The folks at WooThemes have been staying busy over the last few months, as they work to completely revamp the official website, premium themes, plugins, support and more. A couple of weeks ago, we brought you the news that Woo had dumped its custom built WooMember management system in favor of WooCommerce. On October 24th, the company announced its new “Features” And “Testimonials” free plugins, which include a widget, template tag and shortcode for displaying your company’s services and what customers have to say about them.

WooThemes Founder Adii Pienaar

Now, as the annual WooTrip (a yearly excursion where all WooThemes team members who work remotely around the world get together in one location to brainstorm) winds down in Cape Town, South Africa, Woo founder Adii Pienaar (pictured) posted that the firm is now focusing on improving its customer support.

The major change that appears in the works is a move from the Uservoice system to Zendesk. In his October 30th blog post, Pienaar explained the logic behind changing to a new customer support platform, stating that “UserVoice hasn’t been working. It’s given us a better dashboard to respond to your queries, but the compromises we & the WooCommunity have made to get that, has been too great. After searching high & low, we settled on Zendesk and have spent the last couple of weeks working with their team to make sure that Zendesk could work for us & the WooCommunity.”

What Does Zendesk Offer For Woo?

Pienaar outlined what he expected the new customer service platform to do in terms of helping both Woo Team Members and current subscribers in streamlining the support process. There are four main tasks that Zendesk will need to perform according to the post. First, a central dashboard is needed that will permit the Woo Support Team to respond to support inquiries efficiently.

Next, the Woo staff needs a way to obtain a significant amount of analytics data on tickets that are created in order to prioritize them and identify areas that require immediate attention. Thirdly, current members must be able to easily track all the support inquiries they’ve submitted and finally, resolved tickets need to be entered into a searchable database for future reference.

Zendesk Agent Interface

Zendesk Pricing Plans

Generally speaking both Uservoice and Zendesk are similarly priced, with three or more service packages available to companies on a “per-agent” basis that offer escalating privileges and features with each price increase. The Regular plan is billed as the ideal option for small firms that need multi-channel ticketing organization while the Plus and Enterprise subscriber schemes are more geared toward larger customer service teams that require company-wide visibility.

Zendesk Pricing Plans

Support Ticket Tracking And Community Forum

Pienaar laid out how the front end user experience will change for Woo customers. “From the WooCommunity’s perspective, you will still be able to log a support ticket and we’ll still have an integrated Knowledgebase (as we’ve had with UserVoice). The main change is that Zendesk has built-in functionality to track all of your tickets on, which means we don’t need use UserVoice’s buggy API to do that on”

Above all else, the WooCommunity appears to love the idea that the site’s forum will be making a comeback. This is due to the fact that the Zendesk software supports a community forum.

There are also several other areas that are up for review, including increasing the amount of WooThemes team members. “We’ve grown significantly in the last year (from 10 to 25) and 90% of those new team members have slotted into the Support Team. We’ve already confirmed that we’ll have one new WooCommerce Ninja joining on 1 December and are hoping to confirm another within the next week,” the founder wrote.

The amount of WooThemes transparency has improved greatly over the last few months, and we will continue to keep our readers informed on any news coming out of the firm’s South Africa HQ as it happens. For now, we’re pleased to see that the vast majority of WooCommunity comments have been positive and that the actual October 30th blog post has over 60 shares between Facebook and Twitter.

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