SquareGrid WordPress Theme For Portfolio Websites

SquareGrid is one of the most unique portfolio designs I have seen in a while. The design displays all of your portfolio items on the home page in a grid layout. Let’s walk you through how to use this WordPress theme is great to display your creative portfolio.

What makes a good Portfolio website?

Portfolio items can be shown in one small box or span two boxes horizontally or verically. Alternatively, an item can be displayed in a 2×2 square grid or a 3×2 rectangle. Images, audio and videos can be displayed as portfolio items (YouTube and Vimeo are supported).

In most WordPress designs, clicking on the thumbnail takes you to a separate page that displays the image in full. SquareGrid does it differently. When you click on a portfolio item on the grid, all of the squares and rectangles smoothly move around so that the image, audio or video can be shown in full. The same technique is used for displaying pages too.

It’s perhaps a little gimmicky but it works well. Plus, showing off is what you should be doing when you display your portfolio!

SquareGrid Portfolio Items

SquareGrid is responsive so looks great on any resolution and any device. If you resize your browser window when viewing the design on your desktop, all of the items will shuffle around to increase or decrease the number of items shown in a row.

SquareGrid Features

SquareGrid lacks a lot of features (e.g. blog template) that many people would consider important. Due to this, the theme may not be to everyones taste, though I couldn’t help but be impressed by it. A license for SquareGrid retails for only $35 from ThemeForest. I highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for a flashy way of showing off your work.


Link: SquareGrid WordPress Theme

Kevin Muldoon
Kevin Muldoon

Kevin Muldoon is a professional blogger with a love of travel. He writes regularly about topics such as WordPress, Blogging, Productivity, Internet Marketing and Social Media on his personal blog and and provides technical support at Rise Forums. He can also be found on Twitter: @KevinMuldoon

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