​​Is Notion Good for SEO? YES, Here is Why

​Although Notion is a fantastic and versatile project management tool that speeds up your SEO projects and keeps your clients happier, we do not suggest you run a website on it.

Simply, there are better options to build a website and make it rank on Google. This is why WordPress has been killing it as a CMS and website builder.

On the other hand, there are countless benefits to using Notion for SEO, and we will go over the effectiveness of this free tool!

Trust me. You can’t go back once you go on Notion!

Can I use Notion as a website?

You can build and publish Notion pages as a website and get it indexed on search engines like Google. 

However, it is difficult for many SEO specialists and experts because you need more control over the meta description and indexing than you would on a regular WordPress website.

You can still create headings, internal links, and custom domains with Notion! However, here are the things that are lacking…

Notion is a powerful productivity tool that lets users create content, including web pages. However, while Notion can generate web pages, it is not explicitly designed as an SEO platform.

Notion Free and Pro Plans

The Notion app is free on desktop, tablet, and mobile. If you want to get started with Notion, you don’t need to break the bank.

Notion is free.

This is why it is so powerful to get started! You can test and create systems for yourself and see how to build pages, use Notion AI, set up reminders by yourself, and implement all these features in your Notion Team Plan.

Even the team plan does not cost much! While other apps could charge you hundreds 

Here are the things you can use Notion for and publish as a website:

1. Use headings to structure your content: Use H1, H2, and H3 headings to structure your content and make it easier to read. This can help search engines better understand the content and improve the page’s SEO.

2. Use internal links: Linking to other relevant pages within your Notion workspace can help search engines better understand the structure of your content.

4. Share your page: Sharing your Notion page on social media or other websites can help increase its visibility and improve its SEO.

5. Use descriptive and relevant page titles: Your page title should accurately reflect the page’s content and include relevant keywords.

Notion Website Builder

Notion offers a website builder feature that allows users to create and publish websites directly from their Notion workspace. This feature is available on paid plans (Personal Pro, Team, and Enterprise) and is not included in the free plan.

Here are some of the key differences between the Notion website builder on the paid plans and the free plan:

Custom domain: With the paid plans, you can use your own custom domain name (e.g., yourdomain.com) for your Notion website, while the free plan only allows you to use a subdomain under Notion.site.

More advanced design options: The paid plans offer more advanced design options for customizing your website, such as the ability to add custom CSS, use different fonts and colors, and more.

More control over content and access: With the paid plans, you can control who has access to your website and restrict access to certain pages or sections. You can also use Notion’s built-in permissions system to control who can edit or view your website.

More pages and storage:

The paid plans offer more pages and storage for your website, allowing you to create more extensive and complex websites.

Overall, the paid plans offer more features and control over your Notion website, making it a more robust option for users who need to create professional-looking websites. 

However, the free plan can still be a good option for simple websites or personal projects.

Is Notion SEO friendly?

Notion is not the best platform for search engine optimization. However, the Notion website builder is a fantastic option for building portfolios and databases and sharing online resources with others.

Since Notion was initially built as a project management and productivity platform, being a website builder is not the best. Therefore, search engine optimization specialists and experts should stick with reliable website builders or CMS.

Thus, Notion is only significant for SEO if you run and manage SEO projects through the platform.

However, if you are looking to build e-commerce or affiliate websites or would stay away from using Notion because dozens of other website builders are made for better performance, such as WordPress or Wix

Use Notion To Manage SEO Projects, Not To Build a Website

Notion is not a website builder but can be a helpful tool for managing SEO projects.

Notion offers a flexible database structure, customizable views, and collaboration features to keep track of tasks, keywords, and backlinks.

However, other platforms may be more suitable for building complex websites such as WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix. 

So, let’s dive deeper into how Notion could save all your SEO work and make it seamlessly easy for everyone on your team!

Manage SEO Tasks on Notion

You are managing a couple of writers, editors, and junior SEOs to keep your projects going. While Notion is not the best website builder, you can use Notion Team Plan to create effective workflows and SOPs and collect resources for your team.

Here are the following ways you can speed up SEO using Notion:

●  Organize SEO Tasks in Notion

●  Creating a task database in Notion

●  Adding columns for task status, due dates, and priority level

●  Categorizing tasks by type of SEO work (e.g. on-page optimization, off-page optimization, keyword research)

Collaborating on SEO Projects in Notion

Notion is unique because you can use it on any device, and your team can get notified on any new topic or task you assign.

Team members can leave, resolve, and react to comments, assign tasks, and send page links to each other.

Here are the common ways to use Notion for teamwork:

●  Inviting team members to the Notion workspace

●  Assigning tasks to team members

●  Using comments and tags to communicate tasks

Writing with Notion AI

A brand new feature of Notion is Notion AI. You can create article outlines and ask AI to paraphrase or write content for you!

Can you imagine planning, managing, and creating content from one platform?! Yes, you can!

Notion AI saves time and energy from you and your team from bouncing back and forth between different tools to get one piece of content done.

With Notion AI, you can grammar-check your writing and give it endless writing prompts!

Since ChatGPT took over and changed SEO forever, Notion could be the tool SEO agencies and companies will use for AI content.

We love Notion AI and now use it to help WPHub’s YouTube channel and create descriptions for videos and catchy titles.

Tracking SEO Progress in Notion

Notion is pretty much like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets on steroids. You can track, filter, and sort data and get a simple view of your sites’ performance!

Did you move keywords? Did your client’s page move positions on SERP? You can visualize it!

Here are the common ways to track SEO tasks with Notion:

●  Using Notion’s database filtering and sorting options to track progress

●  Creating visualizations to show progress over time (e.g., Gantt chart or Kanban board)

●  Collect Keywords and build your own keyword difficulty framework

Keep track of upcoming deadlines and milestones

Keeping track of upcoming deadlines and milestones is essential for managers in SEO because SEO campaigns often involve many tasks that need to be completed.

Missing a deadline or milestone can cause delays or even the failure of an entire campaign!

Additionally, keeping track of deadlines and milestones can help managers ensure that their team is working efficiently and that everyone is on the same page. 

Notion can help identify potential bottlenecks or areas where additional resources may be needed to keep the project on track.

With Notion, you can set up notifications for writers and team leads to get reminded about tasks and responsibilities in advance!

They can view their tasks in Calendar view and see when tasks are due like a regular digital Calendar or switch back to their original progress view.

Storing SEO Resources in Notion

Our SEO company also created a library of standard operating systems (SOPs) so every new member of the SEO team can catch up and quickly get on their tasks without us doing much of the work.

We found it so trivial to build, and it took us less than 30 minutes to put each SOP together. So here is what our training library looks like on Notion:

Here are common ways to use Notion for SOPs:

●  Creating a library of resources

●  SEO Templates: keyword research templates, link-building checklists, SEO best practices)

●  Using Notion’s built-in templates to create new SEO resources quickly

Takeaway: Notion For SEO and Productivity

Notion is a powerful productivity tool that can be useful for SEO teams. Its flexible database structure, customizable views, and collaboration features make it easy to keep track of tasks, keywords, and backlinks and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

However, while Notion can create simple websites, it is not explicitly designed as a website builder and may not have all the features and functionality needed to build complex sites. 

While Notion can be an excellent tool for managing SEO projects, other platforms may be more suitable for building websites.

We recommend your team jump on Notion Team Plan and give it a go!

Ani Hoang
Ani Hoang

Ani has been managing WordPress websites and optimizing different affiliate sites. She is also passionate about digital marketing and branding. She joined WPHub to plan and execute the backend operations to support your experience on our site.

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