Restrict Content Pro is a premium membership, subscription, and content manager from plugin developer Pippin Williamson. The plugin is very easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Can you add members to Restrict Content Pro?

Adding members to a subscription is very easy. You just need to select the subscription level the member should have and the expiration date. The subscriber’s page lists all members and gives details of their subscription such as the level and whether they have signed up to a recurring payment.

Restrict Content Pro Members

Membership levels

For each membership level you can determine the length the membership lasts. You can set memberships to last forever or define a set number of days, months or years. Discounts can be set up for membership plans too. You can set the discount to be a flat fee or a percentage of the membership cost.

Restrict Content Pro Subscriber Levels

The payments page details all payments that have been received for your membership plans so far. The user who signed up, the amount they paid and the subscription level they purchased are all displayed.

Restrict Content Pro Payments

Pay only via PayPal

PayPal is the only payment gateway that can be used with the plugin currently. The vast majority of membership sites online use PayPal for payments so this shouldn’t be a major problem for most of you. Though the addition of a few additional payment gateways would certainly be welcomed.

23 different currencies can be selected though you can’t offer different prices for different countries. That is, you can’t offer a membership plan based in US dollars, euros and British pounds. It’s not a major issue though as PayPal converts prices into a users local currency.

Restrict Content Pro PayPal

Via the settings area you can write messages for visitors who aren’t permitted to see free content (i.e. they haven’t registered) and those who aren’t permitted to see premium content (i.e. those who haven’t paid).

The registration page and the page that members are redirected to after signing up can be defined in the signup forms page.The page that users see if they aren’t permitted to see the content can also be defined and you can enable recaptcha on the sign up page to reduce spam.

Restrict Content Pro Signup Forms

Sending e-mails to users

You can set the emails that are sent to users via the admin area. There are different email templates for members who just activated their account (paid and free), members who have cancelled their subscription, expired accounts and those who have signed up to a trial.

Members and payment details can be downloaded in CSV format. This is useful for tracking data on a spreadsheet and building a graph of your membership activity.

Restrict Content Pro Export

Pippin has used the WordPress help tab to walk through each part of the plugin for new users. The dedicated help page also has videos that walk you through using the plugin and tutorials that help you address common issues.

What I love about Restrict Content Pro is its simplicity. It’s very easy to use. Due to this, you will have your membership plans setup in just a few minutes. Pippin is also planning on releasing add ons for the plugin for free. His first release is a mail chimp add on that lets users sign up to your newsletter during the sign up process. I’m sure we will see some great add ons released in the future.

A license for Restrict Content Pro retails for $30 from CodeCanyon. I recommend checking it out if you are looking for a membership or content restriction plugin.


Link: Restrict Content Pro

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