15 Best WordPress Themes For Online Courses 2024

Are you already decided to launch an e-learning business

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We have reviewed 15 of the best WordPress themes for online courses in this article. WordPress is undoubtedly an excellent platform for this kind of enterprise. It provides you with powerful features and integrations that will best support sharing of expertise and knowledge.

Furthermore, these themes are very versatile and user-friendly. Therefore, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to build your website from the ground up. In addition, infinite options are available to tailor every detail. Hence, creating the most suitable and unique e-learning site will optimally serve the instructors and students.

Summary Table

Name of the ThemePriceReview
Eduma$694.87 / 5.00
MasterStudy$694.77 / 5.00
LMS$594.76 / 5.00
MaxCoach$694.85 / 5.00
Eikra$494.87 / 5.00
Skilled$604.74 / 5.00
Efor$994.54 / 5.00
University$494.50 / 5.00
WPLMS$75 4.51 / 5.00
CorpTrain$494.80 / 5.00
DotLife$644.71 / 5.00
Manual $594.11 / 5.00
Edumy$994.59 / 5.00
Clever Course$574.49 / 5.00
Kingster $664.82 / 5.00

Our Top 15 Theme Picks


WPLMS is an innovative WordPress theme for e-learning websites. It utilizes the mobile-first approach. This feature makes it highly compatible with any mobile and smart device. Thus, ensuring users will benefit from superior interface responsiveness and a pleasant user experience.

Key FeaturesMobile-first design
Compatible with Zoom plugin
Progressive web app generation
Offline mode available
No. of Times Sold27,192 sales
Review Stars4.51 out of 5 stars

The theme is also PWA-resilient. This function allows your site to load faster, work offline, play later downloads, do real-time synchronization, and more. As a result, it makes your programs all the more accessible and convenient to use. It literally allows users to attend classes at their own pace and even when they are not connected online.

WPLMS integrates well with Zoom features. This tool lets you conduct live one-on-one classes or group conferencing. It helps to establish more personal and interactive discussions between the instructors and the students.

Fun fact: WPLMS provided a dedicated section for the top instructors. This section helps boost employee morale and promote their expertise to the public. 


Eduma is an online education theme designed to serve multi-purpose content. There are more than 31 pre-made demo websites to fit every niche. Nevertheless, you can also use the Elementor page builder for more advanced front-end development. 

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor page builder
Integrated with LearnPress LMS plugin
Live courses enabled
Compatible with the WooCommerce plugin
Offers 5 payment gateways
No. of Times Sold38,092 sales
Review Stars4.87 out of 5 stars

The LearnPress LMS plugin is fully integrated into the theme. It includes e-learning essentials like random quizzes, content drip, co-instructors, certificates, etc. More than 30 premium plugins are also available to acquire more functionalities further. 

Eduma also allows you to conduct live courses and video meetings through Zoom and Google Meet. This feature is a great strategy to increase student engagement. It is like simulating traditional onsite class practices. But, with the advantage of accessibility to attend at any place you wish.

Fun fact: Eduma comes with a commission rate management system. This addon allows the course authors and lecturers to earn a commission for every course.


MasterStudy is a complete LMS theme for educational WordPress websites. It offers more than 100 features covering course creation up to student communication. You literally don’t need to purchase extra plugins to make your online academy prosper.  

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor and WPBakery page builders
User-friendly front-end course builder
Varied lesson types
Video lessons available in different file types
Free trial courses
No. of Times Sold18,332 sales
Review Stars4.77 out of 5 stars

There are over 18 pre-made demo websites readily available for installation. Further detailed customization is possible with its Elementor and WPBakery page builder integrations. More than the site structure, the front-end course builder is equally crucial for this type of theme. Master Study’s drag-and-drop course creator lets you develop course content without a single coding requirement.  

There are more than enough options to keep your students highly engaged. The lessons are available in various types, including texts, slides, videos, live streams, and Zoom conferences. But to make it extra fun, the students can access their courses via HTML, YouTube, Vimeo, Presto Player, embed, or external links.

