Jeremy Schoemaker yesterday announced the release of a great WordPress link management plugin that he has released for free.

ShoeMoney Content Link Manager WordPress Plugin lets you replace keywords in your existing posts and pages with links.

What ShoeMoney Content Link Manager Can Do For You

It’s very straightforward to use. All you have to do is enter a keyword or keyphrase and the plugin will search all of your previous articles and list those that contain your keywords.

Content Link Manager WordPress Plugin

At the bottom of the list of posts that contain your keywords or keyphrase, you will see an option to replace keywords with your chosen link. It has two really useful features. Firstly, you can set the maximum number of replacements per article. Secondly, you can choose to make all of the replacement links nofollow; which is useful if you are inserting advertising into your content.

Content Link Manager WordPress Plugin

Summary changes on blogs

After you have selected which articles you want to be modified, you are shown a summary of the changes you just made. It informs of the number of articles that were modified, the number of links that were added, and whether the links had the nofollow tag attached to them.

It also shows you the article before and after the changes were made and there is a link to the version which is currently live on your website. You can easily undo any changes you made by using the undo link.

Content Link Manager WordPress Plugin

Special Features of ShoeMoney Content Link Manager

In my opinion, this undo feature is what sets Content Link Manager manager apart from other link replacement plugins. The plugin saves all the changes you have ever made to your articles. You can view each change you made in detail and undo changes individually if you want. Alternatively, you can click the undo all link to remove all the changes that were made in a particular modification.

You would find this useful in a number of scenarios, not only when you make a mistake you want to correct. For example, you could quickly add replace 10 keywords on your website with an advertisers link. At the end of the advertising period you would simply need to click the undo all link to remove their links from your site and return your content back to normal. Most other link replacement plugins make a permanent change to your article in your database that can’t be reversed automatically.

Content Link Manager WordPress Plugin

The plugin also allows you to edit existing links on your website. All you have to do is search for a specific URL on your site and the plugin will list every post that contains a link to that website address.

Content Link Manager WordPress Plugin

You can edit your links in a number of ways. If a website has changed it’s domain name or moved a page elsewhere on it’s site, you can simply change the link URL. This is also useful for updating affiliate links (though you really should be using an link cloaker for your affiliate links). You also have the option of adding or removing the nofollow tag from your links.

Content Link Manager WordPress Plugin

ShoeMoney Plugin Errors

I tested Content Link Manager in my test area with the latest version of WordPress. As with all plugins I test for WP Mods, no other plugins were activated when I tested the plugin to ensure that nothing could conflict with it.

Unfortunately, it still generated lots of errors. Something in the plugin seemed to conflict with code in the Twenty Eleven functions template. I tried the plugin with other themes in my test area and the same problems with functions.php occurred.

Content Link Manager Errors

Out of curiosity I installed it on (i.e. a live site). Whilst it still generated an error with my theme functions.php template, it also conflicted with lots of my plugins.

Content Link Manager Errors

On occasions, a small plugin error does no real harm to your website. Unfortunately, due to the number of conflictions the plugin generated, it made WPMods unusable.

Content Link Manager Errors


Without doubt, Content Link Manager is one of the best link replacement plugins I have used. Most keyword and link replacement plugins will set you back some money however Content Link Manager can be downloaded for free if you sign up to the Shoemoney newsletter (which you can always unsubscribe from). It’s a fantastic plugin that I’m sure many of will find useful.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend using the plugin at the present moment because of the errors it generates. I believe Jeremy is aware of these problems though so I expect this to be resolved very soon. I’ll make a point of updating this article once the plugin has been repaired.

Good luck,

LinkShoeMoney Content Link Manager WordPress Plugin

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