Best WordPress Plugin For Pinterest

Everyone loves Pinterest. It’s great for discovering cool new images and it’s also a great tool for collecting and organizing all of your favorite images. Plus it’s a very smart marketing and promotion tool for designers and photographers. Whether you want to show off what you’re pinning or want to let your readers share images from your blog, there’s a WordPress plugin for that.

Below we showcase the best Pinterest WordPress plugins along with social sharing plugins that include a Pinterest button for pinning images.

Plugins Built Just for Pinterest

Pinterest “Pin It” Button

Not to be confused with Pinterest Pin It Button (though they pretty much do the same thing) this plugin adds a Pin It button to your posts and pages. It includes a few customization options like the ability to choose which types of pages to show the button on and where on the page to display it. You can also add custom CSS styling.

Pinterest Image Pin

This plugin is for those who want to add a Pinterest button to individual images. You can choose from 3 different versions of the button. The plugin also adds an optional Pinterest follow button at the bottom of your posts.

Similarly, the Pinterest for Galleries plugin adds a Pin It button on every image of every WordPress gallery. Be careful though because it’s incompatible with a few customized galleries like NextGen Gallery.

Pinterest RSS Widget

This widget lets you display your latest pins in the sidebar of your blog. You can enter any Pinterest user’s name, so you don’t have to display your own if you prefer not to. You can customize how many pins to display, height and width of the thumbnails, size of “Follow Me on Pinterest” button, and more.

This plugin is very similar to Pinterest Pinboard WidgetPretty Pinterest Pins, and Easy Pinterest, which all also display your latest pins in a sidebar widget, but have fewer options.

Pinterest Badge Widget

Another sidebar widget, but additionally also displays the number of people who are following you on Pinterest. This plugin also includes a follow button to help increase your followers. You can customize the number of pins to display along with their size. You can also change the width, background color, and border color of the widget.

Social Media Tabs

Displays updates, images, and videos from many services including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can customize how many pins to display. A follow button is also included so that others can follow you on Pinterest.

Ultimate Photo Widget

This is a sidebar widget used to display photos from Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest in a stylish manner. There are three styles to choose from: vertical, tiles, and slideshow. There are options for customizing the widget such as changing the thumbnail widths, changing the number of photos displayed, removing the Next and Prev links, and more.

Pinterest “Follow” Button

A sidebar widget that simply displays a Pinterest follow button, so that others can follow you. You can choose 1 of 4 included icons or you can use your own image. You can also choose the alignment of your button and choose to have the link open in a new window.

Social Sharing Plugins that Include Pinterest

Not much needs to be said about social sharing plugins. We all use them on our blogs and there are so many plugins available, that it can be hard to choose which one is the best. Along with giving your readers the option to share your posts and/or pages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more, the plugins below also include Pinterest sharing links and buttons.

Do you use a Pinterest plugin or social sharing plugin with Pinterest sharing included? If so, which plugin are you using? We’d love to know how WP Mods users are integrating Pinterest into their blogs.

Ani Hoang
Ani Hoang

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