Last week we brought you an in depth article providing a sneak peek into a new theme that was being developed by Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach. Today, we’re happy to announce that the Origin WordPress theme is live and available for immediate download.

Origin WordPress Theme For Portfolio

As we told our readers in last week’s writeup, the new theme focuses heavily on website portfolios, with the main “Featured Content” area displaying an unlimited amount of square shaped thumbnails within the homepage. Users can simply scroll down as far as they like and the images will continue to appear until there are no more to show.

Origin Featured Area

When a front-end user mouses over the desired photo, information such as the title, author, publication date, description and “magnifying glass” icon for one click enlargement will appear. This theme is perfect for those who wish to display as much material as possible on the homepage without forcing potential customers to click on a separate page to view categorized content.

Origin Controls And Framework

Origin Control Panel

The Elegant Themes framework is well known and regarded by many to be the most simple controlling guide available to premium WordPress theme owners. There are tabs for General Settings, Navigation, Layout, Ad Management, Colorization, Search Engine Optimization, and Integration; all available with just one click of your mouse. Webmasters can perform major website changes without ever having to touch any code when using the Origin theme.

Origin Current Theme

Key Features of Origin WordPress Theme

Responsive Design With Unlimited Color Schemes

As Elegant Themes subscribers have come to expect, all new products including Origin come with a 100% responsive design that automatically accommodates screen sizes ranging from large desktop monitors to mobile devices. The result is an interactive theme that won’t force smart phone and tablet computer users to pinch, thumb-scroll and zoom their way around content.

Origin Responsive Design

Another great feature included in the Origin theme package is its ability to program unlimited color schemes for your website. All you have to do is decide on a hexadecimal code that works best for your professional or personal needs, and then sit back and let Origin do the rest. Color styles can be set within the Colorization control panel tab.

Origin Color Schemes

Side Navigation And Browser Compatibility

Origin’s Side Navigation menu ensures that your photographic content leads the way when visitors first go to your website. There is room for an inconspicuous logo, navigation, and widgets such as recent comments that will enable viewers to see which items are garnering the most interest.

Origin Side Navigation

Localized translation is an automatic process thanks to the work put in by the Elegant Themes development team, plus Origin is fully compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari Netscape and Opera.

Origin Characteristics

Blog Feed And Gallery Pages

Thanks to the custom page templates offered by Origin, you will be able to insert an optional Blog Feed into your website by simply placing your content within and letting the theme do the rest of the work. Blog excerpts will contain thumbnail images, post dates, author names, category, number of comments, text and Read More buttons.

Origin Blog Feed

The Gallery Page lays out your thumbnails in two columns in a polished fashion. Use this section to provide additional details on your images that will entice potential customers to seek out your services.

Origin Image Gallery

Complete Shortcodes Collection

The Elegant Themes shortcodes collection lets you place content boxes, buttons, maps, tabbed content, maps, and much more within your website to add extra emphasis to certain areas in order to give the most professional look and feel possible.

Origin Shortcodes

Low Subscription Cost

Elegant Themes offers subscribers complete access to themes for a low subscription cost of only $39 per year, which includes updates to premium themes and ’round the clock support.

Feel free to also let us know what you think about the new Origin theme by leaving a comment below!

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