti. The ultra stylish design of 15zine though is more targeted towards creative content creators and marketing agencies. This makes it a perfect choice for product reviews in the niche of beauty and fashion.

The theme is also compatible with the Let’s Review plugin. This functionality enables users and visitors to submit their personal ratings on certain products posted in your website. This essentially promotes audience interaction and engagement.

The trending menu is one creative feature you can get from the 15zine theme. This section highlights your website’s most trending posts. You can set it up to show relevant contents within the last 24 hours, week, or even month.  

Fun fact: You can also add symbols and icons to your trending menu to make it more eye-catching.

The Fox

Key Features– Extensive review system
– Related post feature
– Live post feature
– Supports Co-Author Plus plugin
– WooCommerce-ready
No. Times Sold4,393 sales
Review Stars4.79 out of 5 stars

The Fox theme is a minimalist WordPress theme developed for blogs, magazines, and newspaper websites. The clean and pixel-perfect design allows your content to standout at its best. Nevertheless, you can further tailor-make each section using its built-in theme builder or Elementor

The theme also comes with a comprehensive review system. In this, you can add unlimited criteria and summary to your featured products. Moreover, you can also embed the product link to encourage sales in your affiliate program. 

Fun fact: The theme supports the Co-Author Plus plugin that enables collaboration of two or more contributors in one content.

The Fox features a related post system too. This functionality intelligently suggests relevant contents to your visitor. Hence, encouraging your audience to further stick around your website. Remember, the longer your visitor stays, the higher your chances to convert them into actual customers.  

The live post feature is another functionality worth mentioning. This enables you to post live feeds into your website. Such type of content highly increases your authenticity as a content creator or product reviewer. At the same time, it also encourages more engagement as it allows real-time interaction between you and your viewers.


Key Features– More than 15 pre-built demos
– Over 50 modular elements
– With bookmarking system
– Integrated with social widgets
– Compatible with WooCommerce
No. Times Sold4,068 sales
Review Stars4.69 out of 5 stars

Gillion is a multi-concept modular theme. Its versatility allows it to be suitable for blog, review, magazine, newsletter, and publishing websites. The theme is also compatible with e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce. Hence, you can also maximize its purpose as an online shop too. 

The review module in particular allows you to add a rating and slider system to your reviews. On top of that, you also have the option to set up a pros and cons list. These features add more value and reliability to your product evaluation and report. 

Fun fact: Gillion has a bookmarking system that enables visitors to create a “read later” list.


Key Features– More than 60 pre-built website demos
– Suitable for Kadence Blocks and Elementor page builders
– Banner ads and sponsored post features
– Auto load next page feature
– Compatible with WooCommerce
No. Times Sold2,021 sales
Review Stars4.77 out of 5 stars

Kicker is a multi-purpose blog and magazine theme for WordPress. However, you can very well take advantage of its versatility to fit any product review niche. There are various features and options to create your review articles. This includes 3 rating styles, review criteria, item specifications, pros and cons list, affiliate buttons, and review block placement.

The sponsored post features adds opportunities for your website to acquire more exposure, traffic, and engagement. Same with the banner ads feature. This also aids in promoting brand awareness and are great lead generators too. 

The auto load next post feature is another helpful tool to promote audience engagement. The automatic loading of the next related article increases your chance of keeping the interest of your visitor to your page.

Fun fact: Kicker has been awarded by Envato with an WP Requirements badge. This simply proves that the theme is developed with the highest quality coding standards. 

Click Mag

Key Features– With reviewer plugin
– Built-in Disqus comment 
– Supports threaded comment
– Google AMP-ready
– Compatible with WooCommerce
No. Times Sold2,263 sales
Review Stars4.59 out of 5 stars

Click Mag is marketed as a viral news, magazine, and a blog theme. The target of this theme is to maximize the page clicks within your website. Thus, allowing longer audience retention which then consequently leads to higher conversions.

Fun facts: Click Mag is designed to be Google AMP-ready. This makes your WordPress website seamlessly load on any mobile device.

The theme comes with a reviewer plugin. This feature enables you to incorporate reviews into your posts. At the same time, it also allows you to insert comparison tables to your pages. Infographics such as tables, graphs, and charts makes it more attractive and easier for visitors to grasp the data.

Aside from reviews, Click Mag also supports Disqus comments. This plugin encourages engagements by allowing visitors to submit their personal comments on your posts. Commenting is a great way to build audience connection. You can also take advantage of this information to gather feedback and analyze your visitor’s behaviors.


