Tevolution Plugin By Templatic

Premium WordPress theme company Templatic is changing the way it products are managed through the release of the Tevolution Plugin. Instead of the traditional method of hard coding functionality into each theme, the new WordPress plugin will allow the firm to guarantee perpetual software updates for its members while also ensuring that theme upgrades are performed much more rapidly than before.

Tevolution Plugin Features

According to the official product page, 

“Tevolution is a WordPress plugin that enables advanced functionality in our themes. Some of the features it enables include custom post types, monetization options, custom [and] fields. [The] cool thing about Tevolution is the fact it’s modular, meaning you can turn off the features you do not need. The plugin itself won’t change they way you use the theme very much. Options will be displayed in the WordPress dashboard in much the same way as before. The only extra step you must take is activating the plugin from the Plugins section. Both Tevolution and the theme will be available in the member area.”

Management System For Hotel Bookings

Hotel Booking 2 is the latest Templatic item to utilize the new management system by packaging its booking module as an add-on that complements the theme rather than being hard coded. The switch lets Templatic standardize the reservation process across several themes while leaving the main features to Tevolution.

Custom Post Types On Templatic

Templatic admits that creating a post entailed a difficult process before the new plugin was offered. This was due to the fact that webmasters or developers had to manually re-write code because they couldn’t simply use the WordPress Dashboard to perform the task. Tevolution enables simplified post creation with matching categories and taxonomies immediately.

Price Package Feature on Templatic Plugin Cost

There have also been a number of Price Packages tacked on to the management system that allow unlimited payment plans for submission forms. The packages can be handled per-post or per-submission for customization purposes while also enabling advertisement showcasing via AdSense widgets.

Through Tevolution, WordPress website owners can bulk import/export content and update existing entries as well. Several online payment methods (also known as “gateways”) are included in the plugin along with offline direct bank transfer functionality, plus currency options that cover all exchanges currently in use.

User profile fields serve the purpose of displaying fields within the Registration Form, with Claim Ownership and Advanced Page Templates added to give webmasters more flexibility as to how they incorporate the new modules into their own website.

Templatic Subscription Options

Templatic offers two basic methods of becoming a premium subscriber. The first is to purchase themes on a per-product basis that coincides with full-rights access to downloadable content. Annual Developer and Standard licenses are available for each theme, with the difference marked by layered PSD files and unlimited domain usage. The Full Access membership plan grants precisely that; with a $299 startup fee along with a $9 recurring monthly payment afterwards. Design PSD files and unlimited domain usage are included in the Full Access package.

The Reason For New Management Systems

WordPress theme management systems are becoming increasingly popular as companies seek out innovative ways to provide higher quality support for past and future products. By coding themes to work off of separate plugins, updates can be handled in a more timely fashion and new modules are more easily inserted into all downloads universally instead of individually having to re-write code.

PayPal transfers, MasterCard, Visa and American Express (credit and debit cards) are accepted by Templatic with download links sent directly to the customer’s email address within one hour of payment processing.

To find out more about the themes and plugins available in the Templatic catalog, visit the Templatic Features Page.

Ani Hoang
Ani Hoang

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