Fun fact: MasterStudy offers free trial courses. This feature lets potential students get a feel of the course before enrollment.


LMS is a learning management theme designed for digital courses and training academies. It is full-packed with features to cater to the primary needs of the online education system, from course creation to selling. Thus, it is a great all-in-one solution for e-learning and e-commerce platforms. 

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor and WPBakery page builders
Compatible with Sensei plugin
Social login
Cross-browser compatibility
No. of Times Sold6,069 sales
Review Stars4.76 out of 5 stars

The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin to turn your website into a profitable online shop quickly. LMS is also integrated with the Yith WooCommerce zoom magnifier and wishlist add-ons to enhance the functionalities. 

The theme also enables the social login feature. This tool allows users to access their LMS accounts using Facebook or Google Plus. Aside from decreasing password fatigue, this strategy effectively increases sign-ups. At the same time, it also helps to eliminate dummy or fake accounts.

Fun fact: LMS is cross-browser compatible, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.


MaxCoach is a WordPress theme structured for one-on-one online coaching or tutorial. The template design is suitable for providing a micro-learning approach to online education. Hence, it is perfect for private courses like gym or yoga coaching, personal finance, or even mental health therapy. 

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor page builder
Powered by LMS plugin
Analytic profile dashboard
Social sharing feature
Compatible with WooCommerce
No. of Times Sold2,881 sales
Review Stars4.85 out of 5 stars

Like Eduma, the theme also utilizes the LearnPress management system. This plugin allows you to build a course curriculum with various lessons quickly. Moreover, it enables you as well to create quizzes in different styles.

MaxCoach also features an analytic profile dashboard. This tool lets you monitor the learner’s study progress. Moreover, the teacher’s profile on the dashboard shows his or her’s contact information, work experience, and social accounts if any.

Fun fact: MaxCoach has a social sharing function to allow you to share relevant content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Eikra is a complete WordPress education theme for all sorts of niches. It is suitable for use as a web-based learning platform for schools, colleges, universities, and training centers. The theme is LearnPress integrated, enabling you to set up curriculums, courses, lessons, quizzes, and more.

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor page builder and Redux framework
Powered by LMS plugin
Analytic profile dashboard
Social sharing feature
Compatible with WooCommerce
No. of Times Sold2,626 sales
Review Stars4.87 out of 5 stars

The theme also lets you add a dedicated section for instructor profiles. This section allows the students to get to know who their teachers are. It helps to establish a better relationship and rapport.

The Featured Course section highlights the website’s most in-demand courses. This page allows the admin to promote different programs. At the same time, this lets your visitors know your expertise subjects.

Fun facts: Eikra comes with 15 hours of real-time customer support.


Skilled is an academic and instructor theme offering free and paid online courses. Its integration with the Sensei plugin lets you turn your website into a complete learning management system. This plugin enables you to create courses, interactive videos, quizzes, drip content, and student management. 

Key FeaturesSupported by WPBakery and Elementor page builders
Powered by Sensei plugin
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin
Offers free and paid courses
Premium plugin bundles available
No. of Times Sold2,454 sales
Review Stars4.74 out of 5 stars

The Sensei also helps generate revenue by allowing you to use the platform to sell your courses. When paired with WooCommerce, the extension lets you set up a secure payment function. This tool gives your website the versatility to accept various payment gateways.

Fun facts: Plugins are best purchased in bundles to get better savings.


Efor is a coaching-focused theme for WordPress websites. It caters to all online coaching courses, including fitness, finance, relationship, spirituality, and more. The Elementor page builder supports the theme, allowing complete front-end editing control. See the changes in real time as customization happens.

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor page builder
Integrated with JetElements and JetPopup plugins
Compatible with LearnPress and TutorLMS
Free future updates 
No. of Times Sold4,153 sales
Review Stars4.54 out of 5 stars

In addition, there are over 70 elements you can incorporate into your website to enhance its appearance and functionality. On this note, the theme includes the JetElements plugin in the pack for free. Bundled as well is the JetPopup plugin to help increase visitor engagement.