Key Features– Built-in review system
– Animated summary tools
– Extensive ads system
– Compatible Revolution slider
– Supports social media sharing
No. Times Sold1,608 sales
Review Stars4.57 out of 5 stars

Goliath is a news and review magazine WordPress theme. To be specific, it is more popularly used for product reviews. The theme’s review system enables you to create star ratings. At the end of the post, you can also add an animated summary block to give the content a more interesting ending. 

Utilize the website’s traffic using Goliath’s ads system through its integration to Google Adsense. Or, you can also opt to embed banners of your affiliate partner in your pages. There are multiple options to maximize the placement of advertisements including the headers, sidebars, posts, etc. 

The theme also features a HOT articles section. In this functionality, the most popular posts of the week are automatically tagged as “hot”. From here, your visitors can easily browse through your most trending topics.

Fun fact: Each review post comes with a share button for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media platforms.

In Hype

Key Features– Supports multi-author posting
– Built-in advertisement management system
– Google page speed optimized
– Social sign-in/sign-up integration
– Advanced gutenberg support
No. Times Sold1,138 sales
Review Stars4.95 out of 5 stars

In Hype is a news and magazine WordPress blog theme. It mainly focuses on the dynamic design and functionality of the website itself to best optimize the conversion rate. This theme has plenty of different blocks and layouts you can collate to create unique pages and content posts. 

The same with The Fox theme, In Hype also supports multi-author postings. Collaborating with guest writers gives your contents a fresher outlook. Not to mention, this lightens up your workload too.

Fun fact: In Hype was graded 95 at Google page speeds and 97 in GTmetrix.


Key Features– Supports Elementor page builder
– Rich snippet review ratings
– Member-focused features
– Membership sign-up options
– SEO-optimized
No. Times Sold337 sales
Review Stars4.95 out of 5 stars

Magzine is a multi-purpose theme for WordPress specifically focused on reviews, membership, and community-building. A membership subscription provides the group an exclusive access to your contents and offerings. This also helps to create a community or social network  wherein the members can relate and connect with each other. By establishing a group with common interests, this strengthens the engagement of your members and affiliate partners to your website.

Fun fact: Magzine supports Paid Membership Pro plugin which gives users different level of membership options.

For the review features, Magzine allows you to add unique rating designs to your posts and pages. You can also allow your visitors to share their own reviews as well. These review ratings are rich snippets enabling it to show up in Google search results. In effect, it increases your website’s visibility and click-through rate


Key Features– Compatible WPBakery page builder
– Supports Templatera add-on plugin
– 600+ Google font styles
– Integrated with social buttons
– SEO-friendly
No. Times Sold725 sales
Review Stars4.91 out of 5 stars

Lily is an elegant WordPress theme designed for bloggers, reviewers, and media agencies. The clean layout of the theme is accentuated with exquisite typography. There are more than 600 Google fonts to choose from to make every page and post standout at its best.

Lily also features 7 pre-made homepages to create a visually appealing website with flexible functionalities. The theme is supported by WPBakery page builder plugin to allow in-depth customization. An add-on plugin, Templatera, is also incorporated to allow the admin to create, control, and manage the user access within the website. 

Fun fact: Lily features social buttons which enables your readers to easily follow you.


Key Features– Supports WP Customizer tool
– Features 6 pre-made demo websites
– 7 built-in header layouts and 4 slider layout options
– Compatible with Contact 7 form plugin
– Fully responsive layout
No. Times Sold77 sales
Review Stars4.27 out of 5 stars

Alphabet is a clean WordPress theme developed for personal creative blogging. Nevertheless, its simple yet versatile structure can also work for showcasing reviews of different niches. There are 6 demo websites and various header and slider layouts you can fully customize using the WP customizer tool.

You can take advantage of the unlimited blog layout combinations to create your product reviews. It will be simple yet very easy for your visitors to read and follow through including various social media platforms.

Fun Fact: This theme is currently FREE to download as part of ThemeForest’s freebie of the month. So, grab this chance right now as it is only available for a limited amount of time.

What are the best WordPress Review Themes for Affiliate Sites?

Out of the 13 best WordPress review themes for affiliate sites included in the list, the REHub theme by Sizam is the most comprehensive and best fitting for a review website. It is full-packed with features and integrations that are most beneficial for an affiliate program. The collaboration of various functionalities are proven by more than 32 thousand theme users to effectively drive website traffic, visitor engagement, and the ultimate goal of conversion.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to get ahead of the competition, we recommend you join the Affiliate Lab, where you can learn cutting-edge SEO tactics to attract and convert new visitors into customers. The courses are all result-driven and backed by real research!

And if you are browsing for more themes, perhaps, you want to start a food blog or recipe site – We just covered the best WordPress themes for restaurants. We made sure the selection of cafe, restaurant, or bistro themes includes the best features for online ordering, interactive menus, and lightweight speed.

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