Black is associated with elegance and power, strength and authority. Black WordPress themes are simple but very formal and prestigious. Bright colors added to a black website theme pop out to resemble power and formality. It’s no wonder black is the most searched WordPress theme color! There are tons of black themes to choose from and all with varying types of quality. We stay atop our WordPress themes to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest color themes. Here is a list, in no particular order of our favorite Black WordPress Themes. To see all of our great WordPress themes go to our Themes page.

Full List Of the Best Black WordPress Themes

Theme: Amped

This StudioPress theme is sleek and contemporary with its black background and bright white and yellow text colors. This theme is loaded with information – two menu bars located at the top of the page (one for site navigation and the other is a category menu), a sidebar menu, and plenty of room left for your content. This framework is tested for search engine optimization to help with indexing your site and the code is tested for security. There are 6 layout options that are easily changeable and the theme is compatible with widgets and gravatars. Pricing starts at $79.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Welcome Inn

The Welcome Inn theme, created by ThemeFuse, was designed specifically for hospitality businesses. There is a navigation bar at the top of the page and an image slider below that allows for businesses to show images that will appeal to and attract potential consumers. There are variations to this theme available for spas, ski resorts and hotel businesses. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $49.Welcome Inn - Just another Themefuse Demo Sites siteMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: TheStyle

This stylish and sophisticated theme is from ElegantThemes. TheStyle’s upscale theme is displayed horizontally to appear like news articles with a photo at the top and the text beneath. This theme works great with artistic blogs – photography, fashion, artists and other fine arts. It has the option to change the images, headings, and sidebars. Other features include threaded comments, ability to customize images, monetization ready, space for advertisements, sidebars are widget ready, and the theme will automatically adjust to your browsers resolution. Pricing starts at $39.TheStyle Theme - Just another WordPress siteMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Magazinum

Created by WPZoom, Magazinum was designed purposely for news magazines with its black top and white bottom. The look gives an impression of importance with the homepage slideshow and contrasting news sections. Users do have the option to customize the layout. Other features include localization support, language translation options, threaded comments, a tabbed widget feature, and custom widgets. This theme includes SEO options and allows for widgets. Pricing starts at $69.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Landscape

The Landscape theme by StudioPress is great for image-heavy presentations with images attracting your visitors. The defining feature is the large image directly on the homepage. Under the main image is a smaller gallery where more images can be placed and below this gallery are sections for captions or news posts. The layout is flexible and the theme includes templates for blogs and archive pages. Pricing starts at $79.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Display

Display, offered by ThemeForest, is comprehensive yet powerful, designed for businesses and portfolios. This theme has a large image slider on the homepage and a menu bar located above the slider. All features can be edited in the backend including the slideshow manager, template themes, special pages, and site menus. The theme is compatible with widgets and includes scripts and bookmarking icons for social media websites. Pricing starts at $40.Display ThemeforestMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: iProduct

The iProduct design, made by Templatic, is a very serious, straight-forward theme. The very top of the page features a menu bar and just below that is a large image slider. Just below this are three areas for news related postings. This theme is SEO and supports localizations. Changes to this theme can be made from a control panel; no coding required. Pricing starts at $65.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Photo Nexus

Aimed for photographers and graphic artists in mind, Photo Nexus, created by ThemeForest, has a glossy and sleek appearance. The homepage image slider is quite large and is the main focus on the page. Users can customize their page to include blogs, categories, subcategories, and thumbnail fade effects. The control panel allows for customizations and page organization. Pricing starts at $30.Photo Nexus - WordPress Gallery for Photographers, Artists and DesinersMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Viewfinder

The Viewfinder theme, made by ThemeForest, focuses on delivering content rather than providing a flamboyant experience. This theme is ideal for portfolios with its unlimited space and unlimited galleries. This theme offers two page layouts – one with a homepage slider and another with a grid layout with more images. The Viewfinder theme supports localization, gravatars, custom widgets, page templates, and comes complete with short codes. Pricing starts at $40.viewfinder-themeforestMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Elegant Flickr

