Best Micro Job WordPress Themes – Create A Site Like Fiverr

Building a micro job website may not be as easy as 1-2-3. But this challenge becomes more manageable if you have the appropriate WordPress theme to get you through the process. Also, you don’t need complex coding skills. Just a keen eye and a clear vision of what you want and need in a website. 

A micro job theme aims to create a functional multi-vendor platform where freelancers can post their services. All the while providing the clients with a wide selection of services they can easily contract. Such dynamics make it a suitable digital marketplace for both individuals and companies. 

If you still haven’t found a suitable Fiverr-like WordPress theme yet, don’t worry! We will review the 12 best WP themes, especially for the micro job industry. Indeed, these themes are full-packed with functionalities to conform to every demand. Moreover, they are fast, easy to install, responsive, professional-looking, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized.

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micro jobs wordpress themes

Summary Table

Name of the ThemePrice
Pricerr Starts at $89
Micro Jobs Theme$99
TaskerrStarts at $69
MicrojobEngineStarts at $89
FreelanceEngineStarts at $89
JobsterStarts at $98
Job Board$99

Our Top 12 Micro Jobs WordPress Theme Picks


Pricerr is another WordPress theme similar to Fiverr and Taskerr. This theme offers multiple compatibilities with different page builders, including Elementor, WPBakery, Visual Composer, and others. You can use the basic version or take it further with the pro version. The availability of various plugin support allows you to maximize your options to fit your demands best.

The job comparison table is a unique feature of Pricerr. This functionality enables the freelancers to present their different service packages side-by-side. Thus, giving its potential clients a clearer view of the differences.

PriceStarts at $89
Key FeaturesSupports Elementor, WPBakery, Visual Composer, and more
Job comparison feature
Accepts Cryptocurrencies
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin
7-day money-back guarantee

Pricerr is among the few WP themes that accept cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. This feature widens the customer’s payment options. On top of that, the decentralized cryptocurrency system protects merchants or site owners from unauthorized chargebacks.

Fun fact: Pricerr offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re unsatisfied with the theme, you still have the chance to take back your money.


Mayosis is a versatile WordPress theme designed to build a digital marketplace. This theme showcases selling all sorts of digital products and remote freelance services. Both WPBakery and Elementor plugins support page building and customization of the website.

Key FeaturesSupports WPBakery and Elementor page builders
Integrated with free Easy Digital Downloads
Premium EDD extensions can also be added
Compatible with Front End Submission plugin
Free regular updates

The theme is already incorporated with free Easy Digital Download extensions. It includes EDD Sale Price and Auto Register. But the Purchase Rewards extension is most likely the customer’s favorite. This feature enables them to receive a discount code for every purchase. The reward system is effective for encouraging repeat sales and building loyalty.

The theme is also integrated with the Front End Submission plugin. This feature allows users to easily submit posts without accessing the main dashboard. Thus, keeping the site safe and secure.

Fun fact: Mayosis features a dark mode scheme with lesser blue lights. This setting is gentler to the eyes and consumes less energy.


TaskHive is a WordPress theme with a simple yet professional design that is also customizable. This theme allows freelancers to build profiles and post their digital services. These services are then appropriately organized into different categories. In addition, there are unlimited listing categories you can use to classify your services.

Key FeaturesUnlimited listing categories
At least three revenue-generation options
Powered by HivePress plugin
Comprehensive review system

You can generate revenue from this theme in at least three ways – commission basis, listing fee, and featured lists. These are just the basics, but you can also integrate other plugins like ads to monetize further.

TaskHive is also supported by the HivePress plugin. This feature enables you to build a business directory within your site. The database provides essential information about individuals and companies necessary for business transactions

Fun fact: TaskHive ensures to comply with MVC pattern and WP coding standards. The well-structured codebase makes the theme fast, lightweight, and SEO-optimized. 

Micro Jobs Theme

Micro Jobs Theme is a WordPress theme with a clean and minimalist design. Its sleekness gives the website a modern and professional impression. In addition, you can use plenty of pre-built demos, templates, and blocks to create a feature-packed marketplace. 

Key FeaturesSupports Elementor page builder
More than 250 ready-made blocks
Over 30 payment gateways
Email and SMS account verification
Extensive site management tools

As an admin, you will love the extensive management tools this theme provides. There are over 300+ admin area options you can manage. This gives you complete control over how you want your website to be. 

