Hi and welcome to WP Hub. My name is Thulisa, and I’m a WordPress content creator. Today I’ll walk you through how you can add a new page on WordPress and how you can add it to the navigation menu so your users can find your content much more easily and quickly.

Before we do anything else, this is typically where you add the contact or about information to your home page.

Installing the classic editor plugin will make your site much nicer and cleaner.

You select “plugins” under “plugin.”

Put in a new plugin.

If you can’t find yours, use the search bar to look for “classic editor,” and you’ll find it right here, where my classic editor is located. 

You then click “install” to proceed.

After installation, simply hit “activate” to make your classic editor operational.

Click on pages to install a page.

You can add a new page and see that the classic editor gives you access to your title section.

And your body section 

So this is where you can add your title

Just add title here

And this is where the body goes

And then if you’d like to add an image, all you do is click on the set featured image

You select your file, and you choose any image you would like

Just say open, and on your right-hand side you can write to alt text describing what the image is about 

You may add a title to the image, a caption a description, and then when you’re done, you just say set featured image

If you scroll down, you’ll see that your featured image is right over here, and if you’d like to see it, just click on the preview

And you’ll see that your feature image is added over here

now, if you’re happy with that, just click on to publish

The next thing you do for your page to show up on your homepage, you will need to add the page in your nav menu 

To do that you go to appearance menus, and then you say create a new menu

We can name this new menu page, for example, and then we go to create a new menu

After that, we click on the page that we want we add to menu. We say bulk selects

you tick on the page

You go to the primary menu as your display location, and then you save the menu

Now when you go to your site, you should see your navigation menu

You click onto it, and it will lead you to the page that’s over here, and the page navigation for your new page is there 

That’s all for this video I hope you found it useful

For more tips on WordPress check out wphub.com, and if you want to learn how to schedule your pages on your WordPress to check out my previous video

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