Earlier this month I published ‘25 Useful Free WordPress Plugins For Multi-Author Blogs‘ on Noupe. One of the first suggestions for plugins I missed out came from Christian of Cosmolabs, who is author of the useful profile plugin Profile Builder.

The plugin allows you to create a page where users can login and modify their profile on your live site rather than the admin area. You can do this using the shortcodes [wppb-login], [wppb-register] and [wppb-edit-profile].

Profile Builder Login Form

How does Profile Builder Plugin Work

Unlike a plugin such as Register Plus, Profile Builder doesn’t actually change the default registration page. The plugin doesn’t allow you to change the default registration page at all. Instead, you need to create a page for users to register. It would have been good if the plugin improved the default register page too though I believe the whole point of this plugin is to keep the user on your live site rather than send them away to another page.

Creating a dedicated registration page does have some benefits. For example, you can add an information before and after the registration form.

Profile Builder Register

By creating a private area for members on your live site, members don’t have to enter the admin area to edit basic details of their profile.

Profile Builder Modify Profile

In the settings area you can hide the WordPress admin bar from certain user groups. You can also hide certain profile fields from your profile modification page (the plugin hides the fields rather than deleting them).

Profile Builder Settings

The free version of the plugin doesn’t enhance the profile area in any way. It simply allows you to place the login form, registration page and profile modification area on your live site.

There is a premium version of the plugin available for $39.99. That lets you add a host of additional fields such as Country selects, agree to terms checbox and time zone selection. It also adds avatar support, 2 additional CSS styles (black and white) and comes with 1 year of priority support and updates.

If you have registrations enabled on your website, it’s worth checking out as it keeps visitors on your live website rather than sending them to the WordPress admin area.


LinksProfile Builder Free | Profile Builder Premium

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