A quick look at the WordPress.org Plugin Directory on Wednesday showed us that there are two new tools available for immediate download by WordPress users: Detectify and Po.st.

The first plugin mentioned, Detectify, was designed for analyzing the security level of your website. The free product whose motto is “Go Hack Yourself” is a breeze to grasp. According to the WordPress.org plugin description page, Detectify is a cloud based web application security scanner that analyses and reports the security status of your website. Basically the solution simulates a hacker attack on your site and let you know what security flaws your website have. After the scan you are presented with an easy to understand report, listing the vulnerabilities on the site and probable consequences of them.”

Detectify Details

Detectify 1

In order to get the plugin to work properly, you will need to go to the Detectify official website here and install the meta code.

“Detectify does extensive checks on all user data supplied to your application – everything ranging from GET, POST, HTML Forms, Cookies and Headers,” the blog post states.

Detectify 2

The tool requires WordPress 3.0 or higher in order to work properly for your website, and was officially released on October 29th. Only two ratings have been given on the WordPress.org site after 121 total downloads; both of which are 5 Stars. User annelienaes wrote in a personalized review that Detectify is “Super easy to use and understand, great service!”

Po.st Plugin For Blog Monetization

Po.st was launched late last week and already has 288 downloads at the time this article was written, with 8 out of 8 ratings giving the plugin 5 Stars. With Po.st, you can increase your website’s social sharing and even monetize your blog.

Po.st Design Settings

The official WordPress.org post reads, “Po.st is the first and only social sharing platform that offers publishers the ability to monetize the social activity on their site. Our unique ‘after-the-share unit’ makes it easy for publishers to generate revenue from a 300×250 ad unit that appears within the social sharing confirmation box. These units receive premium CPMs (up to $25 on top sites) and display ads from Fortune 500 companies running digital campaigns with Po.st’s parent company, RadiumOne.”

Social Media Data

Aside from being able to choose your own button size, toggle the share counters on and off and selecting whether to display buttons horizontally or vertically, the Po.st dashboard will outline your social media activity and break it down through analytics.

Po.st Services

Po.st is compatible with WordPress 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 and is easy to install. All you have to do is go to the Plugins section on your WordPress wp-admin page and click the “Add New” option, then search for the “Po.st” tool. From there, click the “Install Now” option and subsequently Activate the plugin. The final step requires you to go to the Po.st Official Website and register in order to receive a Publisher Key.

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