Images are an incredibly important part of blogging. They enhance blog posts by brightening up articles or breaking up long pieces of content to make it easier for readers to digest the information.

Since Post Thumbnails were introduced to WordPress 2 years ago images have been even more common place on WordPress powered websites (on WP Mods we use post thumbnails for displaying an image in archives and in recent post lists).

Matt Cody emailed us yesterday asking if we could write an article which showed the best places to find images for your blog posts, which was the inspiration for today’s post. I will showing you 65 places where you can find images for your blog posts.

Stock Images For WordPress Blogs

Stock image websites offer thousands and sometimes millions of images. The vast majority of stock image services offer royalty-free images and higher quality commercial images. All images, free and premium, usually come with rules for using the image.

For example, some free images are free to use on personal websites but cost money if you are going to use the image on a commercial website. Royalty-free images can cost anything from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars though once you have purchased the image you can use it as many times as you want (i.e. you don’t have to pay a royalty fee every time you use it).

Nearly all images have a restriction where they can’t be used on pornographic or hate websites and can’t be used as part of website logos or trademarks etc.

Just remember to check the terms and conditions of using an image from a stock image service before using it on your website.

1. Stock.Xchng

One of the largest free stock image services on the web with over 350,000 free images available.


2. EveryStockPhoto

A stock image search engine that lists millions of photos from many sources.


3. StockVault

An image resource with over 27,000 free images.


4. FreeRangeStock

A huge collection of high quality images. Photographers are rewarded for giving away their images for free by getting a share of ad revenue.


5. Free Images

A collection of over 6,000 free images.

Free Images

6. Public Domain Photos

Over 5,000 free images which you can use on personal or commercial websites.

Public Domain Photos

7. Photo Laboratory

With close to half a million images currently available and 10,000 more added every month, Photo Laboratory is a great place to search for images for your blog posts.

Photo Laboratory

8. Image After

A large collection of images and textures.

Image After

9. Pixel Perfect Digital

Thousands of photos, illustrations and digital art.

Pixel Perfect Digital

10. Deposit Photos

Millions of royal free and premium stock images. A 7 day free trial exists for premium images with subscription plan costs depending on how long you want the membership for and how many images you want to download per day.

Deposit Photos

11. FreeFoto

A collection of over 130,000 free photographs organised into thousands of categories.


12. Diwiesign Studio

A collection of dirty industrial style images and textures that are free to download.

Diwiesign Studio

13. Photo Rack

Thousands of photos which are free to download.

Photo Rack

14. MorgueFile

A large free public image archive.


15. DreamsTime

A popular service that has over 12 million royalty-free images to choose from.


16. Sweet And Talented

A great resource for photos of celebrities.

Sweet And Talented

17. iStockPhoto

One of the largest stock image resource websites on the web.


18. Stock Free Images

A great free resource that has over a quarter of a million images, royalty-free stock photos and illustrations to choose from.

Stock Free Images

19. RGB Stock

Free graphics, illustrations and photographs for your blog posts.

RGB Stock

20. Geek Philosopher

A collection of digital images that is free for personal and commercial usage.

Geek Philosopher

21. Free Digital Photos

A useful resource that has thousands of free images, icons and backgrounds.

Free Digital Photos

22. Vecteezy

Free and premium vector art, icons, patterns and more.


23. Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos

24. Trip Album

Beautiful photographs from around the world.

Trip Album

25. Jupiter Images

A stock photography service that has over 2.5 million images to choose from.

Jupiter Images

26. Cepolina photo

A free photo archive about travel and nature.

Cepolina photo

27. Stock Fuel

Thousands of quality royalty-free images from as low as $1.

Stock Fuel

28. Free Pixels

A stock image website that offers a few thousand images for free.

Free Pixels

29. Fotolia

Fotlia has around 15 million images in its archives. Images start from only $0.75.


30. Free Image Files

A collection of just over 1,000 random images.

Free Image Files

31. Free Photos Bank

An archive of free images that are split into numerous categories.

Free Photos Bank

32. PhotoEverywhere

Over 3,000 free travel stock images to choose from.


33. Free Stock Photos

A free stock image service that has over 10,000 images to choose from.

Free Stock Photos

34. Public Domain Images

Over 10,000 public domain images that have no copyright.

Public Domain Images

35. Alamy

With over 25 million images to choose from, Alamy claims to be the largest stock image website on the web. Images can be purchased directly so you don’t have to worry about any unused credits that you purchased going to waste.


36. Abstract Influence

A forum with a few thousand stock images to choose from.

Abstract Influence

37. Clip Art

A subscription based service that has over 130,000 professional-quality photos and stock images to choose from.

Clip Art

38. Photo Vaco

Thousands of free photos, vectors and brushes.

Photo Vaco

39. ShutterStock

One of the most commercially successful stock image services on the web, ShutterStock has over 16 million quality images to choose from.


40. Dougit Design

High resolution images, textures, backgrounds and Photoshop PSD files.

Dougit Design

41. FotoSearch

A stock photography website that sells high quality images.


42. Kave Wall

A collection of free images, art and backgrounds.

Kave Wall

43. 123RF

Offering over 10 million royalty-free stock photographs.


44. Pic Findr

A search engine that searches for free stock photography images on the web.

Pic Findr

45. PD Photo

Thousands of public domain images to choose from.

PD Photo

46. Toasto

Free photographs, backgrounds and textures.


47. David Niblack ImageBase

A varied gallery of free images.

David Niblack ImageBase

48. PhotoRee

A useful image search service that lets you filter images by the type of license they were released as.


49. Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures

50. PhotoDune

A new stock image website from Envato that offers images from as as low as one dollar.


51. Photogen

A random collection of free stock images.


