Adminimize Plugin For Multi-Author WordPress Websites

One of the first plugins I install after installing WordPress is User Role Editor. This WordPress plugin lets you customise what certain user groups can and cannot do. This is particularly useful if you accept guest posts as by default the contributor usergroup is not allowed to upload images.

Why should you use Adminimize Plugin?

If you are looking for even more control over how your site runs and what users can and cannot do, you should try out Adminimize. It’s one of the most feature-rich plugins available for WordPress and it’s free to download.

The plugin allows you to modify your backend and hide certain areas for certain user groups. For example, you can choose which user groups see the admin bar or screen options.

Adminimize For Multiple WordPress Users

The menu at the left side of your admin area can be modified for each usergroup. This is useful if you want contributors to see the links section but not have access to your pages.

The writing options of each usergroup can be controlled too. It allows you to set add or remove each feature from the post editor so that you can limit or extend what users can do. For example, you may not want contributors to be able to set the page-slug for articles they submit or even allow them to set the title of the article.

Before You Begin using Adminimize Plugin

Adminimize is also compatible with several popular plugins though if I had to list all of the features this plugin has this article would be twice the length!

If simple permission plugins like User Role Editor aren’t sufficient for your needs then Adminimize is the plugin you need to use. It lets you control what each usergroup can see when they are logged in and allows you to limit or extend what they can do. Put simply, it’s the ultimate plugin for multi author blogs and websites.

I encourage you to check it out.

Good luck,

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Kevin Muldoon
Kevin Muldoon

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