MOJO Themes Prepares Marketplace Website

Less than a week ago, premium download provider confirmed the launch of its all new Marketplace and took the time to answer some of the concerns that current members of MOJO-Themes and MOJO-Code have. Today on May 8th, we verified that the actual Marketplace website is now functioning (although not yet commercially) and that it will be used to buy and sell templates, plugins, and logos along with other specialty software.

In the Marketplace’s homepage description area, the website stated, “MOJO is the web’s one-click marketplace. We’re on a mission to connect today’s web users with the best apps, designs, themes, plugins, services and more. The beauty is that all the items listed on our marketplace are built by talented developers whether you’re an independent shop or large development company.”

MOJO Marketplace

Upcoming Marketplace Features

One of the upcoming features that will be added to the Marketplace website is an unbiased shopping guide aimed at buyers who wish to receive detailed information on the products being offered. Exactly how this will be laid out remains to be seen, and it is unclear whether there will be specific statistical information provided such as highest-selling categories and/or most popular authors.

How To use Marketplace Website

For developers who want to sell products, they will be allowed to release their apps, templates, plugins, logos, and other virtual goods on what the company is heralding as one of the world’s largest Marketplace websites. MOJO Marketplace will take care of billing and chargebacks, as well as grant tracking and analytical tools to sellers in an effort to give them an accurate rundown of buyer activity. There will also be a Storefront panel for sellers that will enable them to create their own design and control it.

“As we get closer to opening the doors to our new marketplace you will experience the power of our large network. The MOJO marketplace will be fully integrated with some of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. If you sell with MOJO, you get your product in front of millions of users. Instantly,” writes the website. There is also an official Press Release that was published earlier this year by Yahoo! News that explains the Endurance International Group acquisition of Mojo’s online business.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an April 29th blog post Lindsay of MOJO Themes wrote, “Originally we had [hoped] to be able to merge accounts, but it became too difficult to sync user balances, stats, withdrawals, etc. in real time. Additionally, the MOJO Marketplace will be fully integrated with control panels and the security of our buyers and sellers is our top priority. Breaking up the user accounts is necessary to keep everything secure and accounted for. This means that to buy and sell items on each of the marketplaces you will need to have separate accounts; 1 and account and 1 account.”

Lindsay also stated that “if you currently have an item on or they are also eligible to be listed on You will need to create your new account on MOJO Marketplace and upload your item(s) there. After we launch the new MOJO Marketplace we will be working towards different solutions for syncing items between the marketplaces. Again, for now, you need to upload and manage your items separately.”

The precise launch date of the MOJO Marketplace website has not been verified, but with so many news releases being published by MOJO Themes we may be able to expect the site’s official opening as soon as later this month. Here at, we will continue to keep our readers informed on the latest happenings surrounding the Marketplace launch.