52. Nations Illustrated

Free stock images from around the world.

Nations Illustrated

53. Free Artistic Photos

A range of free photographs from photographer Husac Lucian.

Free Artistic Photos

54. OpenPhoto

A large collection of free stock images.


55. Historical Stock Photos

A large collection of historical images that are now available to the public domain for free.

Historical Stock Photos

56. Veer

Royalty-free stock images, fonts and illustrations at competitive prices.


57. Acobox

Free animal and nature related pictures.


58. Unprofound

Lots of free images from a range of photographers.


59. StockLib

Over 11 million royalty-free stock images from as low as $1.


60. YAY Micro

An online marketplace for affordable high quality images.

YAY Micro

61. Corbis Images

Royalty-free images, virtual CDs, illustrations and much more. Corbis also run specialised image resource wesites sucg as the Middle Eastern image service Arabian Eye.

Corbis Images

62. Epictura

Over 11 million royalty-free stock images from only $1.


63. Big Stock Photo

9 million vectors and images available from around $2.99 each.

Big Stock Photo

64. Visco Images

High quality stock images from only $0.80.

Visco Images

65. Getty Images

One of the most well known stock photography services in the world.

Getty Images

66. CreStock

High quality images, vectors and illustrations from only $1.


67. CanStockPhoto

A popular stock image service that has over 5 million photos. Credits start from only $0.40.


68. Glow Images

A premium provider of royalty-free and rights managed images. Over 15 million images to choose from.

Glow Images

69. Stock Illustrations

Thousands of high quality stock illustrations from only $20.

Stock Illustrations

70. ThinkStock

Millions of photos, vectors and illustrations to choose from. You can purchase packs of images for a set number of downloads or choose a monthly or yearly subscription option.


71. Reflex Stock

A stock photography website with over 10 million stock images, vectors and illustrations.

Reflex Stock

72. IzmoStock

One of the largest collections of car stock images on the web.


73. WeatherPix

Right managed image collections that focus on the weather and nature.


74. Aarin

Around 1,000 images that are free to download.


75. Mayang

Over 4,000 free textures and images.


76. PhotoCase

A stock photography website with over 200,000 images. Prices start from around $2 per image.


77. PixMac

A picture market with around 275,000 stock images to choose from. Prices start from around $1 per image and increase in cost depending on the size.


78. Photos

Royalty-free images starting from only $1.99 per single image. There are over 2.6 million images to choose from.


79. PunchStock

A stock photography search engine that searches over 85 stock image services.


80. VivoZoom

A stock photography service that guarantees that all images are legally safe to download. Stock image prices start from only $0.22.


81. PhotoSpin

Over 26 million images to choose from. You can purchase images individually, in a download pack or on a subscription basis.


82. BigFoto

Free images from around the world.


83. Vectorious

14,000+ royalty-free stock vector images which are available through a variety of different membership plans.


84. FeaturePics

Images and clip art from around $1 each.


85. Inmagine

Royalty-free stock image service.


86. Matton Images

Over 1.4 million value and premium images to choose from.

Matton Images

87. TurboPhoto

A large stock image archive that lets you download small and medium image files for free. Higher resolution images cost $9.


88. CSA Images

Beautiful and unique illustrations that will help your posts stand out from the crowd.

CSA Images

89. OceanStockImages

Beautiful photographs from the ocean from Ethan Daniels.


90. Texture King

Free texture stock images for the perfect background image.

Texture King

91. Amazing Textures

A texture resource that offers the first 20mb of downloads for free.

Amazing Textures

Photo Sharing & Image Galleries

The following websites and services contain images that were submitted by members or indexed by a search engine. As such it is prudent to include a credit link for any images that you use from these sources and contact the image owner to ask if they mind you using their image on your blog post.

92. Woophy

Woophy, AKA WOrld Of PHotographY, is a free service that lets users upload their images and art online.


93. Deviant Art

One of the largest online social network for artists, Deviant Art is a great resource for images, backgrounds, textures, patterns and icons.

Deviant Art

94. Google Images

One of the most popular places for bloggers to find images. A good place to find generic images for blog posts though make sure to get permission first if the image is unique.

Google Images

95. ShutterCal

A photo community where members upload one photo a day.


96. Flickr

The most popular photo sharing website on the web is a great place to find unique photos for your blog posts. There is a creative commons section for images that are free to use. Try the WP Flickr and PhotoDropper WordPress plugins for an easier way of inserting photos into your posts and pages.


97. Zooomr

A good resource for random images. The type of license for each image is noted at the side of each post.


98. BuzzNet

Great looking photographs from the BuzzNet community.


99. PhotoRogue

It doesn’t seem to have been updated since the start of the year though I wanted to include this site in this list as it’s a great idea. The premise of PhotoRogue is simple. A member who is looking for a specific type of photo details what they need and community members upload pictures that they think may be appropriate.

If you don’t get a response at PhotoRogue; why not ask your Twitter or Facebook friends for help 🙂


100. Creative Commons Search

A fantastic search option that lets you search creative common friendly images and content from a range of different locations.

Creative Commons Search

Last but not least….

A simple concept that a lot of bloggers have forgot about!

101. Take your own Photos!

If you use the web to source your blog post images regularly, you may forget that one of the best options is to take pictures for your blog posts yourself. Most bloggers have a digital camera at their disposal and certainly have a mobile phone which has a camera feature so you have no excuse. It’s simply a matter of taking a related picture for your blog post and uploading it to your website.

Alternatively, why not create your own unique images using an image program such as Photoshop or Gimp. All you need to do is use one or more stock images and add a great looking font for your image title.

Take your own Photos!

I hope you find this list useful. If you know of any other great places to find images for blog posts, please feel free to share them in the comment area.


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