How To Replace Images Instead Of Deleting Them And Re-Uploading

Every article on WP Mods has at least one image attached therefore I’ve spent a lot of time copying, cropping and uploading images here (over 5,300 images have been uploaded so far). From time to time I need to replace an image; either because the image hasn’t been cropped correctly or it needs to be increased or decreased in size.

Can you replace an image file in WordPress?

Unfortunately, there is no option to replace an image file in WordPress. You first need to delete the file and then upload it again. I you don’t delete the file WordPress appends a number to the end of the file so that it can distinguish between the old file and the new one. This is a great feature however it’s not a perfect solution as there’s no point having the original uploaded file on your server if you are never going to link to it; which is why I always delete the file first.

Install Enable Media Replace Plugin

Enable Media Replace is a simple plugin that resolves this issue by giving you the option of replacing a file instead of deleting it and re-uploading.

To replace a file you simply need to go to your media library page in your WordPress admin area and edit the file you want to replace. At the bottom you will see an option to replace the image.

You have the option of only replacing the file. This is what you should use if you are uploading the same file type and the name of the file is the same.

You can also choose to use a new file name. When that is chosen the plugin updates all links for you.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the perfect image replacement plugin I was looking for as I don’t actively manage my images through the media library. If you are working on an article and you need to replace an image, it would take just as much time to delete and re-upload the image as it would to access the media library and replace the file.

It’s a useful plugin if you want to replace a lot of your uploaded images after their matching articles have been published as it saves you from having to go into the image manager within the post.


LinkEnable Media Replace

Kevin Muldoon
Kevin Muldoon

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