Wassily Kandinsky once said, “Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.” Orange is the combination of red energy and the joyfulness of yellow; it is a warm and bright color. It’s a fun color and often associated with sunshine, tropics, fire, and citrus fruits. Safety is signified with the color orange – traffic cones, safety vests, stanchions, barrels and other construction marking devices. Orange has a high-visibility impact and gives off the sensation of heat. When we see the color orange it makes us feel enthusiastic, happy, determined and creative which is exactly why so many people want an ORANGE WordPress theme. Here we’ve combined a list of 50 of the most attractive orange themes.

Theme: Silicone App

The Silicone app from ThemeFuse is great for software developers. The attractive theme is able to display highlighted products and includes call to action features. The bold theme comes with a black background and several different color schemes. Users can control this theme through a backend feature that allows for adding your company’s logo, changing the colors, and controlling the content. This theme supports widgets and works on both desktop and mobile devices. Pricing starts at $49.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Dynamix

Designed by ThemeForest, the Dynamix theme is a best seller with convenient features and ease of customization. The homepage features a large content slider, a menu navigation bar and space for your logo. The modern theme lives up to its name and is really quite dynamic with these features: multiple color skins for exterior and interior elements and with optional color effects, JQuery presentation sliders with tabbed content galleries, grid view option, and full widget support. Pricing starts at $55.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Spectrum

The Spectrum theme from WooThemes is a powerful theme for those wanting lots of content space, particularly news sites or magazine companies. The theme starts with a double menu system with the top menu displaying your pages and the bottom menu displaying the categories. There is a slide bar for featured content. Customization options include sidebar options and multiple color styles. Other features – advertising management, social networking integration, widget-ready, shortcodes, and search engine optimization. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Geo Places

The Geo Places theme from Templatic is ideal for city directories. The theme allows anybody to enter input about places and the ability to use Google maps to provide location information. Users can also enter events with detailed information. Theme elements include multiple color schemes, desired feature positions, banner slider customization, advertising management, coupon abilities, and blog options. Pricing starts at $99.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Smooth

The Smooth theme is another from SoloStream that functions great as a magazine site and can also be configured as a standard blog site. The bold design is very eye catching and intriguing to readers. Additional features for the Smooth theme include sidebars, widget-ready, column layout options, navigation bars, multiple color schemes, advertisement management, a preset company logo area, fully coded, and is search engine optimized. This theme has several licensing options. Pricing starts at $59.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Velvet

The Velvet theme provided by ThemeForest is classy and sophisticated for professional users and offers minimal design for personal users. This theme offers a template builder for creation of your own page designs and a Ken Burns Slider that allows for zoom functionality and image effects. This theme can be configured for many types of slideshows which is ideal for portfolios. A JQuery library allows the scripted features to fade. Changes can be made to this theme design including color schemes and shortcodes. Pricing starts at $45.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: WP-Genius

Designed by SoloStream, the WP-Genius theme opens with a dramatic header, a dropdown navigation menu and an attractive image slider. The theme makes great use of modern technologies – gravatars, widgets, fully coded, separate color schemes, page templates, content slider, automatic thumbnail resizing, banner advertisement management, blog capabilities, threaded comments, and social networking integration. This theme has licensing options. Pricing starts at $59.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Sublime

SoloStream designed the Sublime theme for blogs, a magazine or news site, or a general content website. This theme covers lots of content space but does not appear crowded to readers. There is a control panel for users to customize the theme for a more unique appearance – 9 color schemes, content slider, widget-ready, integrated social networking websites, and advertising management. Sublime is search engine optimized. A developer’s license is available. Pricing starts at $59.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Boast

This sleek design was created by WooThemes. Located on the homepage are scrolling widget boxes where text and images can be placed. This theme has subdued colors and rounded corners and really is matchless. The homepage slideshow does not automatically change allowing users to select the posts they want to see. There is also a sub-feature area for expanded information. This theme has flexible layouts, optional widget space, blog options, is SEO, and offers several navigation selections. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Sealight

Sealight is a business theme, crafted by WooThemes, to showcase products. This theme has info boxes, a testimonial section, and a highlighted slideshow to present your best products and sales pitch. There is a pricing template included with the theme. This theme supports videos, has multiple color schemes and layouts, is widget-ready, has a sidebar manager, has custom shortcodes, and is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Fullside