Elegant Flickr, produced by ThemeForest, allows for a classy and professional presentation of your Flickr photos. This theme comes fully customized and provides four post types. You do have the option to add sidebars and footer, the ability to choose between 10 color variations, 20 skins (full and partial width), choice of 3 different sliders, social networking support, and over 100 short codes. Pricing starts at $35.Elegant FlickrMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: deLucide

Created by ThemeShift, deLucide has a modern theme with advanced features which makes for a fresh look for the typical portfolio. The page is setup for plenty of room for images and text which allows for plenty of content sharing. The admin panel allows for switching custom backgrounds, sidebar options, and working without codes. The deLucide theme is fully localized and is setup for widgets. Pricing starts at $50.deLucide Theme DemoMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: VideoZoom

VideoZoom, made by WPZoom, is definitely for video content presentation. The theater-like feel of the theme features a black background with white and grey accents. The image slider on the homepage hosts videos and an introduction to the site. This theme has room for many videos and does not require programming. The theme also offers a traditional layout, multiple dropdown menu options, and the ability to customize your chosen layout. VideoZoom is ready for widgets and does not require code changes. Pricing starts at $69.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: deSignum

The deSignum theme from ThemeShift was created with business users in mind. It has a sophisticated and edgy touch, and still professional. The homepage features a slider and a call to action feature. The admin panel allows for changes to the background, the menus, sidebar customization, widget configurations and a list of short codes for further personalization. This theme is also fully localized. Pricing starts at $50.deSignum Theme DemoMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Media Store

ThemeForest has created the professional Media Store theme to allow music and videos to be downloaded from the site and ratings can be left if desired. The theme is flexible with its design and includes the ability for personalization of layouts, fonts, colors, and images. This theme comes with custom widgets, short codes, sliders, videos, contact forms and custom formats. Pricing starts at $35.Media Store - Review-Downloads WordPress ThemeMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Silicone App

The Silicone app from ThemeFuse is great for software developers. The attractive theme is able to display products and includes call to action features. The bold theme comes with a black background and several different color schemes. Users can control this theme with a backend feature with allows for adding your company’s logo, changing the colors, and controlling the content. This theme supports widgets and works on both desktop and mobile devices. Pricing starts at $49.Silicon App - Just another Themefuse Demo Sites siteMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: eGallery

Created by Elegant Themes, eGallery is great for a visual arts portfolio. The theme keeps the attention focused on the gallery items. With this theme, the images inserted will automatically be resized to fit their thumbnail. The image details can be viewed directly from the image itself and can even be given ratings. The eGallery sidebars are set to allow for smaller thumbnails to be used for additional featured images. The color schemes can be changed to your preference. Pricing starts at $39.eGallery Theme - Just another WordPress weblogMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: iBusiness

The iBusiness theme from Templatic is simple and suitable for most businesses. The modest layout is ideal for conveying quick messages with few details. The homepage can be edited for a more complex look but the main theme idea is simplicity. SEO is set up, the theme is completely localized, and four levels of navigation are provided. Pricing starts at $65.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Polished

The Polished WordPress theme from Elegant Themes is an intricate design. The screen is divided into 3 horizontal sections. The top section has a banner, a slider menu and a dropdown box for navigation options. The middle section has a right-hand sidebar used for access to offsite locations and the last section is integrated into the theme. Users do have the option to switch the theme to appear more like a standard blog. This theme has 6 skins and 3 different color schemes for each skin. Additional features include widget-ready, advertising management, banner ads, completely localized, and accessible short codes. Pricing starts at $39.Polished Theme - Just another WordPress weblogMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Magnific

