How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress

Adding social media icons and linking them to your social media pages can generate a ton of organic traffic to your website!

Although WordPress doesn’t come with a section for social network profiles, you can quickly add and display social media icons on any widget-ready location in WordPress by using the navigation menus.

In this tutorial, we will be showing you in just a few easy steps how to add your favorite social media icons onto your WordPress site so that readers can share your content!

How To Add Your Social Media Icons Using Your WordPress Theme

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that your theme supports social media icons. You can easily do this by using “Ocean WP”.

To add Social media icons on WordPress all you need to do is follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Locate Your Social Media List

On your dashboard, locate and select Appearance → Customize. On the following page, scroll down to Top Bar → Social and then you will see the entire social media list!

Step 2: Adding Your Social Media Links

Once you are on this page, all you will need to do is visit the social media sites you wish to link onto your wordpress site and copy them to your clipboard. Once you have them copied, simply paste them in the empty bars next to the social media platform of your choice. 

Before you publish, you will notice that your social media links are now placed onto the top right corner of your page.

Step 3: Publishing Your Social Media Links 

Once you have added all of your desired social media links, and are satisfied, go ahead and click on the Publish icon on top top of the page.

Now once you refresh your page and visit the front end of your website, you will see that all of your social media icons will be right there!

Using Social Media Icon Widget

If your WordPress theme does not give you the option to add social media icons, fear not! What you can then do is add a social media icons widget onto your WordPress site.

Step 1: Locate the “Social Icons Widget” 

The first thing you need to do is visit your dashboard. Then locate and select  Plugins→ Add New. 

Step 2: Installing the “Social Icons Widget”

Once you have arrived at this page, what you need to do is locate the search bar on the right-hand side of your page and type in “Social Icons Widget”. Once the Plugin pops up, simply press Install. Once it has been installed, simply press “Activate”.

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Step 3: Locating the “Customize” Menu

After you have successfully installed your widget, head over to your dashboard and select Appearance→ Customize. 

Step 4: Customize Your Widget

Once you get to the following page, simply select Widgets and then decide on which widget or footer you wish to customize.

Step 5: Customizing Your Footer

Once you have selected your desired footer, you will receive some new options. All you need to do is click on Add Block. In the search bar situated on the right, simply type in “Social”. The widget that you just installed will appear. Click on Social Icons Block.

Step 6: Adding Your Social Media Links

Once you have selected the Social Icons Block, you will notice that this plugin already comes with social media icons.If you wish to add a social media link to any of them, simply click on the icon of the desired social media platform and paste your link into the empty space bar provided. After that, simply select Apply.

Step 7: Adding Additional Icons

If you wish to add additional icons, simply select Edit Details, afterwhich you will be shown a host of options from which you can choose. Simply click on the desired icon followed by the Save option.

Step 8: Adjusting Your Icon Layout

If you wish to adjust the layout of your icons, simply press the up and down arrows to adjust the icon placement. If you wish to adjust the alignment then the neighboring icon will allow you to change just that. Once you are satisfied with your layout, select Publish.

Adding Social Sharing Buttons

Adding social sharing icons can be a huge help to you as it allows visitors on your website to share your content easily with other people!

Adding social sharing icons is super simple, and we’ll show you how to get it done in just a few steps.

Step 1: Locate Your Plugin

On your dashboard, select  Plugins→ Add New. After that simply locate the search bar on the left-most side of your screen and type in “Simple Share Buttons Adder”.  

Step 2: Installing Your Plugin

Once you have located the plugin, click on Install Now. Once the plugin has successfully installed, simply select Activate.

Step 3: Adding New Icons

Once you have installed and activated your plugin. Head over to your dashboard and select Settings → Simple Share Buttons. Once you reach the following screen you will see a host of social media icons at the bottom. Simply drag your desired icons to the icon location bar.

Step 4: Customizing Your Icon Locations

Once you have selected which icons you want to be displayed, you will be able to choose where you actually want the social media icons to appear. You do this by clicking on the various options presented to you. “On” indicates that the icon will be present in that location of the website. Here you can also adjust the “Placement” and “Hide On These Pages” options.

Step 5: Customizing Your Icon Appearance

To customize the appearance of your icons, simply scroll down to the “Styling” menu located on the page. Here you will be given the opportunity to customize various aspects of your icon’s physical appearance. Below “Appearance” you will also see various drop down menus which you can customize to your preference as well.

Once you are satisfied, click on the save icon.

Floating Social Media Icons

Do you want to add floating social media icons to your website? It’s easier than ever! Follow these simple steps below and you’ll have it up and running in no time.

Step 1: Locate Your Share Bar

The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to your dashboard, simply select Settings and then Dashboard.

Step 2: Activating Your Share Bar

After you have located your share bar, all you need to do is go ahead and activate it! You can do this simply by clicking on the option next to Share Bar so that it indicates ON. On this page you will also be able to choose which locations of your website you would like the floating icons to appear. Simply click next to your desired location so that it indicates ON.


And there you have it! Now you know how to add your social media icons to your WordPress site so you can start generating a ton of traffic!

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