How To Move WordPress Posts and Custom Post Types?

Reordering posts on WordPress can be a bit of a hassle. Because WordPress displays posts in the chronological order you publish them in this usually means going back through your archives and manually editing the dates for each post.

While this method “tricks” WordPress into changing the order of your posts, it’s hardly the seamless solution many people are craving. Thankfully we have this nifty little plugin called Post Types Order Plugin. With this plugin it’s possible to create a drag and drop interface that allows you to quickly and easily re-order your posts – including custom post types.

Install Post Types Order Plugin

Here’s how:

First, as always, go to the Plugins Directory and download the Post Types Order Plugin. Once you have the zipped file for this plugin go to Plugins > Add New > Upload in your WordPress admin and install the plugin.

Post Types Order Zipped

As soon as the plugin is installed and activated you’ll notice this new addition to your settings menu.


You’ll want to click on that, go to the plugin’s general settings page and click save after making the appropriate adjustments.


Now that you’ve saved the settings you’ll notice that when you click on Posts, a new “re-order” option shows up at the bottom. Click on Re-Order and you’ll see this drag and drop interface.


Once here all you have to do is drag and drop your posts into your desired order. Easy as that!

Final Thought

This is a really helpful plugin for anyone who wants or needs to do post re-ordering on a regular basis. I could see Post Types Order really helping if you install a new theme and want to feature some older content on the front page or something like that. It’s really quite nice. Or at least that’s my opinion. Have you used this plugin before? Maybe you’ve found another tool that makes re-order posts easy? Let us know in the comments below!

Download Link: Post Types Order Plugin