I’m a huge fan of the revision management system in WordPress that regularly autosaves and backs up previous drafts of posts and pages you have written. I particularly find it useful when writing longer articles as I usually rewrite the article on a few occasions so if I change my mind about a given topic I can easily refer back to older drafts.

Today I would like to show you plugins that help you manage your post revisions, optimize your database by removing unwanted drafts and compare revisions more easily. I hope you find the list useful 🙂

* As always, all plugins were tested for the purpose of this article.

1. Revision Control

Allows you to set the maximum number of revisions to be saved for posts and pages. You can also set it so that WordPress revisions are not saved at all.

Revision Control

Revision Control: Info & Download

2. Delete Post Revisions

A simple plugin that deletes all post revisions. The plugin was designed to be used only when you want to delete all your post revisions therefore you can deactivate the plugin after using it. The plugin does not stop new post revisions from being created.

Delete Post Revisions

Delete Post Revisions: Info & Download

3. Revision Removal

Another plugin that lets you remove all revisions from your database. It lets you view all revisions before you delete them, which is kind of pointless in my opinion as you can’t select individual revisions to be saved.

Revision Removal

Revision Removal: Info & Download

4. Revision History

Appends a history of the revisions for a given post or page to the end of the article. A good way to inform visitors when the article has been updated in the past.

Revision History

Revision History: Info & Download

5. Recent Revisions

Adds a widget to your admin dashboard that shows your latest post revisions. You can modify the number of revisions to show and whether the author and/or date and time are shown.

Recent Revisions

Recent Revisions: Info & Download

6. Published Revisions Only

A simple plugin that only activates revisions after a post has been published.

Published Revisions Only: Info & Download

7. Revision Truncate!

Lets you set the number of post revisions you want to store in your database.

Revision Truncate!

Revision Truncate!: Info & Download

8. Better Delete Revision

Another plugin that lets you remove all of your redundant post revisions.

Better Delete Revision

Better Delete Revision: Info & Download

9. WP-CMS Post Control

A plugin that was designed to allow you to control what permissions use groups have in the post editor. It also includes a handy feature that lets you set how many post revisions you want for each post.

WP-CMS Post Control

WP-CMS Post Control: Info & Download

10. Post Revision Display

Post Revision Display

Post Revision Display: Info & Download

11. Revert

Adds a handy button that allows you to revert to your last revision. This is useful for those who design websites for clients as it makes the revision process more user friendly.


Revert: Info & Download

12. WP Hey

A database optimisation plugin that lets you remove all of your post revisions.

WP Hey

WP Hey: Info & Download

13. WordPress Cleanup

Lets you easily remove spam comments and old revisions for posts and pages.

WordPress Cleanup

WordPress Cleanup: Info & Download

14. Revision


Revisioner: Info & Download

15. Revisionary

Allows users to submit changes to content that has already been published. These ‘revisions’ can then be reviewed by an editor and the live article can be updated.


Revisionary: Info & Download


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