Magnific, created by WPZoom, is very professional and lustrous with multiple layout options. Content on the homepage can be separated into individual spaces for a more “magazine” type appearance. It can also be presented as a traditional blog. The homepage contains an image slider and front-page articles. A user control panel allows customization of panels, SEO configuration options, banner opportunities and other advertising sources, and sidebar options including widgets. Pricing starts at $69.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Apz

Apz, by WooThemes, is a business theme for showcasing apps. The design allows for image screenshots, specs, installation instructions and FAQs for the app. The homepage has a slider to preview multiple screenshots of the advertised app and below that are spaces for widgets, a media panel, contact information, blog posts and social media links. There are also sidebar and footer options. Users can customize their design with color schemes and custom widgets. SEO options included. Pricing begins at $70.WooThemes Demos apzMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Aperture

WooThemes has created the Aperture design with photography in mind. The theme has an image slider in the header, sidebars, footer, about section, and thumbnail images. This design comes with 7 custom widgets, various color schemes, traffic monitoring, localization, ability to change the site without code interference, and images are re-sized automatically. Pricing starts at $70.Aperture - Just another WooThemes demoMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Coldstone

The Coldstone WP theme from Elegant Themes is a casual and trendy design. The theme has a navigation bar at the top and a large banner with space below for article content. There are also designated spaces for ads if desired. Users can choose the layout of the articles within the theme and the color scheme of their design. The design is full of space for content, featured links, and widgets. For support, there is an ePanel, collection of short codes, complete localization, and automated thumbnail resizing. Pricing starts at $39.ColdStone Theme - Just another WordPress weblogMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: eGamer

Designed by Elegant Themes, the eGamer theme is designed with gamers in mind featuring the important information gamers want to know about their games. This theme is set up with abbreviated post structure, ability to be transformed back to a traditional blog style, and optional color schemes. Features for this design include a navigation bar on the left side of the page, places for film and book reviews, automated thumbnail resizing, an ePanel for support and option controls, a collection of shortcodes, and is fully localized. Pricing starts at $39.eGamer Theme - Just another WordPress weblogMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Agency

StudioPress created Agency as a simple and professional design. The theme is user friendly and can be edited without changing codes. There is a header, a dropdown navigation bar, and an open space at the top designed for a featured section. The design comes with unlimited updates, helpful tutorials, tested for security, comes with a fixed width, has 6 layout options, threaded comments, and supports widgets. Pricing starts at $79.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: deLirium

The theme, deLirium, was created by ThemeShift for personal blogs and can be easily customized for a more personalized experience. This design supports widgets, is fully commented, code-accessible, and 3 localization options. Users can change the background, color scheme and the layout. There is no licensing restriction for this theme; use it for as many sites as you like. Pricing starts at $50.deLirium Theme DemoMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Yamidoo Pro

Yamidoo Pro was designed by WPZoom and includes an image slider, tabbed widgets, different layout options and lots of space for text and images. This theme relies on dropdown organization for easier functionality. Automatic thumbnail resizing, traffic count, contact widgets and bookmarking sites, two different licenses and multiple layout options. Pricing starts at $69.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: deZine

This format, called deZine by ThemeShift, offers space for lots of content directly on the homepage. The modern and professional design has several layout options including background and color schemes, permanent codes, an advertising management feature, and will automatically generate thumbnails. This theme comes with a GPL license and three supported languages. Pricing starts at $50.deZine Theme DemoMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: News Flash

The News Flash theme was created by Templatic and is completely customizable. It can be used as a blog or a news-based web design and comes with personalized widgets, various color options, and permanent codes. The homepage has a large, interactive header for instant attraction. Thumbnails can be created and viewed on gallery pages. This design is coded for SEO and is compatible with all browsers. Pricing starts at $65.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Bold

Created by Organic Themes, Bold is a simple theme lacking clutter and confusion. The homepage has an image slider, plenty of space below for content, and a dropdown navigation bar. The themes color scheme can also be changed to red and blue, files to create graphics, is ready for widgets, layout options and permanent codes. Pricing starts at $69.Organic Bold Theme Red DemoMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Studio Box