Created by ChimeraThemes, the Fullside theme allows for professionalism but not stuffiness. The theme is designed for corporate websites or photographer portfolios. The conservative look is easy to navigate with its top dropdown menu, large content slider and open content space below. Additional features include search engine optimization, breadcrumb links, full coding, widget-ready, blog options, sidebars, and 20 shortcodes. Pricing starts at $37.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Coffee Break

The Coffee Break theme from WooThemes has a simple yet modern appearance. Although the name is relaxed, the features are advanced; this theme is all about content arrangement. This theme offers 17 different styles, localization support, and compatible with all major browsers, fully coded, custom page templates, supports widgets, and integration of social networking. This theme works well for personal or professional users. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Delegate

This sleek design by WooThemes allows users to reach their clientele by showcasing their products and services with flexible and easy-to-use functionalities. The stylish homepage features a large JQuery slider with image, video and text options. This theme contains call to actions and customizable buttons and can display a traditional blog. Users can change the color schemes, add widgets, integrate social media links, and manage advertising. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Feature Pitch

This classic theme from WooThemes is great for product sales without a storefront. This theme is simple and professional, using tabbed browsing and a sidebar video player to provide an easy way for content management. Feature Pitch includes breadcrumb navigation, multiple color schemes, widgets, incorporated social networking sites, call to action and subscriber links, and automatic thumbnail resizing. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: FitPro

The FitPro theme from PressCoders was definitely designed for the fitness industry and fitness professionals. Users for this theme have two goals – to stay fit and maintain an easy website! Fitness professionals can list their services and sell products including eBooks, videos and other items. A member-forum can also be created to communicate with clients, gather information or send emails about marking specials. Special elements for this theme – widget-ready, social networking integration, contact form, multiple color skins, unlimited support and video tutorials, jQuery integration, template and layout options, and search engine optimization. Pricing starts at $79.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Premier

The Premier theme from WooThemes is all about video management and the multimedia enterprise. Whether you are a professional or amateur, this theme is highly customizable. The video elements of the theme are what’s unique and make the theme stand above others. Premier elements include page templates, interactive functions, a video slider, custom widgets, sidebar options, footer sections, and automatic thumbnail resizing. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Phosphorus

Designed by Shape5, the modern and attractive Phosphorus theme is very versatile and great for both professional designers and amateurs. There is plenty of text space included with this theme. This theme offers 7 different color schemes, search engine optimization, typography options, 37 widget positions, and 9 different widget styles. Pricing starts at $50.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Diner

Designed by WooThemes, the Diner theme was created with restaurants, bars and caterers in mind. The Diner theme showcases your restaurant space, best dishes or cocktails, your menu, take reservations online, space for your guests to contact you and even rate your dishes. The theme offers space for content and images to tempt your customers. Extra features for the Diner theme include page templates, Google maps integration, a selection of color skins, 8 widget areas and 15 custom widgets, compatible with all modern browsers, sidebar options, and localization. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: The Journal

Another WooThemes design, this theme was created for newspaper websites. The organization and universal layout of the theme presents news information online in a very classy and effective manner. This theme is timeless and sophisticated and offers so many customizable elements. Layout options, plenty of room for content and images, navigation systems, widget support, a rotating slider, ten separate color schemes, localization, and automatic image resizing. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Eventina Magazine

Designed by WPZoom, the Eventina Magazine theme provides a solution for a multitude of businesses and users and is ideal for a magazine or blog site. There is lots of space in different content areas without being overly distracting. The biggest feature is the standout vertical menu on top. Other favorite elements include social networking integration, widget-ready, image slider, 10 separate color schemes, fully coded, advertising management, and complete localization. Licensing options are available. Pricing starts at $69.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Olya

Another WooThemes design, the Olya theme was designed to meet the needs of all business users, especially professional designers who need a universal theme for a client starting point. The Olya theme responds well to all screen resolutions. The theme is provided with plenty of features and customization options – a homepage content slider, third-party plugins, search engine optimization, custom contact page and team pages, full localization, and Google maps integration. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Sliding

The Sliding theme from WooThemes is a versatile and reliable e-Commerce design. The design is easy to browse, is highly customizable, and has feature plugins. A large image slider on the homepage showcases featured products. Additional features for the Sliding theme include search engine optimization, automatic thumbnail resizing, navigation menus, compliant codes, multiple color schemes, and various page templates. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Mocha

