Do you want to earn affiliate commissions? Do you need to renew the stale content on your site? Are you looking to build backlinks for parked domains? Or maybe you just need to fill your blog fresh content? Save your time and reach great results with the WPmacro autoblog plugin.

Blog Automatically with Autoblog Plugin

Let’s start from the beginning. Autoblogging is blogging automatically, so you don’t need to manually create the posts! Sounds amazing, right?

How does the Autoblog plugin work?

The process is fairly simple. The admin sets the RSS feeds or topics and the autoblog plugin grabs the content about the topic from those feeds and posts them automatically at the certain time established by admin. Now having unique content is a MUST nowadays and if you are wondering about the “uniqueness” of the content – the last versions of this autoblog plugin can do a miracle by mixing several posts into one article, thus raising the uniqueness of the content.

What Are The Benefits Of WPMacro?

– With WPMacro you can create fresh and targeted content for your blog which will be imported from search keywords or RSS feeds.

– You will be able to supplement your content or build totally automated blog for affiliate marketing, keyword targeting, or aggregating content. It can also be the alternative to domain parking.

– Autoblog plugin can even add tags automatically and assign category to every new post.

– WPMacro uses the Amazon API for searching and displaying the information about the products from Amazon market.

How To Install WPMacro

The installation process is easy. You need to download archive and extract its files to the WordPress plugins folder. You can also download WPmacro projects which are already ready for use and then import them to your Autoblog plugin. After the project is imported, you will need to set up the scheduler to help the program create the unique content. Besides, to have absolutely new content you can also add some changes to the text yourself and set the rules for creating the content that you need. It’s very customizable.

At WPMacro you will be able to read all the necessary information about this product, have a look at demo blogs created just for one minute with the help of this plugin, download this product directly from our website, and also use the customer support function to get more information.

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