Studio Box, designed by ThemeForest, is very clean and professional for photographers and artists in mind. There is a gallery slideshow on the front page that can be viewed using scrolling slides or with an accordion slide feature. There are several different skin options and page templates that can be used. The portfolio elements are the main attractions for this theme: users can hover over the icons or view your media through a slideshow. Pricing starts at $35.Studiobox WordPressMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Basics

Designed by Shape5, the Basics theme is simple but is very functional and has many advanced features, including SEO, ability to accommodate right to left languages, layout shadow options, five different menu options, and typography options. With the backend control panels, these functionalities are easily maintained. This theme will display in any web browser. Pricing starts at $50.basics shape5More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Streamline

The Streamline theme is provided by StudioPress and comes with six different layout options including sidebar options as well. The theme has permanent codes, image and video content space and advertisement space. This theme is SEO and has cross-browser capabilities. This theme has a magazine style with plenty of room for content but not too busy or overly crowded. Pricing starts at $79.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Flash

Flash was constructed by Template Monster with lots of movement for a trendy theme. The top image slider is an impressionable feature that starts the interactive experience. The living room image has pictures on the wall that represents a thumbnail image to be selected for further content. This theme offers six widget positions, widget content, and a sidebar option. Pricing starts at $65.flash templatemonsterMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: deGusto

The contemporary deGusto theme was crafted by ThemeShift. The background color is black by default but can be changed to your desire. Features for this design consist of image management, sidebar query, thumbnail additions and creations, and social media bookmarks. The design is compatible with all web browsers, is code-validated, supports three languages and comes with a GPL license. Pricing starts at $50.deGusto Theme DemoMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Exquisite Works

Designed by ThemeFuse, the Exquisite Works theme provides personalization options and convenient features. The homepage has a large image slider, two columns by default, widget options, and a footer section. The interface is simple and allows for desired changes within the theme. Exquisite Works is SEO, has permanent codes, different backgrounds and theme options and has one-touch installation. Pricing starts at $49.Exquisite - Just another Themefuse Demo Sites siteMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Brand New

Brand New was created by ThemeForest with a fixed layout and configurable page templates. The homepage has a menu bar located at the top and a large, interactive image slider. This design offers 14 different micro-template files, customized widgets for 6 different areas, many short code options, and is SEO. This theme is classy and modest. Pricing starts at $35.Brand New - HomeMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Prolific

This easy-to-use theme from ThemeForest is great for portfolio presentations. The theme has four different slider options including a 3D slider, 15 different fonts, 25 short codes, customized widget content, and multiple menu options. This theme is ideal for photographers and graphic designers. Pricing starts at $35.WP-ProlificMore Info | Buy Now


Designed by ThemeForest, MIWORKS theme is best for businesses with lots of images and graphics to show. Easy to use theme with ability to change color schemes, patterns, and multiple Google fonts. This theme is compatible with all modem browsers and includes a layered PSD file but does not use widgets. At the top of the homepage is a menu bar and below that is an image slider to display your current works. The main purpose of this theme is to be a portfolio. Pricing starts at $30.MIWORK - Site TemplateMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: deNovo

The deNovo theme was created by ThemeShift for business users. The homepage shows an image slider to feature your business content. The theme comes with short codes, customized widgets, sidebars, and call to action features. The deNovo theme supports 3 localized languages and can be run on as many sites as you choose. Pricing starts at $50.deNovo Theme DemoMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Sofa Disordery

Also by ThemeForest is the Sofa Disordery theme which was designed for many types of users. This cutting edge, modern theme is easy for users and offers many features and functionalities. The theme can be changed from five different layouts, an image slider on the homepage, and a multi-level dropdown menu. This design is fully localized, has the ability to offer a custom author and contact page, and supports widgets. Pricing starts at $35.Sofa DisorderyMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: WP-Vybe