Micro Jobs prioritizes safety and security by implementing email and SMS verification processes. This option provides an extended level of protection against unauthorized access to certain features until the account is fully verified.

Unlike other WordPress themes, Micro Jobs offers more than 30 payment gateways. Providing a wide array of payment options can significantly increase successful transaction rates. In addition, the multiple choices enhance client satisfaction and trust.

Fun facts: Micro Jobs theme is integrated with FREE plugins. It is already an all-in-one solution that requires no further paid extensions.


Workreap is a WordPress theme designed specifically to build a freelance marketplace. It is loaded with functionalities that can serve both freelance workers and employers. Thus, creating a website conducive to the digital exchange of services.

Key FeaturesSupports Elementor and Unyson page builders
Private one-to-one chat system
Built-in wallet system
Microservices for freelancers
Compatible with WooCommerce Payment

The theme has a safe and secure one-to-one private chat feature. This online chat system allows users to communicate directly with each other within the website. This function makes inquiries and discussions fast and convenient.

Workreap is also incorporated with a built-in wallet system. So, once the client avails of services, he must settle the payment through the website. The amount will only be released to the freelancer’s online wallet as soon as the services are completely rendered to the client. This payment system ensures that the transactions between both parties are settled and delivered accordingly.

Fun fact: Workreap supports WooCommerce Payment gateway to handle the payment activities of the website.


Taskerr is a WordPress theme patterned to be very much like Fiverr. This theme sets the perfect platform where freelancers can safely connect and transact with customers. As an admin, you can generate passive income from these transactions by charging the freelancers or sellers a fixed listing fee. Alternatively, you can also charge by sale percentage.

PriceStarts at $69
Key FeaturesFeatured listings
User favorites section
Revenue generation by fixed listing price or sales percentage
SEO-friendlyTransferable license

There are plenty of other ways to monetize your website. For example, you can offer featured listings so sellers can further maximize their exposure. In addition, you can also allocate the placement of advertisements to promote brand awareness.

Taskerr theme also enables potential customers to tag their favorite services. This feature allows them to browse through the most relevant listings easily. Hence, saving them time and effort. 

Fun fact: Taskerr comes with a transferrable license. You can re-assign the paid theme license should you wish to switch domains. 


The Microjob Engine is a WordPress theme that is designed to provide a simple and accessible platform for both buyers and service providers. As a freelancer, the theme offers page templates that seamlessly highlight their profile and services. As for the buyers, the theme is built-in with a one-step search function. This feature allows clients to filter by keywords or categories to narrow down the best results.

PriceStarts at $89
Key FeaturesDetailed service listing page
One-step search feature
Latest Micro Jobs section
Latest recruitment section
Trustworthy review system

The latest micro jobs section is fantastic for keeping buyers up-to-date with the new list of services available. Likewise, the latest recruitment page posts the updated number of newly affiliated freelancers. 

A reliable review system is another theme feature worth adding to your website. Buyers can leave feedback only after the service has been completely rendered. This action makes the review more trustworthy and dependable.

Fun fact: Microjob Engine is offered basic, plus, and pro plans. As a site owner, this gives you varied options and wiggle room for your budget.


Freelance Engine is a straightforward micro job WordPress theme. You can directly choose roles from the main homepage, whether to hire or apply as a freelancer. In addition, the site’s navigability simplifies your work as it leads you straight to your intended purpose of visit. 

PriceStarts at $89
Key FeaturesPre-built homepages
Powered by Escrow System
Bidding system feature
With dispute management
Available advance extensions

The theme is integrated with an Escrow System plugin as your site’s income tool. This payment holding system enables withholding money until digital services are completely delivered. Moreover, a third-party payment holding system makes the transaction more transparent and secure.

Unlike other WP themes, Freelance Engine has a bidding system feature. This functionality allows freelancers to place their bids or proposal to employers. In the same vein, employers can also bid for the services of their chosen freelancer. This feature makes the transactions more competitive and dynamic.

Fun fact: Freelance Engine has a dispute management feature that allows the site admin to act as a mediator. This feature encourages peaceful resolution and harmony within the community. 


