10 Best CBD WordPress Themes For Your Online Store

The CBD industry is booming day by day. There are definitely no signs of it faltering as people learn to explore more alternative medical options. As the business grows, it is only logical for CBD entrepreneurs to expand their reach to cater to the demands. Undoubtedly, e-commerce is the most practical and efficient solution for this.

Nevertheless, you need to find a suitable WordPress theme to make your online shop prosper. More than just the appearance, the theme is significant in defining your brand. In addition, it will also provide you with the useful features you would need to run a competitive e-commerce website. 

Sound complicated?
Not really, if you consider these 10 CBD WordPress themes we have gathered herein. These themes have the right balance of form and function to help you build a thriving online business. Guaranteed, they are fast and easy to install, so you do not need to be a tech geek to have your website up and running.

Summary Table

Name of the ThemePriceReview
Calmes$695.00 / 5.00
JointUp$564.60 / 5.00
Indicana$594.93 / 5.00
Cannamed$644.88 / 5.00
Salient$604.81 / 5.00
Medibuds$394.33 / 5.00
Holy Weed$39
GreenGrow$794.60 / 5.00
Medactive$494.50 / 5.00

Our Top 10 CBD WordPress Theme Picks


Calmes is a WordPress theme designed especially for building a web-based dispensary for medical marijuana and CBD oils.  Its integration with the WooCommerce plugin also allows you to sell recreational medicines, edibles, and other cannabis-driven products. Moreover, you can also use this platform to spread awareness and share medical studies and resources through the theme’s blog page. 

Key FeaturesSupported by the Elementor page builder 
Easy color customization
Extensive browser compatibility
No. of Times Sold859 sales

The theme is compatible with the Elementor plugin. This drag-and-drop page builder allows you to easily layout and design your website in every way you can imagine. Take advantage of the pre-made templates and pages for a fast and hassle-free setup.

Fun fact: Aside from Elementor, Calmes is also compatible with the Unyson framework. This plugin comes with numerous built-in extensions for fast and easy website development. 

Apart from the design, browser compatibility is also a major factor. The Calmes theme is adaptable to popular modern web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge. This feature ensures a quality user experience no matter what browser or device your visitors are using.  


The Joint Up theme is crafted especially for the e-commerce of medical and recreational marijuana products. It is fully equipped with the WooCommerce plugin. Thus, allowing the legal dispense of cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and accessories via an online shop.

The theme is supported by the WPBakery plugin. This drag-and-drop page builder lets you create unlimited layout options and customizations. There are also plenty of elements you can use to create the perfect web store. 

Key FeaturesSupported by the WPBakery plugin
Multi-level menu
Inclusive of logo and favicon features
Compatible with modern web browsers
No. of Times Sold322 sales

Give your website a unique identity using a custom logo and favicon. The theme allows you to create and design trademark graphics for your brand. In addition, you can also use this image to represent the site’s favicon or “favorite icon”. This logo or favicon will usually show up in URL bars and tabs. Hence, making it easier to identify and bookmark your website.

Fun fact: Joint Up is fully responsive to any device. Moreover, it is also compatible to operate on different browsers. So, your website would still work and look great regardless if you are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. 

Joint Up’s zoom animation effect will help visitors get a closer look at the details of the product. You can isolate the photo and click on the specific area where zooming is needed. You can also drag the zoomed image to get a better view. 


The Indicana theme is created to cater to websites for medical marijuana dispensaries, clinics, and shops. The theme is integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. This tool enables it to sell marijuana rolls, concentrates, hemp, CBD/CBN oils, recreational medicines, bongs, and more.

The theme is equipped with the WPBakery premium plugin. This page builder allows you to create the layout and customize the pages according to your preferences. There are also plenty of additional elements and shortcodes you can use to further personalize the functionalities.

Key FeaturesSupported by the WPBakery plugin
Integrated with Bootstrap 3 grid system
Parallax effect feature
Social icon and sharing function
No. of Times Sold1,200 sales

Indicana is integrated with the Bootstrap 3 grid system. This feature uses a series of rows, columns, and containers to create a perfectly aligned content layout. Thus, enabling your website to become more fluid and responsive.

The theme also comes with a parallax effect feature. This function creates a slower transition or movement of the background than the foreground image. Hence, giving your graphic content more depth and creative drama. 

Fun fact: Indicana is integrated with social icons and sharing functions. This feature lets visitors share your content or product link to various social media platforms. 


Cannamed takes pride in using its own intuitive in-house page builder. This feature puts it at a better advantage to create a fast-loading and powerful website with endless options available. It also allows you to work into the details using the live mode, the visual mode, or the block mode. 

