WordPress OpenStreetMap plugin is a fantastic free WordPress plugin that allows you to place maps with tracks and markets into any post or page on your site. The plugin can use maps from either OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. It’s a useful plugin for showing the exact location of something you are referring to on your website; whether it’s to improve your contact page or show readers exactly where you went on your holidays.

OpenStreetMap Overview

The plugin is very straight forward to use. You can choose from 15 preset markers to mark locations on your map. Alternatively you can input the URL of your marker file.

OpenStreetMap Markers

You can also set a thin border around your map (red, green, blue or black) and add a scaleline so that users have an understanding of scale.

There are 7 different maps to choose from: including Mapnik, Osmarender and popular Google maps such as Street and Satellite. To place a marker, all you have to do is zoom into the exact location you want and then click the exact location.

OpenStreetMap WordPress Plugin

Underneath the map is short code that you can copy and paste into any post or page on your website. The process of marking a location is somewhat lacking. You need to ensure that a marker is chosen in your settings. Frustratingly, when you click on the map the market is not shown to you. It’s only when you insert the short code into your post or page that the market is shown correctly. Very annoying!

OpenStreetMap WordPress Plugin

You can also insert gpx-tracks into your maps. This allows you to show routes that you travelled on your map.

OpenStreetMap WordPress Plugin

The plugin also allows works with other plugins such as GCStats to mark your geocaches. HTML can be added to markers too, which is useful for adding addresses and images to markers.

OpenStreetMap WordPress Plugin

Plugin Features:

  • Embeds OpenStreetMap and Google Maps maps to your posts/pages
  • Embeds external maps to your posts/pages
  • Visualizes several tracks / routs in different colours (gpx and kml)
  • Visualizes popup-html-markers (list in txt-file or single in the shortcode)
  • Visualize all geotagged posts of your blog in one map with/without a link to the post
  • Use custom field to add geolocation to your blog
  • Geo data are written to html-meta tags of your blog
  • Uses OpenLayers Library
  • Available in English and German

OpenStreetMaps is a fantastic free plugin for placing detailed interactive maps on your website. Unfortunately, it’s not the most user friendly plugin as most features require you to add things manually (e.g. through custom fields etc or copying short codes). If you take the time to read the instructions for the plugin though, you will find that OpenStreetMap is a useful way of enhancing any post or page. I recommend trying it out.

Good luck,

WordPress OpenStreetMap plugin: Information | Download

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