Theme My Login is a simple WordPress plugin that themes your login page according to your current theme; it does this by creating a new page on your blog specifically for logging in.

What is Theme My Login Plugin?

In other words, instead of the usual WordPress logo and login box on a plain page at, you’ll get a login page that is part of your theme at

Once you installed, Theme My Login adds a new sub-menu to the Settings menu. You’ll see two tabbed sections of options here: basic and modules.

Theme My Login Features

Under basic, you’ll see a spot to enter the “page ID” of your login page and by default it’s already filled in. This is because the plugin automatically creates a login page for you upon installation. Also, if you choose to uninstall the plugin, the page will be automatically deleted as well.

Next is the option to show or hide the login page in your page list. Lastly, you can choose to save “theme-my-login.css” in your current theme directly. The purpose of this is so that you can maintain your stylesheet changes between upgrades.

So basically, everything under basic can be left as-is since these are the best options.

Theme My Plugin Module Options

Under modules each option, when enabled, will add a new tab to the options area – thus creating more features for you to customize.

  • Enable custom e-mail – customize new user, retrieve password, and reset password email messages
  • Enable custom passwords – this lets new users create their own password, instead of the default method of WordPress sending new users a temporary password
  • Enable custom redirection – customize where to send users after they have successfully logged in and after they have logged out
  • Enable custom user links – add custom links for each user to use based on their role (admin, editor, author, contributor, subscribe)
  • Enable security – choose how many failed login attempts it takes to lockout a user
  • Enable themed profiles – make the profile page part of your theme as well (will display as a page on your blog instead of in the dashboard)
  • Enable user moderation – choose a moderation level for new users (steps that have to be taken before they can login): none, e-mail confirmation, or admin approval

Final Thoughts

Even though there are WordPress plugins available that allow you to customize the default login page, using Theme My Login is more convenient and easier to customize.

Think about it, since it’s an actual page on your blog, you can just edit the page and add a personal message, ads, or anything else you want to the login page. Plus, it shows your users that you took the time to customize your blog right down to the login page. Everyone has the same default login page and this plugin really makes yours stand out.

Link: Theme My Login

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