5 Best Image Gallery Plugins for WordPress

There is a bewildering amount of WordPress image gallery plugins available. Even if you conduct a Google search, you will still see a lengthy list without any direction. Everybody’s circumstances may vary;

To help you create the most beautiful gallery on your website without having to go through the hassle of picking the best one, we examined five of the most effective image gallery plugins for you.

1. Modula

Modula is a highly user-friendly and mobile-responsive WordPress gallery plug-in from macho themes that is perfect for beginners.

Modula allows for remarkable output regardless of prior experience with content creation due to its vast selection of excellent photo and video galleries, as well as versatile customization possibilities.

Modula also includes watermark extensions which allow you to protect your images from people stealing your work.

Benefits of Modula:

  • Users can go to social in the plug-in.
  • Enables the social bar.
  • Users can choose the social media links that the user would
    like to add inside the plug-in, including the users’ email.
  • It has a simple setup with essential features for a photo gallery.
  • The pricing is the most reasonable.


There is a free version of Modula available (Modula Lite)

Starter- $39 per year(1 site and 1 year of regular support)

Trio- $69 per year(3 sites and 1 year of prioritized support)

Business- $99 per year(5 sites and 1 year of prioritized support)

2. NextGen Gallery

With numerous gallery layouts currently included, and a fantastic lightbox gallery,

NextGen Gallery is among the most potent WordPress gallery plugins yet created along with its multitude of Pro gallery additions that enhance it even further.

Benefits of Nextgen:

  • Perfect for visual websites or sites relying mainly on images.
  • Among the most popular gallery plugins.
  • Includes image protection and watermarks.
  • NextGen’s special feature is that they can install a built-in eCommerce feature to let the users pick and choose and buy your images or digital products.
  • Comes with a free version.
  • Recommended for digital entrepreneurs or businesses that sell digital prints, downloadables, etc.


Starter- 49$ per year( 1 site, 1 year of standard support)

Plus- 79$ per year( 3 sites, 1 year of standard support)

Pro- 109$ per year(5 sites, 1 year of premium support)

Lifetime- 279$ once off( Unlimited sites, Multisite premium support)

3. Foo Gallery

When you require more customization and faster gallery management for your site, Foo Gallery is an excellent option. It works fantastically for simple galleries.

Benefits of Foo Gallery:

  • Foo Gallery is a great plugin for a beginner.
  • Foo Gallery has a freemium plan so users can get the hang of it.
  • Foo gallery is an easy-to-use plug-in with stunning gallery layouts and a focus on speed and SEO, so images can be found by new users easily.
  • The pricing starts at a premium level and is competitive with basic plans.
  • Unique pricing: Users receive different pricing options based on how many websites the user has, what the user’s goal is, and how long the user wants to pay.
  • Foo Gallery allows users’ images to load quickly.
  •  Foo Gallery is great to stock if users are running a site that sells images and printable digital products.


Personal – free version( basic features, software updates)

Pro Starter – 29.99$ per year(Pro Starter features, Priority support, and software updates)

Pro Expert – 59.99$ per year(Pro Expert Features, Priority support, and software updates)

Pro Commerce – 99.99$ per year(Pro Commerce Features, Priority Support, and Software updates)

4.  ENVIRA Gallery

Envira is well-optimized for server and web performance because they recognize how crucial speed is for conversion and SEO.

Benefits of Envira Image Gallery:

  • If Customers prefer effectiveness over highly aesthetic gallery looks, you should install the ENVIRA Gallery plugin.
  •  Envira gallery is designed to be a super simple and quick gallery in WordPress.
  • Customers can choose to add some social sharing icons such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
  • The basic pricing competes with a usual photo gallery, but the features are more limited and do not include a freemium.
  • Overall, this is great for agencies, especially when managing multiple sites.


Basic – 26$ per year( 1 site and 1 year of support)

Plus – 62$ per year( 3 sites and 1 year of support)

Pro – 89$ per year( 5 sites and priority support)

Lifetime – 269$ once off( Unlimited sites and WordPress Multisite support) 

5. Photo Gallery by 10Web

For the most demanding photographers, graphic artists, and imaging specialists, Photo Gallery is a top plugin option. It can also be easily customized and extended by programmers or independent contractors.


Photo gallery by 10web benefits:

  • The photo gallery is beginner-friendly and both premium and pro plans include 15 lightbox effects to create unique transitions between images as you wish.
  • The most popular views are mosaic and grid view and the plugin has recently been updated to be SEO friendly, making a site a lot easier to find on Google by new people.
  • The plugin is great for setting up simple but beautiful slideshows, galleries, and portfolios for beginners and newbies. 
  • The free version also allows the user to add watermarks to their images and add advertising features, which is a great way to promote their work if they are a content creator. 
  •  Before purchasing the premium version, the user can try the free version first.


Free version( online security updates and support on public forums)

Basic – 30$ per year( 6 months  access to updates and premium email support)

Pro – 60$ per year( 6 months access to updates and premium email support)


While the other plug-ins are close competitors, there can only be one. Modula is the best one by far and would be our 100% recommendation as the best plug-in to use for your WordPress. If you would like to try the others, that’s fine, but if you want the best bang for your buck, Modula is the way to go.

Thulisa Sigwabe
Thulisa Sigwabe

Thulisa is our Content Marketer and Creator here at WPHub. She creates WordPress tutorials and reviews popular plugins and tools to help you build and monetize your website faster.

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