Jobster is a marketplace-intended WordPress theme. It is jam-packed with essential features that are easy to install and customize. Moreover, you can utilize extensive menu options in front and backend development to create the ideal setup. 

PriceStarts at $98
Key FeaturesEasy to customize front and backend development
Service request feature
User level status
Integrated support system

Unlike others, this theme has a service request feature. In this functionality, the buyers can elaborate on the specific nature of their request. Thus, allowing the service to be tailor-made according to their preferences. Offering flexible service is proven to increase sales and reliability.  

Awarding freelancers with the user level status is one way to boost morale and promote their profile. In this function, the sales volume and reputation of the seller will determine his qualification for an upgrade. The higher the sales and quality of his transactions, the higher his level will be.

Fun fact: Jobster powers over 530 online marketplaces as of the latest update. 


FiverrWP is a WordPress theme patterned precisely like a clone of the Fiverr website. This theme is an all-in-one solution for creating a digital marketplace with just a few clicks of a button. FiverrWP has a minimalist modern aesthetic that is so trendy right now. Nevertheless, it still prioritizes functionality and user experience above else.

PriceStarts at $79
Key FeaturesAll-in-one marketplace solution
Interactive user dashboard 
Social media plugin integration
Custom order feature
Unlimited lifetime support

The theme features an interactive user dashboard. You can easily manage different pages in your account, including orders, messages, payment transactions, etc. But I also like that the theme included an analytics page. This functionality enables you to gauge your performance as a freelancer. Hence, be more equipped to improve service and gain more customers. 

The same with Pricerr, FiverrWP also allows the posting of custom orders. This feature is perfect for customers with detailed requests for a specific task. Allowing so increases the client’s satisfaction if demands and expectations are met. 

Fun fact: You can filter out which freelancers are currently online during the moment. This feature allows customers to hasten communication and transaction.

Job Board

Job Board is a job marketplace WordPress theme that offers free and unlimited theme installations. In addition, it is equipped with the Elementor page builder to help you customize your website. There are also plenty of pre-built demos and blocks you can choose for a quick and easy setup in just minutes. 

PriceStarts at $99
Key FeaturesSupports Elementor page builder
Unlimited theme installation
Dedicated member’s area
More than 300 admin area options
Built-in monetization tools

The theme features comprehensive site management tools for admins. You can control over 300 admin area options to ensure everything on your website runs smoothly. This feature is also helpful in preventing security breaches. 

As for the members, Job Board features a dedicated member’s area. The section allows users to access and manage their accounts anytime. This feature gives them more chances to personalize resumes, appointments, payments, etc. 

Fun fact: job Board enables the creation and distribution of coupon codes online. This tactic encourages membership registrations and sales increase.


Exertio is a WordPress theme designed to create a freelance marketplace and directory. There are premium-designed built-in demos you can instantly install. The integrated Elementor plugin also provides flexibility to customize and add more widgets. This feature boosts the site’s functionality the way you precisely like it.  

PriceStarts at $79
Key FeaturesSupports Elementor page builder
Add-on service functionality
Integrated with Zoom and WhizzChat plugins
Compatible with WooCommerce payment gateways
Updated with latest Bootstrap 5 plugin

The theme comes with different communication features, including chat and video calls. Exertio is integrated with the WhizzChat plugin, enabling users to send quick messages. You can also take advantage of the theme’s compatibility with Zoom. This real-time video-calling capability makes communication between clients more personal and interactive.

No need to create different listings for similar job postings. The theme allows sellers to offer add-on services to widen the client’s options. This feature is also an inexpensive way to showcase more products and increase your customers’ basket size. 

Fun fact: Exertio is integrated with the latest Bootstrap 5 plugin. This feature makes the website’s design and styling more advanced, responsive, and mobile-friendly. 


Out of the 12 WordPress themes we reviewed herein, the Pricerr theme stood out the best! This WP template contains all the essential elements and functionalities to build a solid micro job website. But, aside from that, it goes beyond the basics by adding features that further support flexibility and user convenience, like price comparison tables and cryptocurrency payment acceptance.

Pricerr also ensures the website’s business side is healthy by incorporating different methods to maximize revenue, like featured listings, advertisement banners, etc. Ultimately, the freelancers, the customers, and you, as the site owner, can reap the full benefits from this awesome micro job WordPress theme.

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