How to add affiliate disclosure on WordPress | With Examples + FREE Template

This is crucial for your website, especially if you are a  beginner at affiliate marketing and webpage revenue. You’ll discover how to install a WordPress affiliate disclaimer page! Your affiliate registration can be banned without this page and with relatively easy methods! Never overlook an affiliate disclaimer if you want to increase your income from affiliate commissions.

What is an affiliate disclaimer?

A notice on your blog or website informing visitors that you receive payment from businesses for promoting, reviewing, or endorsing their goods or services is known as an affiliate declaration, also known as an affiliate link disclosure or advertising disclaimer.

What should your affiliate disclaimer contain?

The affiliate disclaimer varies from site to site, but fundamentally a concise affiliate disclaimer tells the reader what affiliate network you are a member of, that you make money from affiliate commissions, and last, that you conduct frank and open product reviews.

Example of Affiliate Disclosure:

Short version:

This post may contain affiliate links which means we may receive a commission for purchases made through links. Read more on our Privacy Policy.

Full Affiliate Disclosure Template:

** FREE AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER TEMPLATE ** (Link to Privacy Policy Page)

[Name of the website] is a participant in the [Amazon Services LLC Associates] Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to []. As Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

These affiliate links do not increase the final prices of the actual product or services that you purchased. At [name of the website], our editors only review products and services that are trustworthy and believe can bring benefit to you. Thus, we do not take extra compensation for product reviews. We greatly appreciate it when you choose to use our links to buy products and we aim to be upfront about the products we receive compensation for! From time to time we also publish advertorials (paid-for editorial content) and sponsored content on the site. When this is the case the content is clearly marked as sponsored or promoted.

How to add an affiliate disclosure on WordPress:

Step 1: Pages > Add New

We first go to pages, go to add a new page, and in the “add title” bar you type “Affiliate Disclaimer”.

Step 2: Copy Template > Publish

Now you add your written affiliate disclaimer in the description box. Now save it as a draft.

Use WP Affiliate Disclosure plug-in

Step 1: Plugins > Add New

Go to plug-ins and click on the “add new” button

Step 2: Install WP Affiliate Disclosure

Go to the search bar and search “WP Affiliate Disclosure”

Hover over the one we choose and click” Install”
Once the installation is done click on “activate”

Step 3: Copy Affiliate Disclaimer Template

Go to your sidebar, go to the newly added WP Affiliate Disclosure button and click on it, once you do that, click on the lets get started button. Now copy your affiliate disclaimer that you have written and paste it into the description box

Make sure you link your Affiliate disclosure on the “Privacy Policy” text

Step 4: Display Affiliate Disclosure

Click on the “next button and it will ask you where you want to Display your disclosure statement:

“Before Post content” or “After Disclosure Statement”

This can be your choice but we prefer “ Before your post”

How to Display Affiliate Disclaimer on Selected Posts:

You now have 3 options, “show on all”

“Only show on selected taxonomies” or “only show on selected posts”

We prefer “only on selected posts”

Step 6: Edit URL > Save Changes

Now when you want to add the disclosure on your posts, find out your URL post ID

For example, ours is 123 AND 128

This is how it will look like:

Scroll down and click on save changes.

Pro Tip: If you want to increase the likelihood of someone clicking your affiliate links, you should get any of the best WordPress themes for affiliate websites! When you install a compatible theme, you can follow and apply the tutorial above and create the perfect review page.


I sincerely hope you enjoyed this brief instruction. Now that you know how to add affiliate disclosure to your posts, be sure you know how to add Amazon images for your product review pages without slowing down your WordPress site. Learn more about embedding Amazon images to affiliate articles in our previous article.

Thulisa Sigwabe
Thulisa Sigwabe

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