Created by StudioPress, the contemporary and sleek Mocha theme is great for bloggers that feature music, the arts, contemporary culture or trendy subjects. The theme offers great space for plenty of text with lots of customizable and advanced features. There are layout options, sidebar preferences, navigation levels, search engine optimized, fully coded, advertising management, and localization. StudioPress offers unlimited support and automatic updates. Pricing starts at $79.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: EarthlyTouch

Elegant Themes designed the EarthlyTouch theme that has a soft and calm appearance for any blogger wanting a professional or more personal look. The simple layout allows for blog readers to interact with each other. The theme offers so many innovative concepts – multiple color schemes, blog incorporation, automatic thumbnail resizing, powerful shortcodes, and compatible with all major browsers. Pricing starts at $39.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: WP-FolioTheme

This theme from SoloStream was designed for photographers to showcase their professional portfolios. This design allows for plenty of images and content as well. There is a designated area for your company name and logo to be displayed and multiple theme page options. Additional features include secure coding, 9 color schemes, advertising management, search engine optimization, an author page, and 4 different layout options. This design comes with 3 different licenses. Pricing starts at $59.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Outreach

Designed by StudioPress, the Outreach theme was created for churches, ministries, and other nonprofit organizations. The theme’s tasteful appearance and its bold background with easy to read typography will appeal to any generation. This theme offers a great deal of powerful features including blog incorporation, custom widgets, and sidebar options. This theme offers online tutorials and unlimited support. Pricing starts at $79.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Family Tree

From StudioPress, the Family Tree theme is very fun and chic and is appropriate for any family-oriented site. This theme offers basic levels of customization as well as advanced levels for skilled programmers. The bright and cheery theme offers many features and options including layout options, sidebar choices, gallery feature, six layout options, and threaded comments. This theme comes with a great support package. Pricing starts at $79.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: eBusiness

Created by Elegant Themes, the eBusiness design has a softer feel while still retaining the look of professionalism. The smooth and expert look of the theme is ideal for any new business and is compatible with a number of browsers and is completely localized. Other features for the Crisp theme include a traditional blog layout or abbreviated layout, widget-ready sidebars, gravatar-ready, collection of shortcodes, 3 separate skins and 9 color schemes, automatic thumbnail generation, and navigation options. Pricing starts at $39.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Crisp

From WooThemes, the Crisp theme is best for bloggers who want a professional look provided with minimal efforts, automated features, and ability to use multimedia. The savvy theme incorporates images, bide, audio, and thoughts and musings. The crisp and clean design offers a mix of functionality and flexibility with these features – multimedia elements including “auto-magically”, custom widgets, QuickPress, five stylish color schemes, image gallery, sidebar options, and a Timeline generator. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Optimize

The Optimize theme from WooThemes is a beautiful business theme for any business wanting to optimize their trade. There is space provided for your company logo and a menu navigation bar. A large image (or video) on the homepage allows for showcasing your product or service. There are thumbnails below for an optional sub-featured area. A twitter box can be added to your page as well as a Qutoes box for product testimonials. Additional features: layout options, JQuery effects, PrettyPhoto light box, blog integration, portfolio options, 22 color schemes, background color options, widget-ready, advertising management, and comes with shortcodes. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Estate

From WooThemes, the Estate design is “the most advanced real estate theme for WordPress”. The Estate theme uses the “Properties” management facility and allows users to search according to their own specifications. This theme should become the new home for your online business. Additional features: Google maps integration, homepage slider, page templates, nine color choices, and automatic image resizing. Pricing starts at $70.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: WP-Launch

The WP-Launch theme from SoloStream is great for bloggers and also has a built-in magazine style option that allows for a professional website creation. The text is legible with the bold background colors. Additional features: multiple color skins, a content slider, monetization and advertising management, social networking integration, and thumbnail handling. This theme is search engine optimized. Licensing options are available. Pricing starts at $59.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Streamline

Designed by StudioPress, the Streamline theme layout emphasizes readability and flow and is perfect for serious and non-serious businesses and for profit-driven and hobby bloggers. The sleek and modern theme offers many powerful features and functions including six separate layouts including a magazine-style layout, sidebar options, fully coded, multimedia incorporation, advertising management, and search engine optimized. The theme comes with unlimited support and updates. Pricing starts at $79.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: WP-Vybe

