Webworks is a beautiful creative WordPress design that was released last week. It’s a versatile theme that comes with lots of different layout and customisation options though it was clearly developed for personal blogs and portfolios. To give you a better understanding of what this theme can do, I previewed all the major page templates and options Webworks offers in this post.

Webworks Theme Overview

The theme was set up to have 5 different sections: home, about, portfolio, blog and contact. There are 4 different home page layouts to choose from. 4 widget areas are at the bottom of the page and there is a navigation menu and copyright notice underneath too.

WebWorks WordPress Theme

Each layout features a different layout for your menu. They are essentially 4 variations of the same menu however they look great. When a user hovers over a menu link the changes colour. It’s all very stylish and complements the design perfectly.

WebWorks Home Page Options

Every page can have their own background image set. This is showcased beautifully in the about page. It really makes pages stand out and helps present a professional image.

WebWorks About Page

WebWorks Portfolio

There are 9 portfolio templates in total: 6 different slider templates and 3 grid templates for those who prefer to just display thumbnails. When a visitor clicks on an image a lightbox powered pop up appears with the full size image. The visitor can browse other images from this pop up and share the image via Twitter and Facebook.

All of the portfolio templates look great. I have no doubt that a lot of photographers will be looking at this design.

WebWorks Portfolio

Thankfully, the blog template wasn’t an afterthought, it’s just as stylish as the rest of the site. Large featured image thumbnails are used for posts and there is direct links to post comments. There’s sharing links integrated into this area too. Common social media icons are integrated underneath posts so that visitors can share your content. The social media links are quite basic though so you would be advised to find a good social media plugin instead.

WebWorks Blog

The contact page template looks great. The page has effectively been divided into three columns with user entering their details on the left hand side and their message in the centre of the page. General contact information for you and your website can be displayed in the right column.

WebWorks Contact Page

I was quite surprised to see a frequently asked questions template built directly into the theme. There are few themes that come with an in-built FAQ template. It’s a welcome addition and something that I’m sure many WordPress users will take advantage of.

WebWorks FAQ

The resume template is the perfect companion for the about page. General information is displayed at the top of the template with details of skills and experience underneath. Logos for clients you have did work for can be inserted into the bottom of the template too.

Another template that I didn’t expect to see was the under construction template. You can collect email addresses of visitors here and there is a countdown clock that counts down until the launch of your site.

The included 404 page looks great though in my opinion it isn’t very practical. The navigation menu is shown above the 404 image however there is no search field or any links to archives here. This is probably not a major problem for a portfolio website though if the blog is being actively updated a 404 page with links to category and date archives would be better.

At the top of every page of the design is a button that says ‘Connect’.

When a visitor clicks on the connect button a series of social media profile icon links are shown. This is a cool way of discretely hiding a lot of profile links with the one button.

Webworks also comes with a lot of great short codes built in to help you style your content. There are short codes for embedding Vimeo and YouTube videos into content, boxes, buttons, columns, sliders, tool tips, tables and more. Over 50 Google fonts are supported too and you can use a different CSS class for each post and page to give each page on your site a unique look.

I was very impressed with what Webworks can do. It would be a great design for a personal website or portfolio. A license for WebWorks retails for only $35 from ThemeForest and comes with the original Photoshop PSD files. I recommend seeing the design in action to get a better understanding of what it can do.

Good luck,

Link: Webworks Ultimate & Unique WordPress Theme

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