Visual Composer for WordPress, Drag and Drop Interface

Visual Composer is a drag and drop interface WordPress plugin by WPBakery that allows you to create complex layouts on your site in minutes.

You don’t use Visual Composer in a separate area like drag and drop frameworks. Once you have installed the plugin you will see a button above your post editor that allows you to activate the visual composer.

Integrating the visual composer directly into the post editor works much better in my opinion as it saves you having to move between different pages in your admin area.

Visual Composer for WordPress

There are two main icons. The first one lets you access the popular layout options (columns). You can choose to divide your content into 2, 3 or 4 columns (or a combination).

Visual Composer for WordPress

The content elements section features all the tools and options that make Visual Composer unique. From here you can add dividers, widgets, social media voting buttons, galleries and much more.

Visual Composer for WordPress

The plugin is very easy to use. You simply need to create your layout and then drag the content you want into the area you want it placed. It will probably take you a few attempts to get the design you are trying to get.

This is the layout I created two minutes after installing Visual Composer:

Visual Composer for WordPress

Each content element has an edit and delete icon at the top right hand side of the box. When you click on the edit icon you are shown different ways of customising the content element. What you can do depends on what content element you are using.

For example, with the gallery element you can easily change the type of image slider that is being used, the size of images and add and remove images from the gallery. It’s very straight forward to use.

Visual Composer for WordPress

Once you get used to Visual Composer you’ll be creating amazing layouts on your website. The demo at WPBakery is a great example of what can be achieved if you spent some time with the plugin.

Visual Composer for WordPress

It’s worth stressing that Visual Composer is not a theme framework, though the way the plugin works is very similar to drag and drop theme frameworks like Headway. In many ways, it’s a framework for your content 🙂

I’ve not used other plugins that allow you to style your content to the extent that Visual Composer does. It allows you to easily create multiple columns, add galleries and change background colours to help bring your articles to life. Most plugins and themes that help you style your content do so using shortcodes and don’t use a friendly user drag and drop user interface like Visual Composer.

A license for Visual Composer retails for only $25 at CodeCanyon; which is a great price when you consider the functionality it adds to your website. I recommend checking it out if you are looking for to style your content.


Link: Visual Composer

* Thanks to WPBakery for providing access to a demo area in order to test this plugin.