Organize Series is a fantastic free plugin that lets you organise posts that are part of a series. This isn’t a simple plugin. Organize Series adds a new taxonomy to your WordPress website and completely integrates into your post structure like categories and tags.

Instal Organize Series WordPress Plugin

Adding a new type of series is very straight forward and works the same way as in other taxonomies such as categories and tags. You can also assign an image to the series.

Once you have created your series title you can assign posts to the series via the post list page in the admin area.

Alternatively, you can assign posts directly via the post editor. You can also create a new series directly in this area if you wish.

Posts that are part of a series automatically have a note at the top of the article that states that it’s part of a series. An information box for the series is also attached to the top right hand side of all series posts.

The plugin comes with a widget that lets you display a list of all your series. It’s pretty basic though you can change how many series are displayed and order series by number of posts in a series, name, series slug or series creation date.

A table of contents page is included that lets you list all series on a page. This is a great addition and a good way of promoting your series. Each series has the series title, logo and description denoted.

The URL of your table of contents can be defined in the settings area. You can also change the widget of series icons and set whether core features like the post list box are enabled. All templates can be modified here too and you can style everything using your own CSS stylesheet if you wish.

Organize Series WordPress Plugin Recommendation

If you are planning on creating series of posts on your website or blog, I recommend checking Organize Series out. It’s free to download however a variety of add ons are available such as integration with the All In One SEO plugin and grouping series together. Prices range from $5 to around $20 per add on. You can also get support for $49 per year and support and all add ons for $99 per year (a saving of only $5). This seems to be priced incorrectly as you would be paying an additional $50 per year rather than paying $55 one time for all add ons. Lifetime support and add ons are available at $249 those who don’t want to pay on a yearly basis.

They do offer one add on for free. Organize Series Publisher allows bulk publishing of all posts in a series. I’m surprised that this hasn’t been built directly into the core plugin rather than being released separately.

More information about the plugin can be found at the links below.


Organize SeriesInformation | Download

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