With Efor, you can choose between LearnPress or TutorLMS plugins. Whichever you prefer, both have user-friendly interfaces that let you create and design various courses. In addition, these tools will also help in facilitating the selling and monetization of your programs.

Fun fact: Based on the weekly statistics, Efor was awarded as one of the Best Selling Coaching Themes in 2022. 


University is a theme designed to create online courses and e-learning events. It is ideal for universities, educational organizations, training centers, and other businesses. You can readily use about seven pre-made demo templates to build your website.

Key FeaturesPowered by LearnDash plugin
Integrated with the WooCommerce plugin
Compatible with bbPress
Supported by Visual Composer page builder
Premium customer support
No. of Times Sold5,881 sales
Review Stars4.50 out of 5 stars

The theme is compatible with the LearnDash plugin. This learning management system enables you to develop and sell courses, monitor learners’ progress, grant rewards and certificates, and more. These features give you a complete LMS solution.

The University theme integrates well with the WooCommerce plugin. This extension allows you to operate an online shop and serve as a payment gateway. Moreover, you can also use this platform to offer event tickets and other merchandise to generate revenue.

Fun fact: The University theme features a built-in event calendar to keep the visitors and students updated. 


CorpTrain is an LMS theme crafted for corporate training. This platform aims to provide professional education to help employees enrich their knowledge and hone their skills. It is particularly beneficial for various companies and business organizations.

Key FeaturesCompatible with the Elementor and WPBakery page builders
Powered by LearnPress plugin
Integrated with WooCommerce plugin
Co-Trainer feature
4 payment gateways available
No. of Times Sold5,058 sales
Review Stars4.80 out of 5 stars

The LearnPress plugin powers the theme by providing functionalities to create text and video lessons, webinars, and different quiz formats. In addition, the support by the WooCommerce plugin allows the site to provide four payment gateways, including Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and Authorize.net.

CorpTrain supports a Co-trainer feature. This function lets multiple trainers collaborate on a single course. As a result, it creates a growth-efficient learning environment for teachers and students. Not to mention, active collaboration is proven to improve learning success.

Fun fact: CorpTrain is compatible with the Elementor and WPBakery page builders for optimum customization choices.


DotLife is a modern online coaching theme crafted especially for speakers and life coaches. This website template provides an excellent platform for personal and goal-oriented courses. Thus, helping its users achieve their ultimate potential in life, career, and other relevant aspects. It includes programs like health and fitness coaching, wealth and finance management, self-development, career guidance, etcetera.

Key Features13 feature-rich ready-made demo websites
Appointment booking function
Supports various media file types
Built-in podcast function
Free value-added lifetime support
No. of Times Sold3,435 sales
Review Stars4.71 out of 5 stars

The theme has an appointment booking function that allows you to create, manage, and organize appointment schedules. At the same time, this tool also enables you to add flexible payment options to every booking. 

DotLife supports various media file types. This feature lets you incorporate text, images, videos, and audio recordings into your content. In addition, it enables you to develop more creative and interactive lessons to help increase student engagement.

Fun fact: DotLife comes with a built-in Podcast feature. This tool lets you upload podcast episodes to augment your lessons.


Manual is an education and held desk theme powered by the LearnPress plugin. This template primarily aims to provide a platform for knowledge-based courses, user guidelines, community forums, manuals, documentation, and the like. In this sense, the theme establishes a go-to website for anyone seeking answers and how-to guides. 

Key FeaturesPowered by LearnPress plugin
Supported by Elementor page builder
Advanced Ajax live search function
Community forum feature
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin
No. of Times Sold3,796 sales
Review Stars4.11 out of 5 stars

Manual is built-in with an advanced Ajax live search facility. This tool lets users directly type in their inquiry in the search bar. From there, relevant results and topic suggestions are automatically sorted and displayed on the screen. This tool makes it more convenient for users to acquire immediate responses. 

The community forum is one feature unique to this theme. You can post your inquiries to the forum and let other users share their expertise and experiences regarding the topic. This section is a great avenue to gather diversified information based on different viewpoints. 

Fun fact: A live search function is proven to minimize support ticket submissions by up to 80%.


