Today we are proud to announce that WPHub is awarding our Best Value Award for WordPress hosting.


GreenGeeks is already the world’s #1 Green Energy Web Hosting Service Provider and when it comes to WordPress Hosting they not only provide top quality service but they do it at a price that’s very hard to say no to. Starting out at $4.11 per month through WPHub their WordPress hosting service has what we’ve found to be the most value for your buck.


Based out of Los Angeles, GreenGeeks began as an effort to turn the tide in green/eco-friendly web hosting practices. Most people would assume that if you work online then by default you’re a green company. However, the truth is that studies have shown the web hosting industry is on pace to become as big a polluter as the airline industry by 2020. How is this possible? It’s all virtual right? Well, not really. It’s all about where the energy comes from to power the servers the web is built on and running off of. If the web continues to grow (which it will) but our energy for powering it comes from the same places as everything else causing pollution, then any environmental benefits we might have experienced at first – when the web was less taxing on the energy grid – will become a thing of the past. As a result, the web hosting industry will be just as big a pollutant as any other major industry. That’s where GreenGeeks comes in.

How is GreenGeeks Green?

GreenGeeks readily admits that they pull power from the grid just like every other web hosting company. They do this to assure that their source of energy is constant and dependable for their customers. However, the difference that makes them the world’s greenest web hosting company is that for every (and this is a made up energy unit for the sake of example) 1X of power drawn from the grid they put 3 times that amount back into the grid via wind power. They do this by purchasing what’s called wind energy credits through the EPA’s Green Power Partner program.

GreenGeeks is also very conscious of the amount of office supplies actually needed to run their company and strictly polices themselves on office waste. Employees take turns providing home cooked lunches or dinners to reduce the amount they go out to eat as a company. And as is the case with many of the web’s best companies they allow telecommuting to reduce pollution caused by the daily commute to work.

The GreenGeeks Mission

1. Provide quality, dependable web hosting services at affordable rates with the best customer service in the business.

2. Promote every web site on the internet to be hosted by a web hosting company utilizing green energy.

Our Conclusion

If you’re looking for affordable hosting, great features, top of the line customer service, and a greener company profile – then GreenGeeks is probably the hosting for you. They provide several packages that meet the needs of everyone from the small blog all the way up to enterprise size mega sites.

For even more information, check out our full GreenGeeks hosting review.

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