I recently reviewed the useful post-column editor plugin Post Type Column Editor by Pippin Williamson. The plugin retails for only $12.

Is Codepress Admin Columns Plugin Free?

If you are not keen on paying for a WordPress plugin, you will be pleased to know that there is a great free alternative available called Codepress Admin Columns.

The plugin lets you manage the columns that are shown on your posts, pages, and users pages. It also allows you to change custom post-type pages too. For example, if you are using the popular contact form plugin Contact Form 7 it will allow you to change the columns that are shown.

Codepress Admin Columns WordPress Plugin

You simply need to select or deselect the columns that you want to show in each area. Custom fields can be created too. The settings change, depending on the post type you are modifying. You can add image thumbnails, icons for Media Library items, excerpts, multiple values and numeric value.

Codepress Admin Columns WordPress Plugin

Once you have chosen the columns you want to display, the corresponding page in your admin area will be updated. Things can get crowded if you enable too many columns however you simply need to prioritise what you need and remove the post types you don’t.

Codepress Admin Columns WordPress Plugin

I started using Codepress Admin Columns on my personal blog so that I could list post formats in the post editor i.e. list which pots were quotes, images, links etc. The great thing about the plugin is that it is helps different WordPress users in different ways. For me, it was the ability to display post formats, for others it may be the ability to show featured images, word counts, attachments or page slugs.

Codepress Admin Columns is a great way of changing what is displayed on your post, page, users and custom post type pages. I encourage you to try it out 🙂


Codepress Admin Columns: Information | Download

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