Teena from Article Smarticle recently asked how you show top authors on the WordPress sidebar.

Listing authors in the sidebar is very easy using the wp_list_authors function. By using the orderby parameter you can list authors by a number of ways including name, registration date and post count.

If you are uncomfortable modifying your templates directly then you may want to try one of the many plugins that allow you to list authors via a widget. Today I would like to share with you some of the best 🙂

1. Top Authors

A great plugin that gives you a number of ways to present your top authors. You can list authors by text if you want:

Top Authors WordPress Plugin

Alternatively, you can display the list using the authors gravatar:

Top Authors WordPress Plugin

The HTML template that powers the list can also be modified directly via the top authors widget:

Top Authors WordPress Plugin

Top Authors: Download

2. Top Contributors

An easy to use plugin that can show top authors or top commentators. Author gravatar is built in by default.

Top Contributors WordPress Plugin

Top Contributors: Information | Download

3. KNR Author List Widget

The KNR author list widget has a number of different options. You can set whether admins, editors and contributors are included in the list and there is a wide range of ways to order authors too.

KNR Author List Widget

The default output is very basic though the plugin does offer gravatar support and the list can be styled using cusom CSS classes through the widget.

KNR Author List Widget

KNR Author List Widget: Download

4. List Authors Plus

An interesting plugin that offers a lot of options as to how your author list is displayed. Unfortunately, the plugin does not have gravatar support though you can add a link to the authors RSS feed.

List Authors Plus WordPress Plugin

List Authors Plus: Download

5. Linkify Authors

A very basic plugin that lists authors of you specify manually. This is suitable for those who are looking for a basic list of a small selection of authors however those who want are looking for an automated list with gravatar support should use a different author list plugin.

Linkify Authors WordPress Plugin

Linkify Authors: Information | Download

6. List Authors

The only plugin I came across that let you list authors separated by comma and by than bullet points (you could of course do this via CSS with other plugins but here it is built in). One of its best features is the ability to link directly to the authors feed with an RSS feed image and link. The list can also be ordered by name instead of post count.

List Authors WordPress Plugin

No gravatar support however those are would prefer to simply list authors all at once separated by commas may want to check this out.

List Authors WordPress Plugin

List Authors: Download

7. Authors Widget

Arguably the best plugin to list your authors as it features gravatar support, author RSS feed links and the ability to display results as a list or as a drop down.

Authors Widget WordPress Plugin

The list can be ordered by name, first name, last name or post count. The size of the gravatar can be changed from the widget too and the number of authors can be restricted to a set amount.

Authors Widget WordPress Plugin

Authors Widget: Information | Download

Another plugin that you may be interested in is Weighted Random Authors, which gives authors a chance to be featured on your sidebar depending on how many posts they have. I tested WP Authors as well but that doesn’t list authors by post count.

I hope you have found this list useful.

Good luck,

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