Left vs Right Sidebar On WordPress: Which one is better?

So you are wondering which side will be better for a sidebar on your WordPress website? Many WordPress designs allow you to choose whether the sidebar is displayed on the left-hand side or the right side of a page. Which is better? We got you covered, this article will highlight whether the left or right sidebar is better suited to your website. After all, ensuring that you are utilizing all the WordPress theme features in the best way, is essential for a good user experience. 

WordPress has many different design elements to work with, which may feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you are trying to choose the best elements for your website. Although when it comes to the sidebar this is a must for almost all sites, continue reading to find out what you need to know about the sidebar. 

What is a sidebar on WordPress?

A sidebar on WordPress is a column, consisting of widgets that usually display alongside the main content of the website. Widgets are the tools that you can choose to add to your sidebar, they are elements that add certain features to the website. The sidebar is usually located on either the left or right side of most websites. However, sidebars can allow being placed horizontally either above or below the content of the website. 

Thus, a WordPress sidebar is, it is an element that is used to display additional information about the website, that will be easily accessible to the user as a navigation tool. The sidebar is also often used as a navigational tool that is used to easily directs users to different key pages on the website, providing them with a better user experience. 

Sidebar Features On WordPress

A few of the key features the WordPress sidebar is used for on most websites include:

  • Search bar
  • Product or services advertisements 
  • Announcements 
  • Social media page links 
  • Table of contents 
  • Navigational links to key pages 

Left vs right sidebar: which one is better?

If your website aims to sell a service or product then you may be thinking about which side will be better for advertising. However, if one of the goals is to increase a good user experience, then you may be wondering which side is better for user experience. 

Deciding whether you should place your sidebar on the left or right side of your WordPress website can be overwhelming. After all, which side is the right side? (*no pun intended*) Well, when it comes to the layout sidebar, it is all about the type of website you have and the purpose of the website.

When The Left Side Bar is Better

Both sides offer their benefits, which are the factors that your need to consider to figure out which side will be better suited to your website. Placing your sidebar on the left side will be the better option for certain websites like e-commerce websites because of the following: 

  • We naturally read from left to right – the sidebar will be one of the first pieces of content that they will see when visiting your website. This is important because this is the place the users can find the link to the product and services offered on the site.
  • Most e-commerce websites place their sidebars on the left-most users are already comfortable with this tool being on the left side. 

When The Right Side Bar is Better

On the other hand, if your WordPress website is used for blogging then having the sidebar on the right side will be the better option because of the following:

  • The main content is the focus – the main content which usually sits in the center of the page will be the main focus because users tend to focus their eyes on the center of the page. 
  • It is the blog-style layout – almost all if not all blogs place their sidebars on the right, this seems to be the general rule for blogs. This means users who have read other blogs will expect to see the sidebar on the right. 

Do’s and Dont’s with WordPress Sidebars


  1. Always add your social media page links on the sidebar.
  2. Ensure your sidebar is easily accessible for all users.
  3. Choose the advertisements placed on the sidebar carefully.


  1. Do not overcrowd your sidebar with too many widgets.
  2. Do not place too many advertisements on the sidebars.
  3. Do not expect all users to utilize the sidebar and ensure the other elements on the site can stand on their own. 


Now that you know what you need to about the sidebar and which side will be better for your website, you are ready to set it up. Remember ensuring that the sidebar is placed on the right side of the website is key. If you want to boost your WordPress website, sign up for WPHub’s email list for WordPress updates and theme reviews.

Thulisa Sigwabe
Thulisa Sigwabe

Thulisa is our Content Marketer and Creator here at WPHub. She creates WordPress tutorials and reviews popular plugins and tools to help you build and monetize your website faster.

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