Online WordPress instructional website Treehouse made waves in the industry last year with its selection of interactive, online courses aimed at the beginner programmer market. With WordPress growing in popularity on a seemingly daily basis, there has been significant growth in the demand for entry level and project head developers who are capable of coding in several languages while boasting a broad personal knowledge base of how to get the most out of one of the world’s most liked open source platforms.

Online instruction on how to program and administer websites is not a new concept. There have been several virtual destinations available to would-be job seekers for years, but Treehouse has gained a solid foothold in the market through its video tutorial library and targeted marketing that adds “job placement” as a major perk for completing the curriculum.

Benefits Of Targeted Online Instruction

In today’s work environment, many young adults have found the need to immediately jump into a job market rather than opt for a drawn-out, expensive four-year university which can often leave students in a pile of debt that takes years to pay off; not to mention the added pressure of beginning your professional career with a large negative balance.

Treehouse Job Placement Campaign

If a WordPress student is highly motivated with a reasonable amount of free time, it is entirely possible for him/her to become proficient in several programming languages with adequate job placement qualification in a matter of months. This fact is not lost on many who are looking for a way to work from home as a remote freelancer instead of being committed to the redundancy of a brick & mortar office atmosphere and hierarchy.

A New Programming Language Each Year

In a January 3rd blog post, representative Randy Hoyt gave some of the reasons why it is so important for WordPress code specialists to continue learning new programming languages.

“When you learning multiple programming languages, you can’t help but compare them: you notice similarities and differences between them. This opens your mind to thinking about programming languages in theory. You start to appreciate the design decisions that the people who develop the programming languages have to make. This gives you a deeper grasp on programming in general, as well as the one programming language you already know,” Hoyt wrote, referring to how it is beneficial to earn a broader understanding of one’s work.

He went on to add that “learning multiple languages gives you confidence when you need to encounter another new language. Let’s say a client wants to hire you to build something on an unfamiliar platform, or your boss asks you to troubleshoot a support issue on code written in a language you’ve never seen. I’ve seen two types of responses to situations like this. Some programmers embrace the challenge, start digging in, and figure it out. Others say that they just can’t do it — or they panic and pass out from fear and anxiety. Routinely learning new programming languages can keep you from the second response.”

Course Requirements And Sign Up

Several companies encourage their employees to routinely take courses with Treehouse, with many of these classes being paid for ahead of time as an incentive plan that can give corporate developers an edge over others who do not maintain a training schedule.

There are two subscription packages available for online courses as Treehouse: Silver and Gold. Each comes with an option to pay a reduced-price yearly fee or a monthly rate. The premium plan includes all the benefits of the silver package plus workshops, feedback on member projects, and interviews – with a price of either $490/year or $49/month. The silver plan offers complete access to the video library, real time practice and Treehouse Group entry on Facebook.

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