Wizi App – Turn Your Website Into A Native iPhone App

We’ve spoken a lot about optimising your website design for mobile use recently. We’ve looked at 3 WordPress plugins that make your website more mobile friendly and the Handheld Mobile WordPress Theme from ElegantThemes.

Today I’d like to talk about WiziApp, a WordPress plugin that helps you turn your website into a native iPhone application. It’s one of the most expensive plugins I have ever looked at (more on that later) however you can download the plugin and see a preview of what your website would look as a native iPhone application.

The preview option works great. Once installed you will set a picture of an iPhone 4 with your website loaded into it. The great thing is that you can click around your application as if you were actually using it on a phone.

WiziApp iPhone Plugin

You can set the name of your application and your tagline. There are 16 pre-set backgrounds that you use or alternatively you can upload your own design.

WiziApp iPhone Plugin

The application has 5 buttons. Latest posts, categories, pages, search and more. These buttons can be changed. You can also change what items are shown under the more tab.

WiziApp iPhone Plugin

The preview button allows you to view your finished website and scroll around just as a mobile visitor would. Articles can be shared through social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter and articles can be starred for future reference too.

WiziApp iPhone Plugin

As I mentioned previously, WiziApp is very expensive in my opinion. There are 3 plans available with prices being based on how many push notifications you require (apple sends notifications to end users). The personal plan allows 100,000 notifications and costs $19.90 per month with a $199 one time setup-fee. The pro blogger option allows 250,000 notifications and costs $29.90 per month with a $299 one time setup fee. Enterprise is the most expensive option. It allows unlimited notifications and costs $49.90 per month with a one time setup fee of $499.

The pro blogger and enterprise plans let you monetize your application through AdMob though due to the high setup fees, it’s hard to recommend WiziApp unless you have a very high traffic blog. Which is a shame because if the high setup fees were removed WiziApp would be a fantastic way of publishing your website through the Apple app store. For more such apps you should check for Cydia Apps search engine.


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