One of the world’s leading theme companies, WooThemes, recently finished revamping its website and product catalog to coincide with an all-out makeover of its popular premium downloads. The most significant of those changes comes with the retirement of the “WooMember” management system, which makes way for the full integration of the WooCommerce plugin.

Why did WooThemes move?

In a blog post published at the beginning of this month, WooThemes Co-Founder Mark Forrester told loyal customers that the overhaul was sparked by the company’s need to cater to “multiple product checkout,” adding that it is now time to put the free plugin to “the ultimate test.” According to the blog post, the WooCommerce plugin already boasts more than 300,000 users with 200 products.

What’s New At WooThemes?

Basically, just about every region of the website has been re-done in some fashion, beginning with the homepage and extending to the themes page, plugins page, individual theme listings and extension listings. Forrester calls the modifications a “new coat of paint” and, judging from the 160+ comments left by fans and current customers, the preliminary reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. “New site looks Amazing! Well done ninjas! :),” replied one WooThemes subscriber who goes by the first name of Estella.

Woo Themes Redesign Blog Post

Another user who goes by the name of Mark added, “I’ll be the first to say I’m not a WooThemes Customer, however I am an avid reader and follower, but the new site is looking superb I must say. I find it much more smoother on the eyes, and everything just appears to blend together.”

Did WooThemes Price Change?

WooThemes has also introduced tiered licensing and support packages, which means there will be price changes going forward that affect the firm’s current customers. The link I’ve provided above (in this paragraph) will take you to an in-depth blog post by Co-Founder Adii Pienaar that explains why the price modifications were necessary.

General Prices
Club Prices

Recently Released Themes

Athena Small

We’ve been busy here at WPHub making sure that we keep up with the latest premium WordPress themes by providing our readers with reviews of products that have become commercially available over the last couple of months. Athena by WooThemes is built on the WooCommerce framework and works well with the WooDojo plugin bundles that can be downloaded for free. If you need an online point of sale for your merchandise, a flexible product to showcase your high-resolution work, a well-rounded theme for your business or all of the above, then Athena is a solid choice; not to mention it’s fully responsive.

Scrollider small

Released in August, the Scrollider theme was given its name due to the way the homepage content “scrolls” over the featured post slider; making for a unique front-end experience. This premium download can also be used for many business aims, including as an e-Commerce retail framework that is capable of mass merchandise promotion and sales.

Both themes are currently being offered through either single license packages or broader subscription plans; depending on the needs of each client.

Reviewing And Making Plans

An October 8th blog post by Pienaar published on the company’s official site communicated just how busy the administration and staff have been over the past week. After thanking WooThemes’ customers and readers for their patience, the Co-Founder wrote, “This was hopefully our last post-hack, cleansing process and we’re excited about being more responsive & more agile as a result of the hard yards we’ve put into fixing our foundation & core.”

Among the most well-received news items from the post was the mention that the WooThemes forum will be making a comeback. This will give current and future users an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, submit concerns and review newly released themes within a community-based environment.

Here at WPHub, we will continue to maintain a close eye on the WooThemes overhaul and provide our readers with more news as we receive it.

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