Setting up an online magazine used to entail weeks (or months) of top-notch back-end programming work to successfully implement. Although a shortage of news stories has rarely existed, the issues surrounding the configuration of homepage modules, sidebars, and “latest news” tickers were a thorn in the side of those wishing to cover a variety of topics while satisfying the needs of the ever-demanding Internet reader.

That trend has quickly turned around in recent years due to the release of hundreds of premium WordPress themes that allow website owners to get a virtual newspaper off the ground instantly. It is no longer necessary to invest in a customized, start-from-scratch product that requires expensive, tedious trial and error coding thanks to the influx of high quality templates that are ready to be utilized as soon as they are downloaded.

Online Magazine Themes Come Into Their Own

International Post WordPress Theme By Magazine3

A quick glimpse at the sheer number of premium templates currently being offered on the open market is enough to make any start-up online magazine salivate over future potential. Capturing a headline in its essence has always been at the core of prudent reporting, but the capabilities of newer downloadable products take the difficult coding work out of the hands of site owners; allowing them to focus almost exclusively on generating quality content.

The International Post WordPress theme by Magazine3 is a solid example of just how far online magazine templates have come in a few short years. Everything a reader needs and expects in today’s environment is already inserted on the front page – from social media links to a recent news widget; from a featured content slider to advertisement space for sponsors.

Custom Page Templates

Through the use of custom page templates, WordPress administrators are given an enormous amount of flexibility regarding how to set up their own news service and make it work for the audience. Categorized content can be easily broken down into topics such as Politics, Finance, Sports, etc. as a result of back-end controls that are often easier to manipulate than traditional spreadsheets or documents. The drag & drop concept of administrative programming provides the framework and allows programmers to simply mold a layout of their own within the broad, pre-set boundaries of themes.

Separate feeds for blogs, images, contact info and more are a part of most Content Management System setups; not to mention that multimedia inserts are becoming easier to enter on any page of your website. Video embed options and customized video players give editors a wide range of latitude when it comes to how content is presented to the end-reader.

Breaking News Slider

Add increased functionality to standard parameters and you have all you need (and more) to impress visitors from the very first time they arrive at your news site. The Breaking News slider shown on the right is just one of many examples of how a large amount of news stories can be showcased without making the layout itself appear overcrowded or out of proportion.

Responsive Design

Today’s online magazine reader is constantly on the move, and more likely than ever to get his/her news from a mobile device. Gone are the days when the majority of readers spend hours mulling through back pages from a desktop PC while enjoying a cup of coffee in a comfortable home office. Readers demand access to timely news stories while traveling, attending meetings and even at mealtimes.

Rumour Responsive WordPress Theme

Today’s premium WordPress theme market boasts a growing number of responsive products that cater to iPhone, Android and iPad users like never before. Readers normally don’t want to thumb-scroll and pinch their way through the top stories of the day, and this fact is reflected by the large amount of downloads that are already customized to present a responsive view.

Reading an actual newspaper or magazine still has its own charm, but the evolution of online magazine themes is rapidly facilitating the evolution of how people worldwide digest news stories.

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