This hip WP-Vybe theme from SoloStream was designed for contemporary and pop culture businesses. The homepage has a menu bar, a sidebar, and tons of places for content and images. The theme’s features include built-in color schemes (including light and dark), permanent codes, content slider, SEO, personalized author page, banner advertisements, and layout options including columns. This theme is geared for commercial development purposes. Pricing starts at $59.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: MobilityApp

Also from ThemeFuse is the MobilityApp, which showcases applications for smartphones and other mobile devices. This theme is designed to work with all current browsers. Convenient features with this theme include shortcodes, layout changes, different color schemes, and two different image sliders. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $49.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: BonPress

Another WPZoom theme, the BonPress design has a very classic look for any blogger wanting to take their blog to a higher level. The powerful theme is easy to manage and comes with a host of features – video and audio display, custom widgets, menu options, shortcodes, four color styles, search engine optimization, automatic thumbnail generator, and social networking integration. Pricing starts at $69.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: SportsMag

Magazine3 has created the SportsMag theme for…. Sports! The magazine style design was designed to be as accessible as possible and will accommodate any screen size including 8 different devices, including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Additional features – fully coded, search engine optimized, unlimited skins and color schemes, readily accepts widgets, social networking integration, a contact form template, and automatic thumbnail generation. Pricing starts at $49.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Magic Design

The stylish Magic Design from Template Monster has bold typography and a retro appearance. Designed for businesses, this theme has multiple content areas and some very advanced features. The large image slider centers on the homepage with the menu navigation above that. There are four different cells for content and below that are three areas for additional content. The theme also includes a footer section and social networking integration, Licensing options are available. Pricing starts at $64.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Oxygen

Designed by ThemeForest, the Oxygen design is about portfolio presentation and allows users to administer and present features needed to create a unique site according to your style. This theme features three different styles, one, two, and three-column options, photo gallery, blog incorporation, automatic thumbnail generation, ability to add multimedia, five custom widgets, sidebar options, six different color variations, threaded comments, shortcodes, social networking integration, and page templates. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $40.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Vulcan

Another ThemeForest design, the Vulcan theme is a soft and classy theme for any business or organization. The homepage has a JQuery image slider with space below for content. From the admin panel the color scheme and page templates can be altered. Other set features include widgets, search engine optimization, shortcodes, compatibility with all modern browsers, and automatic image resizing. Pricing starts at $45.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: FitMag

This design from Template Monster is a magazine-type style theme. The active front page optimizes the space and allows for plenty of content and is ideal for sharing several articles and multiple images. This theme offers a great deal of flexibility and includes these elements: headlines and subheads, widget-ready spaces, sidebar and footer options, dropdown menus, fixed width, sliders, and social media integration. Pricing starts at $65.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Trendis

The responsive Trendis theme from ThemeForest is packed with options and is suitable for any professional or personal user. Those options for customization include localization, Google maps integration, content carousels and sliders, custom widgets, several different templates, blog incorporation, portfolio and gallery templates, and social media integration. This theme works with all modern browsers and is compatible with all screen sizes. Pricing starts at $40.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: Flexible

Designed by Elegant Themes, this Flexible theme is extremely versatile from top to bottom. This theme has multimedia capabilities added to a minimalistic style. There are dropdown menu options including multiple categories. Additional features include navigation bar, slider, unlimited color schemes, typography options, widget-ready areas and custom widgets, full shortcodes, blog and portfolio integration, search engine optimization, developer’s license options, and social media incorporation. Pricing starts at $39.  More Info | Buy Now

Theme: ArtSee

Another Elegant Themes design, the ArtSee theme is designed to showcase visual photographic content and is perfect for portfolio blog websites. This sleek design is very powerful and is packed with features. These features and elements are included with this theme: full localization, shortcodes, fully widget-ready areas with custom widgets, sidebar options, and one or two column layouts. This theme supports social media, is search engine optimized and has built-in search engine optimization. Pricing starts at $39.  More Info | Buy Now There you have our review of the 50 best orange WordPress themes on WPHub. If you have an orange theme that you love but did not make our list we would like to hear from you in our comments section below.

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