Zuppler WP Plugin To Start Online Ordering On Your Site

While it may not be hard to find a restaurant theme for WordPress (just about every major WordPress theme marketplace has a nice selection available) providing everything a restaurant needs to do business online is another story altogether. With more and more consumers expecting everything to be possible online – or on their mobile phone – restaurants are expected to use their website as a means of making it easier than ever to order their food.

How does Zuppler WP Plugin Work?

The problem, especially for web designers who use WordPress to build client websites, is that providing a high-quality menu capable of accepting food orders, sending those orders to the restaurant and managing client info/payments is something that requires too much time, development, and money. That is until the release of the Zuppler Online Ordering Plugin.

Zuppler WP Plugin Features

This robust WordPress plugin has an insane amount of features including:

  • Orders received by fax, web, email, ePrint or POS
  • The Zuppler “No Order Left Behind Policy” which ensures that restaurants are alerted of every order placed
  • Flexible payment options: Instantly or weekly
  • Sales tracking and real time reports
  • Easy order adjustments for charge refunds, discounts, tips, “comps”, or special deals.
  • Weekly sales reports by fax or online
  • Free menu changes
  • Free setup and installation
  • Full access to customer info
  • Ability to easily add photos for menu sections and individual items
  • Safe and secure PCI compliant
  • 24/7 Support. U.S. Based member support and customer care
  • External hosting of Plugin data (including menu and cart) to ensure 99.9% up-time and a low impact on server space/bandwidth.

Match Website Design

Besides a killer list of features, another cool thing about the Zuppler plugin is that they make it easy to match the existing design and branding of your website. Why is it so easy? Because Zuppler’s in-house design team does it for you! After you install the plugin on your WordPress site, pick out the layout, test it, and have your restaurant client sign up on the Zuppler website, a “Zuppler Coach” will contact you and walk you through the rest of the process. Part of which, is having their in-house team make sure the menu matches the design you’ve already developed for your client.

As you can see above and below, selecting the layout is pretty straight forward and creating the menu page is as simple as adding a shortcode.

Here are a few examples of what this plugin looks like when implemented on different WordPress websites.

After visiting the Zuppler website and poking around a bit, it’s obvious they mean to dominate the online food ordering niche and so far I’m extremely impressed with their offering. What do you think? Will you being giving the Zuppler plugin a try on your next restaurant website?

LinkZuppler Online Ordering Plugin.

Kevin Muldoon
Kevin Muldoon

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