Seamless Donations Plugin Review

When trying to raise money, getting the word out and reaching your goal can take a lot of work so why not have a little help with the rest? Whether you’re raising money for a campaign, missions trip, charity or event, Seamless Donations WordPress plugin can help you track donations and stay on top of your progress.

Overview if Seamless Donations Plugin

Seamless Donations is a free WordPress plugin that allows easy donations as well as features for tracking donors, donations and sending thanks to donors! This plugin includes options such as anonymous donations, tribute gifts, and subscribing to mailing lists. Sound like something you could use? Read on!

Installing “Seamless Donations”

Head over to the Seamless Donations plugin page at and download Version 2.0.2. Then go to the Admin Bar on your WordPress and select Plugins, Add New and Upload the Seamless Donations zip file. Hit Install.

Seamless Donations will be installed after a few seconds. In order to get working with this plugin, click activate!

Upon activate, notice that Seamless Donations has been added to the Admin Menu with categories such as Seamless Donations, Donations, Donors, Thank You Emails, Thank You Page and Settings.

Configuring “Seamless Donations”

To make Seamless Donations functional, first go to the Seamless Donations settings and add the email address for PayPal donations.

The next step is to set up a page for Donations. Seamless Donations makes this step very simple for users! Go to Pages, Add New, choose a title for your donation page, enter the shortcode [dgx-donate] and publish!

Your new donations page will be added to your website. On this page, donors will have options for amount of donation, the possibility to make the donation a Tribute Gift, Donor and Billing Information.

Implementing “Seamless Donations”

One great feature of Seamless Donations Plugin is the categories in the Admin Menu that allow you to track, organize and thank donors. The Seamless Donations page gives the option to view donations, donors, settings and lists recent donations.

Donations setting allows users to sort through past donations through various date ranges.

Similar to the donations setting page, donor settings allows users to sort through donors by various ranges of dates.

Thank You Emails page has an email template for users to send out to donors quickly. On this page, users create messages to be sent out to donors depending on their involvement. All donors will be sent the prepared Subject, Body, and Closing; however, separate messages will be sent to Anonymous Donors, who join the Mailing List, and those who donate as a Tribute Gift. Each section can be rewritten and edited by users. Placeholders such as [firstname] [lastname] [fund] and [amount] can be used through the email and will be automatically filled in by Seamless Donations.

After donations, a thank you page will appear with a special message which can be edited as well. This is separate from the thank you email that will be sent out.

Seamless Donations also includes a Settings Page where users initially enter their PayPal email address as well as an email for donation notification.

In Conclusion

Seamless Donations is a great tool with features that are easy to use and designed to cut back time writing emails, tracking donations and organizing email lists. Head over to Seamless Donation WordPress page and give it a try!

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