Key FeaturesPowerful in-house page builder
Pre-made demo templates and pages
Fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin
No. of Times Sold801 sales

There are even pre-built websites that you can readily install using the one-click demo importer. Moreover, pre-made inner pages are also available to help you kickstart your site quicker and easier. You can use, reuse, and sync many different blocks and elements throughout the pages to maintain consistency.

The Cannamed also easily allows you to turn your CBD shop global. The theme is WPML-ready giving it the ability to be a multi-lingual website. In addition, it is also supported by a GDPR tool in compliance with the data privacy of visitors. 

Fun fact: Cannamed offers free lifetime updates as the theme continues to develop and improve.


Salient is actually a non-specific multi-purpose WooCommerce theme. That said, it can be used to create a web store for any niche, including CBD oils and other cannabis-derived products. The great thing about using a multi-functional template is that it gives all the versatility you need to build up and refine your website. 

Key FeaturesSupported by the WPBakery page builder
Extensive library of templates and elements
Integrated with Lottie animation plugin
More than 1,400 typography options
Free lifetime theme updates
No. of Times Sold138,973 sales

The theme’s front and backend development is supported by the WPBakery page builder. Its one-click demo importer plugin lets you quickly install pre-built demos in just a few minutes. In addition, Salient also features a vast library of pre-built templates and premium elements ready to be customized at your disposal. 

Salient’s integration with the Lottie plugin lets you easily add dynamic elements to your content. This feature allows you to tap into an extensive library of usable animations. Better yet, you can also opt to create your own to make it more unique and on-point. 

Fun fact: There are over 1,400 Google fonts to choose from if you rather wish to keep your website clean and minimalist.


Medibuds is one of the go-to themes for any medicinal and recreational cannabis business. Its clean and modern design is ideal for making your CBD products stand out. The theme is supported by the WPBakery Visual Composer. Thus, building web pages becomes relatively easy, with or without coding knowledge.

Key FeaturesSupported by WPBakery Visual Composer
Built with Twitter Bootstrap framework
Essentlal grid plugin
Membership program
Monthly newsletter feature
No. of Times Sold306 sales

The theme is built with Twitter Bootstrap. This open-source framework is a complete kit vital for front-end web development. It comes with different shortcodes you can use to easily add fully responsive visuals to your site.

Medibuds feature an essential grid function. This plugin enables you to create unique galleries for various media formats. You can use this tool to highlight photos, videos, and even audio playlists to best showcase your products. 

Medibuds also offers a membership program for its recurring customers. This feature provides the members with additional discounts and other service perks. Thus, building better customer relationships and loyalty.

Fun fact: You can implement a monthly newsletter subscription in the Medibuds theme. This program ensures your customers are regularly updated with the latest news and promotions.

Holy Weed

Holy Weed is crafted to best serve as a medical marijuana website template. But unlike others in the list, this e-commerce theme is designed to operate under Shopify. Thus, building an online store using this platform makes it far more simple and hassle-free

The theme features a Quickview functionality. This tool allows you to display and highlight key information. It can well include the product name, image, price, quantity, and more. 

Key FeaturesPowered by Shopify
Supported by Shopify Visual Builder
Quickview feature
Compare Product tool
Call-to-Action pop-ups
No. of Times Sold244 sales

The Compare Product feature is another tool worth having in an online shop. As you may know, cannabis comes in a wide range of varieties. Hence, it would be a great tool to help your customers compare different items side by side.

Holy Weed recently added the Call-to-Action pop-up feature. This tool lets you display user activities, like “Just Bought” notifications on the pages. This strategy is excellent for boosting customer engagement and sales conversion

Fun fact: Holy Weed is compatible with the Hura FB messenger plugin. This feature allows you to integrate the Facebook chat messenger system into your website.


The Green Grow theme best caters to cannabis companies and online marijuana shops. This theme aims to showcase your products to help you grow your business. It features three demos that can be used specifically for medical marijuana, hemp products, and cannabis store niches. Moreover, its integration with the WPBakery plugin will help you create your desired layout fast and easily.

There are also a vast collection of shortcodes you can use to enhance the appearance and functionality of the website. Shortcodes for product lists, category lists, and pricing tables are a few examples that can help organize your products. In addition, there are also shortcodes for improving the user-friendliness of the site, like working hours, video buttons, Google maps, and more.  

Key FeaturesSupported by WPBakery page builder
Large collection of shortcodes
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin
Product filter function
Social media widgets
No. of Times Sold351 sales

The e-commerce pages are equipped with essential elements for building a thriving online shop. Green grow is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Thus, easily allowing you to add features like quick view and wishlists. You can also incorporate color and label variations to make it stand out more.

A product filter feature can also be added to the shop page to improve the customer shopping experience. This tool lets users sort products by popularity, average rating, pricing, and the latest. The price filter can also be preset to a preferred range according to the buyer’s budget.

Fun fact: Green Grow is integrated with social widgets that will easily allow you to share your product links and blog posts to various social media platforms.