This hip WP-Vybe theme from SoloStream was designed for contemporary and pop culture businesses. The homepage has a menu bar, a sidebar, and tons of places for content and images. The theme’s features include built-in color schemes (including light and dark), permanent codes, content slider, SEO, personalized author page, banner advertisements, and layout options including columns. This theme is for commercial development purposes. Pricing starts at $59.WP-Vybe Premium WordPress Magazine ThemeMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Incentive

Designed by Template Monster, the Incentive theme is for professional businesses. This theme has three user content areas, a customizable footer, a navigation menu bar at the top of the page, a series of four photographs in the middle of the homepage with space for text below each picture, and space for content on the left and right side of the screen. The dark colors give a more modern appearance and comes with original PSD files. Pricing starts at $65.Incentive - business companyMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Mobile Pro

Mobile Pro from ThemeForest is great for mobile presence on the web. It was created for smaller screens on mobile devices but looks great on a computer screen as well. The theme automatically detects and accommodates how you are holding your mobile device, whether vertically or horizontally. The theme also provides a customized contact page, two areas for widget content, breadcrumb navigation and navigation menus, and is fully SEO. Pricing starts at $ Pro - mobilepro themeMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Professional

This Professional theme was constructed by WPZoom to provide multiple functions. It can serve as a professional business page or a traditional blog site and has two different licensing options. This theme has five color options, has social networking features, a sidebar with supported widgets, advertisement options with banner ads, and dropdown navigation menu bars. It’s also compatible with all browsers and there is an option for a developer’s license. Pricing starts at $69.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Olya

Created by WooThemes, the Olya theme meets business’ user’s needs. The theme is customizable with an optional image slider, contact page, and the theme responds to difference screen resolutions including mobile devices. Personal options for this theme are controlled in the backend panel – color choices, thumbnail resizing, SEO options, changing your languages, add a Google map feature, custom widgets and typography. Pricing starts at $70.Olya - Just another WooThemes Demo siteMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Photolux

This theme, designed by ThemeForest, is ideal for photographers with minimal image content. The images on the homepage can be resized from their default size and will automatically save a thumbnail image of your photos. Users can manage their fonts and styles, templates, sliders, layouts, columns and skins with this simple design. Pricing starts at $35.More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Therapy

The gentle feel of Therapy was the exact feel WooThemes wanted to create. This theme is great for personal bloggers who want to link to their social networking sites which are located in the tabbed area in the theme. It has 12 different color schemes, ability to modify the homepage, multiple customizable templates, is fully localized, users can add widgets to the footer, automatically resizes images, and there is a hidden traffic counter. This theme is very neat and professional. Pricing starts at $70.therapy woothemesMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Event

The Event theme, designed by Elegant Themes, is aimed for businesses or organizations with many calendar events. It’s simple and straightforward. The theme also provides space for content about each event. For more flexibility, the theme can be used as a blog for more content related information and still be able to fully utilize the calendar and promotion of events. The theme’s features include automated thumbnail resizing, advertising management, fully localized, multiple page templates, supported widgets and short code options. Pricing starts at $39.Event Theme - Just another WordPress siteMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Blocco

Press75 has created Blocco with small blocks all over the homepage for the presentation of photos and videos content. The design is very unique with the homepage menu on the right side, is fully validated, SEO, and integrates social networking. Users have the ability to index and catalog their content and customize the theme by changing the colors and layout. Mobile devices will accommodate the theme and resize the screen automatically. This theme comes with GPL licensing. Pricing starts at $75.BloccoMore Info | Buy Now

Theme: Game Crusade

Game Crusade was created by Shape5 with a flexible design using a CSS layout. The features for this design that allow you to make the theme unique are 30 different widget positions, a transparent design option, a fading background and transition effects, and 5 different menu systems, . This theme is completely code, contains original PSD files, and is SEO. Pricing starts at $ crusade shape5More Info | Buy Now

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