Edumy is a multi-concept moodle theme for all kinds of course niches. This open-source LMS has over 100 drag-and-drop blocks and elements to customize your website layout. Moreover, its exclusive Cocoon live customizer function allows real-time effect on editing.

Key FeaturesPowered by Moodle plugin
Supported by Cocoon live customizer
Built-in course filter function
Edumy focus mode
Cross-browser compatibility
No. of Times Sold4,497 sales
Review Stars4.59 out of 5 stars

The theme comes with a built-in course filter function. This tool lets the users quickly sort through different programs available in the system. It can include both free and paid courses.

Fun fact: Edumy features an all-new focus mode to enable students to focus entirely on the lessons without any distractions. 

Clever Course

Clever Course is a multi-purpose LMS theme for creating and selling various courses. It is super fast and easy to create and get your website up and running in no time. The page builder shortcut button lets you install and customize the details using various pre-made templates.

Key FeaturesPage builder shortcut button
Caters to online and onsite courses
Multiple payment options
No. of Times Sold3,796 sales
Review Stars4.11 out of 5 stars

The theme aims to cater to both online and onsite courses. Hence, it is ideal for schools and training centers with an actual physical structure. But also would want to offer the convenience and practicality of virtual learning.  

Fun fact: Clever Course accepts multiple payment gateways, Paypal, Stripe, Paymill, Authorized.net, CloudPayments.eu, and others.


Kingster is an online LMS theme for schools, colleges, and universities. The theme allows various learning facilities to expand their provision of high-quality education through a digital platform. In addition, the theme supports the GoodLayers plugin to help build and customize the perfect e-learning website.

Key FeaturesPowered by GoodLayers plugin
Supported by WooCommerce plugin
Price table function
Integrated with the Envato Market plugin
Auto update feature
No. of Times Sold3,805 sales
Review Stars4.82 out of 5 stars

Kingster is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, enabling monetization through course selling. In addition, the theme also features a price table function. This tool lets your enrollees choose between different payment plans available for the programs offered.

Fun fact: Kingster’s integration with the Envato Market plugin lets the theme get automatic updates with just a single click.


Can I use WordPress as an LMS?

YES! WordPress is a very versatile content management system on its own. But, you can quickly transform it into a powerful learning management system, or LMS, by integrating it with the right plugins. These are the tools that will allow you to create and publish online lessons, class subscriptions, monitor and evaluate student progress, and more. 

What to look for in an online course WordPress theme?

Plugin Integration

Plugins allow you to add or extend the functionality of your website. These software applications can be sorted and configured to fit your requirements. For example, a learning management system or LMS is vital in an online course site. You might also need plugins for page builders, e-commerce, sliders, contact forms, etc.

Customization Options

The more flexible the theme is, the better advantage it is for you. This feature allows you to customize every detail according to your needs and demands. From layout to color schemes, headers, footers, etcetera, you can tweak them exactly how you want them to be. It generally lets you create a website that best suits your expectations.

Responsive Design

There needs to be more than a beautiful website. It should be equally responsive to achieve optimum user experience. So, whether your clients use a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they can still enjoy the same interface. The theme must be capable of adjusting and fitting any screen size. No disruption in the layout or content. 

Multi-lingual & RTL Support

Unless you want your courses to be exclusive to a specific group, choose a theme that also supports other languages. Similarly, it should be able to read RTL or right-to-left language orientations like in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and more. These functionalities will give you the diversity to adapt to different cultures and users. Thus, enabling you to widen your market and audience reach much better.


An SEO-optimized theme will enable you to rank better in searches. This result will allow you to gain more traffic to your website. Thus, eventually leading to conversion.

Aftersales Support

Like any other product, looking for a theme with a solid support team is always ideal. If in case you encounter issues at any point, you know you have someone to assist you with the troubleshooting. 


Of the 15 we mentioned in the list, the WPLMS theme is our best bet for online courses. This theme gives you many advanced features to accommodate versatility and superior functionality. Moreover, it conforms to the needs of modern times, thus allowing better access to online learning platforms, which your website aims to provide after all.

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