Medactive is designed to be an all-in-one theme for creating a medical marijuana website. It is supported by the Unyson framework plugin. This drag-and-drop page builder is equipped with plenty of built-in extensions to help create custom pages and posts. In addition, the live customizer allows real-time application of editing.

The theme is also built with the Bootstrap grid system. You can use these series of rows, columns, and containers to create the perfect layout and alignment for your content. Moreover, this also allows it to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. So, your pages will look fantastic whether you use a desktop, tablet, or smartphone device.

Key FeaturesSupported by Unyson framework
Features live theme customizer
Integrated with Bootstrap grid system
Fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin
No. of Times Sold325 sales

The WooCommerce plugin is also integrated into the theme to turn the website into a competitive e-commerce platform. You can use a wide array of elements in this tool to improve your product presentation. For example, the product filter and drop-down option allow your buyers to refine their item selection quickly. 

Fun fact: Mediactive’s accordion block feature lets you create a header with collapsible content to keep multiple sections more organized. This tool is popularly used for FAQs, Q&As, and more. 

Medactive features a team extension tool. This functionality allows you to present your professional team to your customers. Doing so establishes trust and confidence in your brand and products.

Medactive is compatible with the Snazzy Maps plugin. This map repository tool lets you post the detailed direction for your physical store’s location. Unlike other themes, this tool allows you to switch between the standard Google map design and the satellite view. 


As the name implies, Medijuana is an e-commerce theme made for the medical marijuana niche. This modern and stylish store template is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. The theme is actually multi-purpose so you can also use it as a news and educational resource platform too.

Key FeaturesSupported by Elementor page builder
Pre-made homepage layouts
Integrated with WooCommerce plugin
Mega menu feature
Over 100 Elementor widgets
No. of Times Sold195 sales

Customization in all levels comes easily with its compatibility with the Elementor page builder. This drag-and-drop visual editor enables you to create and edit various pages and elements. Even more convenient, use the theme’s ready-to-install skins and layouts. 

In addition, Elementor also enables you to construct a mega menu function. This feature ensures that all the pages are included in the menu list. Thus, making the navigability of the website more extensive and convenient.

Medijuana also comes with more than 100 premium Elementor widgets. Essential tools like post sliders, grids, and carousels help to advance the functionality of your pages. Not to mention, they also give your content a more interesting appeal and presentation.

Fun fact: Medijuana features a designated license page to allow the posting of various certifications and licenses. This section establishes the credibility of your business in conducting the cannabis trade.


Does WordPress allow cannabis?

Yes! WordPress allows the selling of CBD oil and other cannabis-derived products through WooCommerce. Provided, however, that the plugin is directly downloaded from WordPress.ORG or via its dedicated plugin page

The WooCommerce plugin from WordPress.org is considered open-source software. At the same time, it is hosted via a third-party entity. Nonetheless, payment and shipping companies may still impose additional regulations though.

What are the key features of a CBD website?

  1. Age Verification

CBD is a legally regulated product. By law, you must be at least 18 years old or 21 in some cases to be considered of legal age. Hence, sellers are mandated to validate first their consumer’s age before proceeding with the sales transaction.

That is why an age verification tool is essential to a CBD website. It can be a simple plugin that will ask for the user’s birth year or full birth date to verify access to your website. 

  1. Screen Responsiveness

The foundation of any good theme is its responsiveness to various devices. It should be able to adjust to different screen sizes, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. In addition, its ability to maintain a clear and sharp resolution without image distortions will define the website’s user experience. 

  1. Media Content

For any e-commerce, photos and videos are crucial in showcasing your products. The theme must be able to support high-quality media files to make it more presentable and appealing to your buyers. 

  1. Product Reviews & Testimonials

It would be a significant advantage if the theme can incorporate user-generated reviews and testimonials. Actual feedback from real consumers will help build the credibility of your product. 

  1. Blogging Feature

A theme with a dedicated blog page is an excellent platform for you to spread awareness and share scientific articles and research updates. This feature provides support and serves as a basis for your product claims. The more solid the blogs are, the easier it is for your clients to trust your products. 


Out of the 10, the Calmes theme is our favorite. This WordPress theme is crafted especially for the e-commerce of medical cannabis and related products. It is equipped with all the essential functions and elements you would likely need to operate a specialized online shop.

Design-wise, the theme is pleasantly simple but very complementary to the niche of the product. Nevertheless, you can quickly spruce up the pre-built layouts and pages included in the theme. Thanks to its powerful page builders, customization is possible in any way you can imagine.

In terms of the cost, Calmes is reasonably priced at $69 for a regular license. It is not the cheapest, but not crazily expensive too. The quality and performance, though, can well justify the price. After all, it won’t be getting a perfect 5-star rating at ThemeForest.net if the theme is not as excellent as it claims to deliver. Right?

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